Aquino’s DAP lies


There is only one explanation for President Aquino’s unexpected prime-time speech the other night that just repeated the lies he has said over his Disbursement Acceleration Plan, a scheme through which he hijacked government funds, and used at this whim.

Mr. Aquino has become desperate that the Supreme Court will be ruling his DAP as patently unconstitutional before the year ends. Even his two appointees, Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and former UP law school dean Mario Victor Leonen, our sources claim, are now thinking of their post-Aquino reputations, and have given up trying to convince other justices to their benefactors’ indefensible side.

Indeed, Aquino has become so distraught that he defied the law and junked civility that he called the three opposition senators thieves. How blatantly can anybody violate sub-judice rules, especially coming from the head of government? The thievery of pork barrel funds he alleged as having been committed by Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Ramon Revilla, Jr. is the subject of a case his justice secretary has filed at the Ombudsman.

The reason why Aquino has become so desperate as to use gutter language is that a Supreme Court decision against the DAP will be so devastating that it could even trigger Aquino’s fall, and even hit our economy severely.

Because of space constraints, I’d have to discuss this possibility only next week, as we cannot let Mr. Aquino’s lies in his speech pass without comment, although we have pointed out these falsehoods in previous columns. In bold are Aquino’s claims in his speech, translated from Pilipino.

Similar lines: Aquino photo that is getting viral in the Internet (image-captured from a Facebook page.)

Similar lines: Aquino photo that is getting viral in the Internet (image-captured from a Facebook page.)

Lie 1: “The DAP is legal according to the constitution and other laws.”

False. Only Aquino, his now missing spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, and of course Budget Secretary Florencio Abad who concocted the scheme, believe so. There is a consensus among constitutional experts, including the very much respected Father Joaquin Bernas and Philippine Constitutional Association, that the DAP very clearly violates the Constitution, as it disregards the authority of Congress to determine how government money is spent.

Contrary to Aquino’s pig-headed reasoning, the President can only realign funds, and only funds out of savings—defined as what’s left over after a project is undertaken, and not when it is cancelled arbitrarily by the budget secretary—and only within a department.

Aquino didn’t realign funds but patently corralled government funds allotted for departments and projects specified by the budget law, and ordered it used according to his whim. The most scandalous instance of this was the P13 billion he converted into a pork-barrel bribe to secure Congress support, especially for his plot to take out Chief Justice Corona.

Lie 2: “Funds used for the DAP came from savings generated from stopping graft in government contracts, from better budget spending, and from more efficient management of government corporations.”

False. Funds allocated by Congress’ General Appropriations Laws from 2011 to 2013 to departments and programs were arbitrarily impounded, and spent for purposes Aquino and his cronies in government preferred. For instance, the budget department refused to release P1 billion in 2012 for the ongoing project for the Leyte international airport and put this amount in its DAP kitty. To create artificial savings, Budget Secretary Abad in late May 2012 issued a circular that all unused budgets by June that year would be impounded to fund the DAP.

On the other hand, the savings the public works and highways department has been claiming have been mostly the result of downsizing or suspending road and bridge contracts.

Profits of government corporations are not for the President to use as he wishes. These are by law remitted to the Treasury to form part of the government’s General Fund, the use of which is determined by Congress through its annual appropriations laws.

Aquino even stupidly used as an example the 2012 profits of the water regulator MWSS. These profits however have been questioned in Congress as paper profits arising from foreign exchange rate re-computations, which that agency’s board cleverly concocted to justify their huge profits.

Lie 3: “Wasn’t it the leadership I appointed at the Commission on Audit who went through the documents with a fine tooth-comb that unearthed the abuses over PDAF?”

This is one of the Aquino administration’s biggest lies.

The COA special audit of the Priority Development Assistance Funds (PDAF) was ordered under COA Office Order No. 2010-309 dated May 13, 2010. The agency at that time was headed by Reynaldo Villar, whom past president Gloria Arroyo appointed but whom Aquino kicked out and even accused of involvement in the plunder case involving PCSO funds.

The audit was undertaken by team headed by a career official Susan P. Garcia under the COA’s Special Audits Office, who signed and submitted the report to the budget secretary. The COA chairman appointed by Aquino, Grace Pulido-Tan or even his favorite commissioner Heidi Mendoza, had nothing to do with the report.

