Aquino’s exit plan and the plot against Binay


President B. S. Aquino 3rd is all but psychologically defeated. He can not hold on to the presidency much longer, but he does not want to go to jail for the 44 Philippine National Police-Special Action Force commandos who perished at the January 25 Mamasapano, Maguindanao massacre, and other unpunished crimes. So he needs an exit plan. This includes, among other things, the destruction of Vice President Jejomar C. Binay.

Sometime last year, Aquino’s favorite uncle-in-law Len Oreta, the businessman-husband of Ninoy Aquino’s younger sister and former senator Tessie Aquino Oreta, was reported to have approached Sultan Ibrahim Ismael of Johor to arrange for PNoy’s possible asylum in that southern Islamic state of peninsular Malaysia. Aquino and the Sultan, who is a couple of years older, are said to be second-generation friends, their late fathers having been friends in their time. They share some common interests, like guns, motorcycles and fast cars, and how to handle Muslim Mindanao and the Philippine Sabah claim.

The Sultan was reportedly excited about the proposal. But Aquino’s political mentors have since come up with a better plan that would allow Aquino to ride the storm and withdraw at his own pace, after picking his own successor. This appears to be the focus of his survival-planning now. However, it is premised on doing away with his loyal friend Jojo Binay. Binay has to be removed as Vice President and as a prospective candidate for the projected 2016 presidential elections, and replaced by either Senate President Frank Drilon or Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. of the House of Representatives.

President Drilon with VP Belmonte or vice-versa

Aquino could then step down, and allow his new Vice President to take over. If that happens to be Drilon, then he could appoint Belmonte as his Vice President later; if it happens to be Belmonte, then he could appoint Drilon. Thus both Drilon and Belmonte, not just the one or the other, could benefit from the scenario, if the execution is successful. This increases the stakes, the number of players involved, and the intensity of the play, amid calls for Aquino to step down. It is a strategic move, not a mere diversionary propaganda tactic, which shifts the eye of the storm from Aquino to Binay.

Under the Constitution, whenever the office of the Vice President falls vacant during the term for which he was elected, the President shall nominate a Vice President from among the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives who shall assume office upon confirmation by a majority vote of all members of both Houses of the Congress, voting separately. This happened in 2001 when Vice President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo succeeded then-President Joseph Ejercito Estrada, the current mayor of Manila, who was ousted in a judicially assisted coup after his botched Senate impeachment trial. GMA chose Sen. Teofisto Guingona, Jr., then Senate minority leader, to succeed her as Vice President.
Guingona served as Vice President and concurrently Secretary of Foreign Affairs until 2004, when he was succeeded by TV broadcaster Noli de Castro, who has since returned to broadcasting.

How Malacañang intends to force Binay out still remains a secret. It will not be a piece of cake. Binay is a political street fighter and no pushover. Malacañang should know this by now. But Aquino has all the power and resources at his command, and as shown in the Corona impeachment and removal, and the jailing of the three opposition senators, who had helped him convict Corona, he will not hesitate to use them for his own ends. The current effort to suspend Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. and take control of the financial district is obviously just an opening gambit.

Aquino regime determined to control Makati

The Court of Appeals has temporarily restrained the suspension order for 60 days. But the Ombudsman and the Secretary of Justice have opined that the TRO was served too late, prompting the Department of Interior and Local Government to defy the court order.
Together with the use of close to a thousand policemen to serve the suspension order, this defiance showed how determined the regime is to gain control of the city, which the Binays have run continuously for the last 29 years.

I first wrote about this story as early as 2013, long before Binay’s political enemies took the first step against him in broad daylight. I had tried to sketch out what Binay’s enemies would to do to him before they took off their gloves inside the Senate. First, they would attack his wife Dr. Elenita Binay in connection with some old transactions when she was city mayor. Then the VP himself on some similarly old mayoralty business. Then Mayor ‘Junjun’ Binay, in order to humiliate him in the Senate and drive him out of City Hall, if they could. If necessary, they would come up with some Corona-type impeachment and trial of the Vice President. But for the last part, this is exactly what has happened, except that we do not know whether or not they are reserving the best part for last.

The anti-Binay plot was said to have been put together in a series of small meetings presided by Aquino himself, for the benefit of DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, whom Binay had defeated in the controversial 2010 automated elections and who is dying to have another crack at the office. So serious was the planning, sources said, that Aquino decided to exclude Roxas from the meetings, and brought in his elder sister Maria Lourdes (Ria) Ojeda, who reputedly has a good head, better than her brother’s. Some of the meetings were reportedly held in Malacañang, others inside the boardroom of a politically friendly conglomerate at Ortigas Center.

