Aquino’s double-standard and hypocrisy on PNP Chief Purisima


When President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd went to Europe two weeks ago, he boasted of his alleged achievements that included the purported “reforms” under his administration. One example he cited was the ouster of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona from office in May 2012. As Chief Justice of the High Tribunal, Mr. Corona represented the Judiciary, a co-equal branch of government – at least in theory!

Another example that President B. S. Aquino 3rd cited was the ouster of former Ombudsman Merciditas Gutierrez in May 2011, who was also appointed by former President Gloria Macapagal–Arroyo.  But unlike Ombudsman Gutierrez  who was forced to resign on 29 April 2011 under the threat of  an impeachment trial, former Chief Justice Corona did not quit and went through the impeachment political process by Congress.

A total of 188 members of the House of Representatives signed the EIGHT Articles of Impeachment on December 12, 2011 against the Supreme Court Chief Justice. The indecent haste in which the complaints were signed made it apparent that the complaints were hardly read by the “honourable” members of the Lower House of Congress.

The Articles of Impeachment were transmitted to the Senate on January 16, 2012. Four months later on May 29, 2012, the Senate acting as an Impeachment Court convicted Chief Justice Corona — found him “Guilty!”–  by a vote of 20-3 and had him removed from office.

However, during the Impeachment Trial, then Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile acting as the Presiding Judge, twice said that there was no issue on the “hidden wealth.”

Out of the EIGHT Articles of Impeachment, the Prosecutors from the House of Representatives later were able to use only One Complaint that was on the Statement of Assets. Liabilities & Net Worth (SALN) of Chief Justice Corona.  The issue was on the peso and dollar bank accounts which were not declared in his SALN, but Mr. Corona maintained were covered by the secrecy laws of the Philippines.

Double standard and missing SALN

It is most disturbing that President Aquino is now shamelessly using a hypocritical double-standard on the SALN issues against Philippine National Police (PNP)  Director-General Allan Purisima. PNoy had Chief Justice Corona ousted over his SALN, but is now defending Purisima, his trusted former member of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) during the term of his mother, on the same issue of the SALN

What is equally disturbing is that the obvious ploy to hide the SALN of PNP Chief Purisima. This can be confirmed by the staff of ABS-CBN TV program  Failon Ngayon who searched for the elusive SALN. At first, they went to the Office of the Ombudsman to obtain a copy of Purisima’s SALN only to be told that they had no copy of said SALN and were advised to proceed to the Office of the President.

The staff of Failon Ngayon suffered the same fate in Malacañang: No copy in their files. So they proceeded to the Civil Service Commission only to be told that they, too, had
no copy. However, after the expose in ABS-CBN by Ted Failon, the Civil Service Commission suddenly called to say that they had found the SALN of General Purisima. Amazing how something missing can be easily found after an expose in mass media.

The Senate hearings last Tuesday revealed that the contents of the SALN of the PNP chief are dubious, to say the least. His 4.7-hectare property in San Leonardio, Nueva Ecija, has a declared value of only P3.7 Million. This can be true only if it is a vacant lot, but it is a developed resort-property with three buildings and a swimming pool that will easily cost P25.0 Million. All told, the total value should be at least P30.0 Million.

The other serious charges against the PNP chief are the P11.0 million donation from friends for his “White House” official residence at Camp Crame and the P2.5 Million discount given to his Toyota Pardo SUV by a generous dealer in San Fernando, Pampanga. Civil Service Commission Chairman Francisco Duque III said that Purisima should not have accepted the questionable discount on the luxury sports utility vehicle (SUV).

Yet Purisima will not resign because he believes that he has done a great job as PNP Chief in the past two years. He has rated his performance an obscene  “9” in the scale of 1 -10. However, if his performance appraisal of himself is accurate, then how can he explain the obvious surge in criminality that myriad Filipinos and foreign residents have taken serious notice of?

For PNP Director-General Purisima to think that he has done such a fantastic job would be similar to the assessment of PNoy of the performance of the Aquino administration in the past four years. Well, they are both delusional and they seem to take care of each other, which explains Aquino’s stubborn support of Purisima.

Fearless forecast on Purisima

My fearless prognosis is that Purisima would resign from his post as PNP Director-General within this month of October. No less than House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte has announced that the controversial chief of our national police has to go. Speaker Belmonte also criticized President Aquino for defending the discredited and unlamented Purisima.

The refusal of an obstinate Purisima to resign amid the clamor for his dismissal would jeopardize the multi-billion modernization budget of the PNP. It is not difficult for senators to block the passage of the PNP budget in the General Appropriations Act (GAA). This will leave the PNP chief no choice, but to resign.