Tan didn’t even sign her approval of the report. It was only after the Philippine Daily Inquirer ran a series of exposes on the pork-barrel scam that Tan publicly released the COA’s report, and even provided the theatrics for it, as in her “kahindik-hindik” remark to the scam.

If Aquino’s administration had any role in the audit, it was to impede it, with the report complaining: “The DBM could not provide the Team, despite repeated requests, with the complete schedule of releases per legislator from PDAF for soft projects and VILP for hard projects.”

The DBM submitted documents involving only senators who were not in Aquino’s camp, mainly Enrile, Estrada, Revilla, and Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., the last three of whom were not coincidentally tipped to run for vice-president or even president in 2016.

Lie 4: “The DAP helped in stimulating the economy. According to the World Bank, the DAP contributed 1.3 percent to the GDP during the last quarter of 2011.”

False. How could it when the DAP was set up only October 22, 2011, and most of funds hijacked through it were released only in 2012 and 2013? Our GDP in 2011 was in fact a disappointing 3.9 percent, due to the Aquino government’s bungling when it suspended infrastructure contracts approved in the previous administration, on grounds that these were riddled with corruption.

Economic growth in the past three years was due certainly not to the DAP but mainly to the multiplier effects of increasing overseas workers’ remittances, to a healthy macroeconomic base created by past President Arroyo’s reforms, and to the global business community’s confidence over the economy when it weathered the global financial crisis of 2008 to 2009.

What also contributed to the 6.3 percent growth in 2012 was the increase in government spending for infrastructure. This was after sanity returned to the Aquino government to realize that its suspension of such projects due to suspicion that these were tainted with corruption was unwarranted and obviously counterproductive. The Aquino government simply restored the level of public spending on infrastructure of the past decade, but which was recklessly and foolishly reduced in 2011.

To illustrate, how could anybody claim that the following projects funded through the DAP stimulated the economy?

• P8.6 billion to the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, known to be a sinkhole of corruption. Aquino himself complained in June 2012, that the DAP projects in the region were moving so slowly or had not even started yet. The ARMM government had so much money that as late as this year, its governor Hajiv Hataman was distributing checks for P10 million to the regions’ provincial governors;

• P1.8 billion to the Cordillera People’s Liberation Army and the Moro National Liberation Front ostensibly for the training in livelihood projects of their surrendering guerillas (a stimulus program in the hinterlands?);

• P2 billion for the Department of Social Welfare and Development for such projects as day-care centers and its endless “supplementary feeding projects’; and, of course, the biggest allocation,

• P13 billion or nine percent of the P142 billion DAP as additional pork barrel for members of Congress in 2012, on top of their P24 billion PDAF, mostly used at best for building basketball courts and providing scholarships to the law-makers’ constituencies to bolster their political bases.

“I am not a thief,” Aquino claimed in his speech. Let’s however wait for the audit by the Commission on Audit.

That statement reminds me of another president, so desperate that he would be removed from office for covering up for a crime, that he also made a prime-time speech. That was Richard Nixon, who infamously declared in 1973 also on television “ I am not a crook.” Less than a year later, he resigned, lest he be thrown to jail. and


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  1. Simulat sapul inumpisahan ni pnoy ang pagiging bengador,inumpisahan nya ang panunungkulan nya na matigas ang puso.kaya ganito nagkawindang windang ang bansa nating mahal dahil hindi mahal ni pnoy ang bansa,Nakakubabaw na sa kanila ang kapangyarihan ng salapi.hindi sya dapat tawaging ama ng bansa .nalalagay tayo ngayon sa kasaysayan ng pilipinas na minsan sa ating buhay naranasan nating magkaroon ng isang presidenting bengador at walang balls.nagulo ang bansa sa unang tatlong taon nya at inilubog tayo sa kahihiyan at pagdurusa. PAANO KANG HINDI PAPALAG SA GANITONG KLASE NG GOBYERNO,NAGDURUSA AT NILOLOKO ANG TAONG BAYAN AT SILA AY




  3. This is our biggest problem, for voting an autistic to lead a country… Many voter/s are dumb, they don’t check the background of who they vote for as long as the person knows how to lie… PITY my country. “Lord, patawad…

  4. I salute you, Mr. Tiglao for making me understand more how B. S. Aquino has been conning us Filipinos!

  5. Mr Tiglao, thanks for all your detailed analysis and explanation. But I have a question: Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

    As a law abiding citizen of the republic, what can we do? Can we just sit down and wait for the plunderers of this nation to continue raid the Philippine money? Can we let the PDAF and DAP continue at the whims of so few? Is PDAF constitutional? Is DAP constitutional? So the Philippine purse becomes their ATM? Wake-up my fellow dear countrymen. And remember, all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for all good men to do nothing. Regards, bendoria.

