• Aquino’s endorsement of Roxas, his gift to the nation


    President Aquino’s endorsement of Mar Roxas as his political heir and the Liberal Party’s candidate for the 2016 elections would be his biggest gift to the nation, his lasting legacy. He could even package it as his Christmas gift to the nation good not only for this year but also the next, and we certainly won’t complain.

    There are five reasons why.

    First, for the first time in our post-war period, the presidential elections will not be based on personalities but on notions of government.

    Roxas is all for Aquino’s “tuwid-na-daan, walang-mahirap-kung-walang-corrupt” “ideology”, for lack of a better word. The gist of their notion of government is as follows.

    The Arroyo government was a totally corrupt one, the reincarnation of the Marcos regime, and just as Cory toppled the dictator, her son “toppled” the economist-president. Just as Cory was Marcos’ nemesis, Aquino is Arroyo’s. His governance’s be-and-end-all, the entire fight against corruption so there won’t be poverty is to put the former president and everyone involved in the corruption during her watch in jail.

    The massive probe on pork-barrel corruption and the arrest and jailing of three prominent senators has been the essence of the tuwid-na-daan program. The bureaucracy will automatically become corrupt-free because henceforth there will fear of retribution, this tuwid thinking tells us.

    Aquino and his transmogrification

    Aquino and his transmogrification

    Some other details of such a notion of government are as follows:

    A Philippine president does not accept cash bribes and he does not involve himself in shady deals. He can however accept a Porsche as a congratulatory gift, or favor a conglomerate that has helped him bag a contract, even to the extent of nullifying a previous contract. He won’t interfere also with his officials who favor a particular group in winning a major contract, such as servicing a key utility such as the MRT-3.

    Filipinos therefore, if Roxas is Aquino’s standard bearer, will be asked to decide if they want another such tuwid-na-daan government, and its narrow, weird view of governance.

    They will decide if governance solely involves an anti-corruption tack , or if it should involve developing a strong and efficient state.

    And coincidentally, even if one argues that the scale is so different, the current front-runner for 2016, Vice President Jejomar Binay is in effect saying that his government will be a strong and efficient state —just as he claims he made Makati as such for more than a decade.

    Binay—whether he likes it not, and partly because of the intense campaign to portray him as corrupt—has projected himself as the antithesis of Aquino and his tuwid na daan mumbo-jumbo. Never mind if there is corruption, more important is the state’s efficiency.

    Second, Roxas is Aquino’s clone, and nobody else is like this President. They are both scions of hacendero-based clans that have ruled this country for at least two centuries. Elites such as the Ayalas would be as comfortable with Roxas as they have been close to Aquino, but certainly not with Binay.

    Both have been the favorites of two powerful media institutions, ABS-CBN, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer, although the latter seems to have given up hope and appears to be positioning Grace Poe as its chosen one.

    If Aquino anoints Roxas as his candidate therefore, Filipinos would be given a clear choice to make: an executive of the elite or a product of the middle-classes. Marcos vs. Cojuangco-Aquino in 1985; Ramos vs. Santiago in 1992, Estrada vs. de Venecia in 1998; Arroyo vs FPJ in 2004—these contests didn’t present Filipinos with such a clear choices for a leader in terms of class origins as the names “Roxas” and “Binay” do.

    Both the Spanish Roxas and Basque Araneta clans enriched themselves partly through the Spaniards’ galleon trade between Manila and Acapulco that started in the 16th century which was really the raison d’être for our colonization by Spain. That’s how far back in our history Mar’s elite lineage has been. The only information on “Binay” I could find was that it was an Irish clan, but it’s pretty obvious from the vice president’s skin color and height that his isn’t an Irish lineage.

    Third, based on voter-preference polls, Binay’s victory in a one-to-one fight against Roxas would be a landslide, with the vice president possibly getting the biggest percentage of votes ever in the post-war era.

    Thus, there will be near-unanimity in the nation’s choice of president. Thus our nation will be united, as it has never really been.