Senator Grace Poe, chair of the Senate Committee on Public Order, does not believe that Purisima was telling the truth during the Senate inquiry. However, Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda believes otherwise and declared the PNP chief  was “truthful” in his statements and has “moral ascendancy” over the PNP.

It is not only misery that loves company. Delusions also do! That makes them  “Three is Company”  – Lacierda, Purisima & PNoy!


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  1. Siyempre kahit ako nasa katayuan ni Pnoy gagawin ko ang lahat ng paraan para pagtakpan ang baho ng mga kasapi ko, trabaho lang walang personalan. Pasensiya sila at kami ang naka-pwesto sa palasyo kaya mag iingat lahat ng mga tiga oposisyun sa akin kasi gagamitin ko ang lahat ng kapangyarihan ko para baliktarin kayo. Saludo ako kay Pnoy, iyan ang tunay na leader!

  2. Fellows let’s not make the bar too high- what about doubling to loot that Purisima is supposed to have taken and then we the people top up all that 3 times more. We only require that he solve the criminality and the unsafe streets and homes that they have all become. Then that would have been all worth it. For me, the one and only sin that is unforgivable is that Purisima has allowed criminality to become worse everyday. If Purisima can only minimise that criminality to 20%, then all else is forgiven. I won’t then require him to qualify for sainthood. How about that? Something that Ping Lacson is supposed to have done not long ago-before he fancied himself to be a book writer(on flood relief).

  3. Pathetic for pnoy to even mention the ouster of corona. Does he know it is a negative on his side? or he is that slow in thinking? all of his buddies in malacanang are abnormal what can I say. Their thinking are distorted, they know it, but they do it because it is for their benefit. They will fight tooth and nail to have pinoy in power because he is their power. pinoy is their puppet. the first president ever who cannot think for himself, cannot decide for himself, and lives and breaths the filthy air from his comrades. He is not even aware of what are the facts, he doesn’t know how to sort right and wrong, all he is is a puppet that turns when the power is on. tsk tsk. REALLY PATHETIC FOR A PRESIDENT!!!And there is no getting away from this unless the people use the same power that his mother used against marcos. isn’t it like a game of what comes around goes around? people should be incensed by now with what he and his cohorts are doing plus the support of the know nothing congress. Smile congressmen, you are a shame to our country!

  4. Paminsan, minsan pag gusto mong makunsimi sa mga binabasa mo, basahin mo ang Manila Times, Manila Standard, The Daily Tribune at magbasa ka ng mga column. Isa na ito.

  5. westphilippines on

    This may sound improbable but still a possibility! I believe the pronouncement of Coloma-the palace that the trust and confidence of PNoy to Purisima remains is deliberate and calculated. It may seem that the president is disregarding the impropriety of the PNP chief disposition in the declaration of SALN, the acceptance of donation for the PNP chief residence, the highly or obscenely discounted vehicles ( which is as good as indirect bribery) but I believe they are not. The presidential family has been very consistent in their account (they value the support accorded to their family during those times they are in trouble) to all who helped them. Ipinakikita lang nila na marunong silang tumanaw ng utang na loob. While these values are sound, the situation or position they have now do not warrant such actions nor sympathy. I believe, Coloma is clear also to state that ALL PUBLIC SERVANT ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. There is a subtle message here. Short of saying, they should be held accountable at the proper forum. The people must be steadfast and unwavering in their prosecution if they err! Usigin ang mga nagkasala! This is not an issue of “hindi matakaw si Purisima” bagkus tumatanggap siya!

    Mabuhay kayo, Ginoong Rick Ramos

  6. Thanks Mr. Ramos, I hope purisma will vacate his place or else the PNP budget will not be released , if released that buwaya is waiting and all the greedy companies that extends favor to that buwaya since its time to return the favor.

  7. Purisima can be ousted by the fact that he did not include in his SALN the Toyota, plus undervaluing it. It is suffcient to fire him from his office like Corona.

  8. In any court of law, a case is dismissed if evidence presented are false. In the case of Corona, not once were false evidence presented, even the honorable perjured themselves. The Corona case should have been dismissed by the Senate on those grounds alone. And now we find out that the Judges and the prosecutors were BRIBED. WHERE IS JUSTICE???