    • Lourdes M. Ceballos on

      Pres. Aquino need not be desperate or distraught over the imminent ruling of the Supreme Court that he was wrong concerning the DAP. Instead, he should have gracious appreciation for the wise analysis of the SC and admit with modesty his unintended errors and offer to do whatever corrections are suitable. That is, if he indeed was well-meaning. Acting stubborn with “pig-headed
      reasoning only means he was caught red-handed with the ill-gotten goodies through his whims, indeed a curious way for a nation’s president to defend corruption.

  6. ariel c. manipula on

    very well put Mr. Tiglao!and now the novel idea of sj Puno needs prompt action to get results i.e. the PEOPLE’S INITIATIVE.You have my full support Sir.(estudyante mo ako noon)This is the better alternative than the parliament of the street!

  7. Lahat sila walang ginawang masama they are all saints Baka Lang kunin sana agad ni lord kasi their not thieves. Ang babait nila

  8. Wala nang ginawa ang mga nasa itaas kundi paglaruan ang mga taong bayan . Iniisip siguro nila na kasi sila ang may alam kaya walang magtatanong kung paano ginasta ang kaban ng bayan. Itong si PNoy , nagpapaalila sa utak ng mga taong walang hinangad kundi magpayaman . Sana naman , kahit minsan lang , dumating din sana sa isipan nila kung gaanong paghihirap ang dinaranas ng mga ordinaryong tao sa ating bansa. Noong nakaraang taon ,basta na lang gumawa ng executive order na 5,000 na lang ang PEI ng mga nagtatrabaho sa gobyerno . ang napakamasunurin na DepEd Secretary ay kaagad naman sumang-ayon sa nasabing panukala . Kaya ang mga kawawang guro , imbes na 10,000 ang PEI , kalahati na lang ang natanggap . Pero nasaktan talaga ang mga taga DepED dito sa probinsya ng Masbate , kasi naman pinangalandakan pa ng Provincial Office ang pagbibigay ng 35,000 na PEI sa kanilang mga kawani kabilang na ang nasasakupan nitong mga empleyado ng DOH ( courtesy po ng Kagalang galang na Gobernador ng Masbate – Gov. Rizalina Seachon Lanete ) . Wala nang ginawang tama sa mga taga DepEd si PNoy , hindi na nga tumaas ang sahod simula ng kanyang panunungkulan , binawasan pa ang PEI ng kalahati . Ngayon , eto na naman ang kanyang PBB o Performance based Bonus para daw sa mga exemplary services rendered by a government employee . Hindi naman ganon ang lumabas , todo kayod na ang ginawa namin , mataas naman ang resulta ng achievement test pero sa kakarampot na 5,000 pa rin nalagpak. Walang kaayusan ang pamamalakad ng Pangulo , basta money matters lumiliko talaga… Kailan aasenso ang PILIPINAS ? Kailan makakaahon sa kahirapan ang mga mamamayan ?

  9. Napa ka simply. All those projects, appropriated by Congress. Itigil so makumkum ko yong mga di pa nagastos para sa aking DAP. Ibabalik ko rin pero, magmano kayo muna sa akin. Oh my what a hypocrite do we have here. Daan matuwid? Baluktot kamo. Pinoy’s true color is now showing up. Wouldn’t be a pity if a revolution would happen because of his defending his own pork barrel? But then, he has too, otherwise, he will lose his title as Pork Barrel King.

