Aquino’s Easter message: Choose the right, just


IN time for the upcoming May 9 synchronized local and national elections, President Benigno Aquino III has encouraged the Filipino people to choose the right and the just for the greater good of the country.

In his final Easter message as the Chief Executive, Aquino said he is hoping and praing that the Filipinos will unite and continue to help one another, in order to sustain the Philippines’ development from a struggling economy riddled with corruption and poverty to being one of the promising countries poised for growth.

“The Daang Matuwid showed us the path toward positive transformation: we are weeding out the corrupt and strengthening our institutions, and through reform, we are freeing ourselves from poverty toward a more just, more inclusive society,” he said.

Daang Matuwid, or Straight Path, is the Aquino administration’s roadmap that the President had said would catapult the Philippines into First World status and would make it a $1-trillion economy by 2030.

“As our nations approaches another crossroads, let us seek the light amidst the clouds of uncertainty,” Aquino said. “I am confident that the Filipino people will embrace the chance to establish an enduring mainstream of redemption in our country.”

The President said Easter Sunday is a good time to meditate on our personal path as well as that which we seek for this nation.

“Lent offered us a respite from the speed of our daily lives,” Aquino said. “It enjoined us to pause and ruminate on our actions the past year. At the same time, it offered a fresh start that challenges us to commit to sustain that which better us, make amends for transgressions, and learn from our mistakes.”

He asked the Filipinos to be one with him in making a stand to be “fearless and full of hope,” as the country faces a brighter future.

“May the Almighty’s grace shine upon us, imbuing us with compassion, clarity, and the wisdom to discern what is right and just for our fellowmen,” he said. “May peace and harmony prevail over our archipelago. With renewed spirits, let us continue to build the equitably progressive Philippines we have long aspired for.” CATHERINE VALENTE



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