  9. I think one of the things that constrained President Aquino to carry out an “out-of the box solutions to our country’s problems was his being a politician prior to his election as president. Plans for reforms were in his mind in 2010 but the political will to implement them was wanting. He did not really have the courage to go against his favored people. Then the public eventually started to realize especially at present about the cover-ups for these “special people” in his cabinet. As a citizen, I have been expecting for more reforms since 2010.
    Probably another weakness in his character which is partly not his fault is his being b a member of the “upper middle class” in Philippine society by virtue of birth. All the natural calamities and societal events that happened these recent years required sympathy, compassion and empathy from a leader who had gone through a lot in life in terms of economic hardship. He was trying to “float along” in his leadership style just like when he was in Congress in those days. He could have done more-full throttle- because majority of the Filipino people would have supported him from the start of his tenure. These days more citizens have become disappointed by the missed opportunities and perceived politicking.

    • Mehilda, you are right about P-Noy coming from the “upper middle class.” His family comes from the affluent class and NOT just ” upper middle class.” His family owns thousands of hectares of land at Hda. Luisita.

      However, being born rich is not a justification for the lack of empathy for the poor. I know of rich people who have immersed themselves with the squatters and even lepers. Beatriz ” Bea” Zobel, wife of Don Jaime Zobel, worked with the lepers in the 1970s and 1980s.

      During typhoons and other calamities, P-Noy was almost always LATE in visiting the affected Filipinos. Compared to other previous presidents, he is the one who takes the longest time. Former President GMA can be seen wading in the floods, while P-Noy takes the huge dump trucks so he will not get wet!

  10. Mayron ako nabasa sa isang pahayagan at natutuwa pa daw ang palasyo at nagsasabi pa daw ng totoo si purisima sa pagdinig sa senado.itong mga taga palasyo walang din mga kahihiyan bakit alam ba nila na totoo ang mga sinabi ni purisima at bakit di niya mapaliwanag kung bakit siya binigyan ng mga diskuwento at mga donasyon para sa kanyang pangsarili kapakanan.Palagay ko marami mga ganyan sa mga gabinete ni abnoy dahil pareho2 silang mga corrupt at magnanakaw.

    • Oo nga, pareho lang sila. Si P-Noy ay nagkaroon din big discount sa kanyang Porsche 911 Carrera, ayon sa nakaka-alam.

      Totoo na pangsarili lamang sila. “Wder-weder” lang daw.

    • The state of the art prison under construction in Camp Bagong Diwa. It is intended for VIP offenders but I feel it still lacks something – a hospital ward for crazy offenders.

  11. leandel canilatea on

    Naku mang Rick hinding hindi po magre-resign iyan, kaparis siya ng mga ibang gabinete ni PeNoy na makakapal ang pagmumukha! nagtataka nga po ako na kailangan pa niyang si Purisima ng bullet-proof na sasakyan e sa kapal po ng balat niya at pagmumukha ay di na tatagos ang bala sa kanya! ang biggest joke po sa atin ay..PINAGNANAKAWAN na tayo ay ,PINAGLOLOLOKO pa tayo at ginagawang TANGA ang mga PILIPINO!

    • bilang na ang araw ni Purisima. Maniwala ka.Itong Oktubre RESIGN na iyan.Wala siyang choice! Maski si P-Noy!

    • Oo nga nakakalungkot ang bayan natin.Ninanakawan ka na, niloloko ka pa na parang Tanga ang mga Pilipino. Grabe naman sila!

  12. Manny De Guzman on

    laserda masyado na yata ang kagaguhan ng taon ito. Sige pagtakpanmo ng pagtakpan ang mga tsonggo nyo tiyak babalik lahat sa iyo ito pagdating ng panahon. Tiyak pupulutin ka rin sa kangkungan. Mga bwisit kayo puro na lang kasamaan ang pinagkakalat nga. Mga masamaan inyong pinagtatanggol. Hayop talaga!

  13. It seems you are defending ex chief justice corona. I hope i have slightly misunderstood you in that, as we know what happened to that woman ( i cant recall her name ) who was fired because she didnt declare her small market stall in her saln, & that was by corona,. Where i do agree is the double standards pnoy is showing with purisma. But there is so much i see wrong in this country. Take the vhong & denice case, denise & her co horts were charged with crimes that are non bailable, but they have bail, huh, please explain that to me. Im a foreigner & when i read something is non bailable to me it means if charged with that crime you cant get bail, that you will remain in custody until the outcome of the case.
    Will purisma resign, i doubt it as he now knows people are after him & he can get things or try better to get things sorted in his favour whilst still there in his office in power.
    Should he resign yes of course he should.Should he go to jail yes of course he should, but he wont.

    • I am not defending former SC CJ Corona. I simply established the fact that he was ousted from office on the SALN issue, which is the same issue on SALN with PNP Chief Purisima, who is being defended by President B. S. Aquino III. That is Double-Standard & Hypocrisy.