  10. I have been a silent citizen since the time of Diosdado, Marcos, Corazon, Fidel, Joseph, Gloria and now Pinoy and I have seen how Philippine economy deteriorates which is the reason why 10% of our citizen went abroad to seek for a better life including me for over 30 years. We became a sick man of Asia, Asian partners who are far less develop compared to us has overtaken our position and if we remain in this stagnation, Myanmar and Cambodia will be better off soon than us. Why and what is the root cause??? In terms of knowledge and skill, a lot of us is at far with people of industrial nation. I remember the writing: “A world without Pinoy”. But why our progress is so slow and so difficult to advance? I am not sure but when I read all the negative comments here, I found the answer to my questions….”the crab mentality of most pinoy”… instead of helping we tend to pull down. My question is, who is not a thief in the executive, legislative and judiciary? There is a saying “it takes a thief to catch a thief”. At least, someone has the gut to run after the thief. At least we had someone who steer our economy into investment grade, at least we had someone trying to build our infrastructure with less tongpats and contract rigging, at least we had someone trying to put the Philippine into the community of democratic loving people and most of all trying his best to reach out the poor. I do admire Mr. Tiglao research and exposure but what mileage it can achieve to improve our economy and alleviate the life of the poor??? For sure, there is corruption in the current admin, so let’s watch and help Pinoy unmask who they are and together we ask Pinoy to punish the guilty through fair judicial system. Calling Pinoy some sort of stupid and many more dirty names does not help but rather destroy the entire nation because he was elected by the majority and let’s wait till next election to find a leader not by popularity but through merit of intellect capacity, moral dignity, down to earth honesty, service to people oriented and a sort of men we can trust the future of our nation.

  11. Juan Dela Cruz on

    Saan ba kinuha ang pera para sa DAP and PDAF? Hinde ba TAX? Pwede bang yong TAXATION nalang natin ang baguhin?

  12. Pity the millions of filipino people who voted for pinoy, thinking that this “Messiah” can bring back the glory of the Philippines. Nobody is but to blame but all those who voted for him who got carried away by emotions for tita cory, This is a lesson for Filipinos who are too emotional to be carried away to gamble a vote for an incompetent person,to head the country, no other than the president of the republic.

  13. So, with all those evidences vs Pnoy regarding culpable violation of the constitution, how can he be removed from the presidency in the quickest manner possible?? Else, by the way he does serious illegal things, he will commit more serious illegal actions against Philippine laws. Anyone, please help!!!!

    • Why don’t we give him back what her mother did in 1986… (although she was never there during the rally, she showed up after the people overthrew the tanks, soldiers etc…)

    • Impeachment is the legal and constitutional way to deal with it. It will put an end to this political bickering. Giving both sides the chance to present evidences and sound arguments for a legal and conclusive result.

  14. Malaking kasinungalingan ang sinasabi ni PNOY, maliwanag ang sinasabi ng mga Constitution Experts na ilegal ang DAP….Dapat magbitiw na siya at itigil na niya ang kanyang pangangamkam sa pera ng bayan.

  15. Akala siguro ni PNoy makokopya nya si Robin Hood, na ok lang naman magnakaw basta para sa masa. Yan ang dating ng buod ng 12minutes speech nya noong wednesday. Ang ganda, ang sarap idrowing ni PNoy… ang mukha ay baboy at naka Robin Hood oufit, may hawak na mga supot ng kwarta, ipinamimigay sa “masa” niya na binubuo ng LP lawmakers, sa pangunguna ni Drillon at Belmonte, habang na sa malayo ang totoong masang gutom na, dinurog pa ng kalamidad. ANG PANBGIT!!

  16. Bonifacio B. Claudio on

    If this is so, and if we think it is rightly so, then we can all say that if the president is now in control of the Executive, Legislative, & Judiciary – the three branches of the government – then today in this country, The Philippines, such maneuverngs turned POLITICS MUDDY, AND ALL OF THEM WHO WALLOW IN IT ARE PIGS…

  17. We need more journalists like Tiglao in this time of discernment. There is an alternative that the People’s Congress suggests as a step out of this mess. Let’s support this call. Of course the Aquino administration will move heaven and earth to undermine it.

  18. I am not against or pro Ninoy. I am very simple OFW worker. All I wanted to see is better future for my kids and millions of Filipinos who were disfranchised because of bickerings, past and present in fighting of politicians who wanted to stay in power. I have heard about the good things what is happening in our country even from foreigners. And I hope this continue.

    What I could not understand and tolerate if there are writers who are “blowing smoke to our a..e”!!. I see there are a lot of rubbish statements in many column and there is no need to put Nixon’s photo along with Ninoy. This is vicious attack to our own citizen and yet you would not comment on Chinese infiltration of our islands. What I hope for are you guys meet face to face and sort out the issues and more improtantly protect our nation from falling even further. It will be easy for you to flee the country because of your wealth acquired by supporting politicians.