    Fourth, Binay’ victory against Roxas would be a tectonic movement in class-consciousness, giving the working classes hope of power. Binay is of middle-class origins, and his rise to the political firmament has been a fluke (What if Cory’s political henchman, Aquilino Pimentel in 1986 had changed his mind and withdrew his offer for the human-rights lawyer Binay to be Makati officer-in-charge? ).

    Call him a traditional, even a corrupt, local politician, but he is portraying himself as the working-class champion. On the other hand, despite all his hilarious gimmicks (“Mr. Palengke”), Roxas has projected himself as the elite’s CEO that would right the nation, the good-hearted hacendero who would take care of his serfs.

    The 2016 election would thus be a celebration of democracy, with elections affirmed as the broad masses’ only venue, because of its sheer numbers, to tell the ruling class, “We do matter!”

    Binay’s win would even demolish that class marker, skin color. Filipinos would no longer think being dark is ugly and means ‘poor.’ No longer would Filipinas spend hundreds of millions in skin whiteners, and black—and if you see Binay in person, he is more black than dark brown— would be beautiful, as that old cliché goes.

    Fifth, Roxas’ extremely low ratings in voter-preference polls—6 percent in the most recent Pulse Asia survey—means his campaign financing will be drying up, with even the elite giving him only token contributions, especially with the type of Makati tycoons who would support Roxas as the Ayalas and the Concepcions who are known for their stinginess in political contributions.

    Most of our opportunistic elite will throw their money at Binay, who would therefore owe nothing to any particular group. He could even turn down contributions from the usual suspects with one-syllable names known to ask for really big favors after the elections.

    Binay therefore really wouldn’t owe anything to his financiers. That would mean that we’ll have a president, for the first time in our history, who is independent from the ruling class.

    That therefore would be Aquino’s biggest, enduring gift to the nation.


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    1. Roxas is not corrupt, hindi magnanakaw at straight. Sigurado ipagpatuloy niya ang tuwid na daan. Huwag lang siyang diktahan ni mare koring. He!he! ano say mo kabayan at failon ngayon matapang.

    2. Understanding Person on

      Wala akong pipiliiinsa dalawang ito kay Roxas man o kay Binay kasi parehong corrupt!

    3. Hindi pa ako naka BOTO sa buong buhaay ko, hindi ko pa naranasan na mag pa rehistro. pero kung ssabihin ni Mayor Rod Duterte na sya ay tatakbo bilang PRESIDENTE ng PILIPINAS. bukas na bukas din mag papa REHISTRO na ako.

      • It is not only the fight against graft and corruption but drugs and peace and order. Investors flock to countries where it is safe andf peaceful. Let’s break from tradition and elect a southerner for real change1

    4. lalit m.villamor on

      nanawagan po ako kay sir gibo n sir dick para tumakbo sa 2016 election sa posisyon nh Presidente at VP. siguradong mananalo sila.perfect pair ika nga. for sure maging maayos ang pagpapatakbo ang governance ng ating bansa.

    5. sonny dela cruz on

      There are a lot of people looking for VP Binay to be the next President comes 2016. What happen to the Filipino people? With all the corruptions and plunder charges of the Binays, they still wants him to be the next President of the Philippines. God bless the Philippines and the Filipinos. You have a person like Richard Gordon who can clean-up the government and move the country forward and fight hunger among the poor of the poorest and provide free education to all school children up to high school. Why no one talks about Gordon as the next President when he developed the Subic Economic Zone, he discipline the people of olongapo to obey traffic laws and etc.Well, I don’t have to say more because maybe the Binays are better.

    6. lalit m.villamor on

      bakit hindi nalang si gibo at dick gordon ang tatakbo nilang presidente at vp dahil siguradong PANALO sila.

    7. All your premises are warped. Election based on notion of government and not on personalities? Scion of rich vs. middle class? Binay representing middle class? Election of Binay will demolish class marker? Subtly, you are again making GMA look better than Aquino. You must be pushing for somebody else than Roxas.