      The Taguig Judge who granted bail to the defendants has inhibited herself after all the harsh criticisms that she received. Corruption in government in PH is everywhere. The Big Difference is that the Least Corruption is in the Judiciary, compared the Executive & Legislative Branches of Government.

      In my previous column last week entitled “Strengthen the Judiciary & Justice Sytsem,” I pointed out that DBM slashed P12 Billion from the original 2015 budget of P30.6 Billion for the Judiciary, Out of the P20.3 Billion submitted by the DBM to the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court & lower courts will only receive P18.1 Billion.

      My proposal is a budget of P40.0 Billion for the Judiciary so they can have the wherewithal needed to perform their mandate. It is important for judges to be compensated according with a respectable office and sala that have the necessary computer systems and other equipment.

      An RTC Judge should be paid at least P100,000.00 per month or around US$2,500.00 (at P40.00 to $1,00). At present, an RTC Judge only receives half the amount or even less!

    • apolinario mendez on

      Let me answer some of your queries but let me clarify that this is not in defense of anyone. The senate convicted corona because of omission of dollar accounts in his SALN. Subsequent revelations by Sen Jinggoy who is himself indicted of plunder for misuse of PDAF revealed that each senator who voted yes except Lacson received an additional 50 to 100 million in DAP funds and each 188 congressmen who signed the impeachment complaint received 10 to 15 million in additional PDAF. The small store owner who was discharged because of SALN omission was a half truth. Further research on her case revealed that her case was not only a question of SALN but of holding 2 position and 2 salaries as clerk of municipality and Clerk of the municipal court. On Denice and Vhong’s case, though the case is said to be non bailable, yet there is an accepted theory in law that all cases are bailable. The court may allow bail if it finds that the evidence is weak. This is solely at the discretion of the court.

  14. Mr. panggulong PeNoy, anong ginawa mo sa bansa natin. Nagpakunwari kang aayusin mo at ngayon nadagdagan pa lalo ang problema, kalokohan at pagnanakaw sa bansa natin.

  15. Cres Malifier on

    More power to you and your writing, Mr. Ramos. Help oersuade our countrymen and -women that PNoy should step down.

    • Cres, maraming salamat. President B.S. Aquino III has inflicted so much harm and damage to our country and people perhaps without even knowing it. That is the problem of Incompetence or Stupidity brought about by his Arrogance & Atrophy!

  16. All true! Pnoy is fooling us all. We elected a President who does not heed all his critics and confine only his thinking around his advisers, secretaries and his KKK friends. Very good in talking but his mind is completely delusional and does not know the realities around his poor domain. Only the filthy rich political allies both national and local and his favored greedy oligarchs are happy in this country while others are scampering all over for little jobs inside and outside the country to eke out a living. A hell of a country.

    • Yes, truly a sad situation in our country. My heart bleeds with the abject misery of our people with their poverty.

      What is sadder is that after four non-performing years in office, P-Noy still blames GMA for almost everything!

  17. Lacierda/Purisima/Pinoy are one.
    Not only company but Triplets.

    Mga sinungaling.
    Since they are triplets, if only Purisima will go the other two cannot survive.
    They must go also.

    If the trio goes – “Sick” cretary aBAD will follow – Ulila na siya.

    If aBAD will go – Hyatt 11 is not far behind.

    • hehehe, di pa mauulila si A-bad boy. Andyan pa si ung malaking tao na me malaking bulsa sa Senado, si Porklin Drillon, at Sonny Belmonte ng Tongress plus Mar di grass Boy Pick-up. Kay Belmonte, mahirap din paniwalaan kasi trapo at established na balimbing. Puro kunwari lang mga salita at arte nito.

  18. gabriela silang on

    include coloma to make it four. coloma unashamedly defended purisima just like aquino. like amo, like servant. coloma, lacierda and valte are obliged to defend purisima with the same rabid intensity that of aquino. they ought to lest they’ll lost their jobs. aquino understandably supports and defends purisima until his last breath lest he’ll sing like a canary.

    • Dont blame them. They are paid to do all this inane things they blurt out on TV. They themselves dont believe what they are saying.

  19. On a performance scale of 1-10 where 1 means poor and 10 means excellent, Purisima rated himself at 9 meaning his performance as PNP chief is almost excellent! There it is Filipinos – now we all know just what kind of mathematics cadets are being taught in PMA. Aside from mathetics, PMA cadets are also taught the fine arts of conversion, keeping mistresses happy, and extorting money from civilians. Way to go PMA!!!