  19. sabi nga ni BOY SISI nuon: Saan daw ba kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha ang mga taga-Customs. Ngayon ay parehas na sila ng mga ito at me bonus pa. SAAN BA DIN SIYA KUMUKUHA NG KAPAL NG MUKHA? baka kumukurot sa taba ni DRILON at kinakalabit ang bigote ni ABAD ng DBM o “Department of Butch’s Magnanakaws”. hehehe, huli na ayaw pa din umamin.

    • Ang sinungaling ay nahuhuli sa kaniyang bunganga. Huling huli ka na P-Noy. Ikaw ang sumisira sa iyong sarili dahil sa pagpapalaganap mo ng kurapsiyon sa pamamagitan ng pagtatanggol mo sa PORK BARREL.

  20. Wag na pa resigning si noynoy. Hindi rin ka nais nais ang susunod. Kamaganak, Inc na naman. Biro mo mayor, congresswoman at senador pa. Military takeover na lang para maging revolutionary government, abolish lahat, executive, legislativr at judiciary, at sa ka na lang tayo mag-election, kung matino na ang Filipino.Mag isip na kayo mga sundalo, binibilog ang mga ulo natin ang mga nakaupo sa gobyerno. Sya nawa.

  21. Whenever a president HAS to come on tv to claim he IS NOT a thief…

    He most probably IS! Ask anyone in Muntinlupa, they are all INNOCENT, di ba?

    Pnoy has been revealed to be the BIGGEST THIEF…and CORRUPTOR of lawmakers…

  22. Gerry Cabalquinto on

    Ang patuloy na pag-atake ng administrasyon Pnoy kina Enrile, Revilla, Estrada at Marcos ay wasakin ang mga pagkatao nito…ang mga ito ay aspirante sa pagka-vise president sa 2016 at bigyang daan ang kandidatura ng nakakabatang kapatid ni Pnoy na si KRIS AQUINO bilang VISE PRESIDENT sa 2016?

  23. I am a fan of yours, Mr. Tiglao. I always read your articles as they’re very incisive and well researched. More power! I hope this whole thing will snowball into Aquino’s resignation…..

  24. The live speech of BS Aquino is akin to a snatcher caught red handed and simply denying,,the way he spoke shows the low degree of his intellect,,he show no statesmanship,,he is truly president of a student council. He is like a swimmer that cannot swims straight,and blames that the river is crooked.What is happening to the Philippines? God have mercy on us

  25. Anon’ng palagay nila sa atin? Na mga hampas-lupa, mga patay-gutom, at mangmang lang tayo at hindi natin naiiintindihan ang mga sinasabi nila’ng mga kasinungalingan? Hello???? HINDI PO TAYO IPINANGANAK KAHAPON LAMANG PARA ISALAKSAK SA ATING MGA LALAMUNAN ANG MGA PROPAGANDA NA MGA KASINUNGALINGAN. Maluluma si Goebbels nang NAZI Germany sa pagpapakalat ng kasinunalingan kung ikukumpara mo sa pagpapalabas nang informasyon ng administarsyon Aquino.

  26. Saturnino R. Mendinueto, Jr. on

    Tama Ka Miguel, STEALING, BRIBERY PLUS LYING EQUALS CORRUPTION. This are the attributes of our politicians today from the President down to the Barangay Kagawad, particularly LYING.. They run for MONEY ONLY- WEATHER-WHEATHER LANG YAN SABI NGA NI PERA ( BALIGTAD NG ERAP) In spite of this, we have a BIGGER PROBLEM, who will replace Pnoy if he RESIGN??? BINAY (???), DRILLON ( ????), BELMONTE ( TUTA ????) AT SI CJ SERENO ( ????????????) . The best solution, maybe, is changed the whole government from EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE AND JUDISCIARY, DI BA HO????