    8. Si Sen. Miriam ang dapat…kulong si Pnoy at Bnay…the bond will not be broken. See Erap and GMA both imprisoned, Pnoy is next with his Ex VP on the tow. Now the soup thickens and only Brenda could stir. Pres as in a neophyte Poe or cowtowed henpecked asawa ni Mrs. Spraynet y Botoks and happy days are here to stay for EX Pres never married na di tulad ni Sis daming kasal. VOTE Brenda for President..di ito biro☺☻☺☻

      • Nah, it woulld be the height of lunacy to vote for a Senator that follows the direction of the wind to satisfy her needs. she defended Erap vigorously and sashayed with GMA. Recently, she said it would be better to charge drug lords and prisoners who can afford it rent for luxurious quarters. That’s insane!

    9. the fact that people would rather vote a (presumed) corrupt official just because they’re sick with a mediocre, non-performing, underachieving government speaks a lot about how pathetic roxas and his partymates have turned this country into.

    10. It is a CULTURE & TRADITION IN Philippines when it comes to CORRUPTION , thats the reality whether we accept it or not. Philippines will NEVER have a chance to be a BETTER NATION just simply because of our CULTURE &TRADITION : CORRUPTION.

    11. Roxas vs. Binay. Who will win? The PCOS machines’ choice, of course. I hope this ends all speculatons.

    12. Simyon is only after his own skin and he feels that it will be Jojo who will protect him from the gallows. The only way for Jojo to win is for simyon to endorse Mr. Quo Rheena. With that move, simyon still endears himself to the LP making it appear that he is a partyman. By any unfortunate circumstance that Mr.Quo Rheena wins, the guy will still protect simyon because he will assume that he was endorsed by the boy scout and he will think that he owes his “win” because of that endorsement. The friendship between Jojo and simyon dates back decades and that was evident when Malacanang somehow riled at SAMS Antonio to come out with their evidences or terminate their on-going zarzuela soonest.

    13. How can a state be efficient when there is rampant corruption? Why will I risk having my counry lead by a dynasty of corrupt politicians? NO TO BINAYS.

    14. RONNIE A. DULAY on

      The GOLDEN RULE will apply in the 2016 Presidential Elections. “He who has the Gold Makes the Rule”. The 2016 Presidential Candidate who can OUTSPEND his rivals will grab the Presidency. The VP has been building up his war chest since the day he took over as OIC in Makati in 1986. The presumptive LP standard bearer has the backing of the PSBA government with its formidable campaign budget camouflaged as the national budget. Both are salivating for the Office of the President for their own personal agenda which has nothing to do with the national interest. Whoever wins in 2016 has about six years to “reimburse” his election expenses funded by our taxpayers money. Bright guys these Pinoy politicians !

    15. I just hope that the LP will not throw their full weight behind Roxas. They can buy the election. We will be faced with Roxas gathering 60% of the vote.

    16. Good morning sir!

      Sir would you care to elaborate on the point that Binay will owe nothing from anyone? As I see it, vp is so caught between the proverbial ‘devil and the deep blue sea’ that he must now summon all the help he can get to get out of his predicament; as well as all the pockets he could milk, favors he can call on and arms that he MUST TWIST. How can one such person be independent?

    17. The fact that binay comes from the middle class does not make him worthy of the presidency. Without doubt, he is as corrupt as other politicians. Given all the accusations hurled against all he did was deny. The debate against trillianes was an opportunity for him to put him to shame but he backed knowing fully well he could not present evidence the contrary. I disagree with you when you said if binay becomes the president we will have someone for the first in history who is independent of the ruling class. Corrupt politicians will always align themselves with people who will present them with opportunities to acquire more illegal wealth. And the rich will always be good partners in crime. Based on my readings of your columns, I am beginning to think you are supporting binary’ candidacy. I hope I am wrong.

    18. Wala na ba talagang ibang choices? Si Gibo hanggang ngayon parang hindi pa rin kumikibo. He is the sane choice sana. Kaya lang parang sa tingin ko ang karamihan gusto pa rin sa ROTI – the Reign Of The Imbeciles.