  27. Aaaaah, what this C A L L O U S, autistic president is telling us is very, very simple even a kindergarten pupil can discern without batting an eyelash of smirk – THAT IT IS LEGAL TO JUGGLE GOVT FUNDS AND USE THIS FUNDS TO BRIBE THE HONORABLE SENATORS ACTING AS A JUDICIAL BODY TO CONVICT THE THEN SC CHIEF CORONA FOR THE SAME SIMPLE REASON THAT HE, CORONA, RULED AGAINST THE INTEREST OF THE AQUINOS IN REGARDS TO THE HACIENDA LUISITA. THE FACT THAT CORONA WAS A MIDNIGHT APPOINTEE OF THE PREVIOUS ADMIN – IS JUST A BONUS INCENTIVE FOR A VALID PRETEXT TO KICK HIM OUT OF OFFICE. How much? Just mere 13 Billion clams to dangle as dog food for these hungry Senators. Peanuts for thewhole sum total of the entire Animal called DAP. Or you may call it HOLD-DAP, if you may say so, as it is being held in some holy and sacred mechanism of the holy grail – the DBM of Butch “The MasterJuggler” Abad.

  28. Thank you Mr. Tiglao! You are the light in this time of darkness in our country. I can’t wait to see BSAquino land in jail after his term!! It’s time for all Filipinos to wake up!

    • Ronito Amigable on

      President BS Aquino III was wearing, as he always does, his yellow ribbon, meaning he is only president for the yellow crowd. I still can’t fathom his penchant for wearing the yellow ribbon, instead of the Philippine flag insignia, when he should know by now that he’s president of the whole country, not only of the yellowish fanatics. God bless the Philippines.

  29. Pinoy Makabayan on

    Maganda ang trio nila PNoy, Revilla and Estrada, “I am not a thief”! Chuwariwa…. Hahahahaha….

  30. Voice from the Wilderness on

    It seems that this present inept president have put himself in a quicksand insofar as this DAP brouhaha is concerned. Because it appears that the more actions he make to wriggle out of this mess, the more he sinks.

  31. Why do we have to listen to all those trash legal talks from PNOy? Is he trying to impress us? How can he be an “authority” in interpreting the law when he is not a lawyer? Of course, PNoy can always read what he talks about from a piece of paper or thru a teleprompter. Reading and not thinking is what PNoy is only good at, anyway.

  32. Miguel Doromal on

    Stealing and Bribery. In government they share the same last names: CORRUPTION.

    Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla, JPE, and many more senators (if not all of them) are all guilty of STEALING in the eyes of public opinion.

    BS AQUINO, and the other DAP pigs Frank Drilon and Butch Abad on the other hand are guilty of BRIBERY and MALVERSATION of public funds when they employed a not so clever and patently illegal mechanism which they christened “DAP” and used funds thereof to influence the votes of senator-judges in the impeachment trial of former CJ Renato Corona.

    Heck, I don’t give a crap about GMA’s stooge, Renato but he should have been given the boot the legal and proper way.

  33. Salvacion C. Cahayag on

    Thank you Mr. Tiglao for answering in detail the speech of the worst president
    the country has ever had. Keep it up. The people need a fearless and truthful
    journalist like you. I say, this president is the worst because he no longer
    have any respect of the law.

  34. Si President Nixon ay hindi kasingtapang ng hiya ni President Aquino, hindi na pinaabot sa impeachment ni Nixon ang kasong pagsisinungaling niya,siya ay kusang nagbitiw sa pagkapangulo ng bansang USA, tularan sana ni Presidente Aquino ang mga ganuong halimbawa, malinis na konsiensiya at may integridad, sabaysabay na silang voluntaryong magsipagbitiw sa kanilang posisyon sa pamahalaan,iwanan na ang PDAP,DAP at iba pang pagkakakuwartahan sa gobierno.

  35. abraham.magtanong on

    Best research and very well are a briliant journalist mr are full of wisdom.who knows your writings will save the philipoines.

  36. Abolishing PDAD & DAP will be a hard battle with incumbent politicians who are planning to run on 2016 election. Do you think that this politicians will spend thier own money specially those belongs to the administration. Why do politician transfer or coalesce with party in power, they want thier investment back with tenfold interest.

  37. One who is drowning, by all means, tries to save himself; he clings to anything, “even to a straw”.

  38. I just hope that those avid readers of your column like me will see the light outside the tunnel. Kudos to you for telling without fear that our very own President Benign Aquino III publicly lied to the Filipino people whom called…. Mga Boss….Ko….Kayo…. so kilos na tayo mga boss..