    19. Roldan Guerrero on

      Having another Pnoy-like president is totally unacceptable. They are common in everything, except what their coconuts contain, Mar has a better sense of thinking while Pnoy is below mediocre. Of all Philippine presidents, si Pnoy ang PINAKABOBO. Of course we had a presidentita na TANGA, the mother of the PINAKABOBO!

      • Watch your word. It looks like na salitang kanto, kaya nga walang mangyari sa Pilipinas kasi dahil sa attitude na kamukha ng sa iyo. Ano ba ang naitulong mo bilang isang citizen ng Pilipinas? Alam mo ba lahat ang nangyayari? Bobo at tanga, tingnan mo nag pinagsasabihan mo, these people are not just educated but well bred people na hindi nangaling sa kung saan. hINDI SILA MAMAHALIN NG TAO KUNG SILA AY BOBO AT TANGA AT MAGNANAKAWA. There so much hatred in your heart, cguro you are the corrupt one at bobo and tanga, You need a psychiatrist.

      • Gutter language will not help your cause. Be an educated blogger and do not align yourself with the bobotantes.

    20. pnoy gave up running for a second term. be it by changing the constitution or by following the clamors of his bosses, the filipino people. and since he endorsed mar roxas to be his apparent heir to the presidency, it’s his way of telling the filipino people that he is still the president of the philippines for a second term. only this time, in the image of mar roxas. the wolf in a sheep”s wool has to change wool once in a while. don’t we think?

    21. Masarap basahin sa katulad kung, dark skin at walang-wala!
      Parang gusto ipamukha sa lahat ng elite at nagmamatalino na sa isangkatulad lang ni binay ang magpapahiya sa kanila!
      Malayo pa sa katotohanan yan!
      Gumagapang pa ang galamay ng mga pugita!
      Kaliwat kana pa ang naghahagad sa puesto!
      Hindi fair para sabihin hindi mabuting pangulo si RoXas dahil hanggang ngayon ay wala pa akong nababasa na ginawa niyang Masama!
      Ang alam ko lang ay siya ang komokontrol sa likod ni Aquino!
      Sana na lang lahat ng mga edukado ay magbigay ng totoong impormasyon upang ang lahat ay makaalam ng katotohanan ginagawa Ng kakandidato!upang matulongan nilang makapili ang mamamayan!
      Ang masama wala kang gaanong mapapaniwalaan sa marami lalo na sa media na binabayaran para pagandahin ang mga taong hindi karapadapat, kaya hindi mo masisisi ang tao kung gimamit ng sarili nilang nararamdaman!

      • at wala ding ginawang magaling si roxas mula nung dotc sec pa sya. pagkakaalam ko tumaas ang kanyang approval rating nuong dti sec sya ni erap at ni arroyo. hindi kaya gawa sinunod nya lang ang plano ni erap at gloria at sya ang nagpatupad kaya naging maayos ang kanyang pamamalakad ng dti? pero ng si boy sisi ang umupo at pinagkatiwala sa kanya lahat lahat, e parang walang direksyon ang naging takbo ng dotc. opinyon at obserbasyon ko lang naman ito.

    22. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      Kawawang Pilipinas. If what this column is saying would be true, like many others, I wish there would be another choice. Lest, we’re stuck with another corrupt president.

      One may argue that all are mere allegations against VP Binay. But, how come all he did was to deny them? How will one qualify the fact that his wife was a former mayor, a son is the mayor and two daughters are representative and senator, respectively? Where did all the money to spend for these positions come from? No Filipino voter in his/her right mind would believe in ‘good governance’ by the Binay and his family that they are ‘loved’ by the people.

      Not unless Binay comes out ‘clean’, the fact that his possible opponent belongs to another oligarch family doesn’t make him the right choice, at all. Not being the right choice, he should not be “drummed up” as the viable choice. Not unless, one wants to perpetuate the corrupt and ‘dynasty’ image of the country.

      There should be a more objective, balanced and honest approach on presenting possible candidates for the presidency to the masses. They can make their choice!