The ultimate objective was to make it impossible for Binay, who has been leading all the paid propaganda surveys until now, to “file his certificate of candidacy” when the time comes. But they calculated “removing” him not earlier than the last quarter of 2015 with Aquino still on the saddle. They did not count on anything happening like the Mamasapano massacre.

Plan accelerated to finish VP this Lenten season

With Aquino now about to fall from the saddle, because of his criminal accountability in the Mamasapano affair, some of his closest advisers apparently thought the only way to save him and his regime would be to reconfigure the political leadership to give Aquino some breathing space and the anti-Aquino crowd a new “Ecce homo” to focus their attention. Thus from the earlier deadline of last quarter of this year, they have accelerated their timetable to this Lenten season.
Malacañang’s allies will now do everything to “finish” Binay while trying to save Aquino from his crime which cries to the heavens for justice. If we care enough for what is just and fair, even if we may not be so eager to see Binay running in an absurd 2016 repeat of the 2010 and 2013 elections, we will have to condemn what they are trying to do to him. It is simply not fair.

But we cannot confuse this with the real crises and scandals of the nation, which now lies in extremis. Certainly we need an exemplary leader to lead us from the moral sewer where Aquino has taken us; but not only have we run out of men and women of quality from whom to choose such a one, we have also lost the very process by which we could freely and intelligently choose. Whether or not we succeed in giving Aquino the boot, it is our right and our duty to hope that our next leader after him would be his exact antithesis—a morally upright and just man who will have worked his way to qualify for the office, who has prayed enough to be endowed with Solomon’s “listening heart,” and who has the humility to learn from his own mistakes and from the wisdom of others.

But we have no right or duty to imagine that such a leader would come to us if we do not even have the will to make a criminally accountable president answer for his crimes, and if we do not even insist that before we talk of choosing someone to lead us, we should first make sure that the constitutional order works, and that we could assume without question the honesty, integrity, fairness and credibility of the choosing process. I continue to hope that in fighting for his right to run in the next elections, the Vice President will have the courage to declare that he is interested in running only if, as a precondition to the conduct of the next elections, the Commission on Elections would be abolished or overhauled, Smartmatic banned from our electoral premises, and the rigged PCOS machine publicly incinerated.


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  1. Kakatawa naman yang idea na may pananagutan ang pangulo sa palpak na plano ni napenas na hindi ipaalam sa AFP na lulusubin na nila si marwan…tsk tsk…

  2. Well, the President has the prerogative to
    choose who he wants to run for President under the Liberal Party. As for Mr. Binay, the Filipinos are still waiting for his response on the issue of graft and corruption labelled against him. We cannot elect another President who might have each member in his family employed by the government.

  3. puebloerrante on

    the aquinos are trying to control makati, coz they wanna sway a huge chunk of the business district to their favor.

    which means more power, more influence, and more propaganda.

  4. kahit ano pa ang gawin nilang paninira kay VP BINAY walang makakapigil sa kanya na lumaban sa 2016 at higit sa lahat hindi ni noynoy at ng LYING POLITICIANS (LP) ang mga kapalpakang ginawa nila sa mamasapano dahil pag naupo na si VP sisguraduhin nyang matatanggap ng pamilya ng FALLEN 44 ang hustisyang hinihingi nila

  5. Why are you guys so mad at that President Noy? He taught us a very valuable lesson and this is to fight for our right, sue traitor like him and not vote for his party members who will run in the 2016 election. He also show us who is the real person who fits in the presidential position. I’m so excited for Binay 2016, a change!!!!

    • Beth Castro: Korek ang natutunan naten ke pinoy at Vengeance is mine
      not informed tactics palusot ,blame game. do nothing.pahihiganti sa taong bayan dahil sa totoo ay di naman siya talaga nanalo,nadaya lang ng smartmatic.kaya wala siyang pake alam,bahala kayo sa buhay nyo.

  6. vassily pangantijon on

    What a desperate exit plan is that? RP is all in stakes theres alot of issue around… GOD pls bless the Philippines…

  7. did you know what Aguino doing all small island is sell to china and now mindanao are give to malaysia the must country producing terrorism what aquino betrayal to our country AND her FATHER DIED why this government is full politics full of corruption you forget the MINDANAO IS BELONG TO OUR COUNTRY LONG TIME AGO SINCE MARCOS IS FIGHTING AT MUSLIM M I L F but THE PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES ARE GIVE’N A CHANCE AND ALL BUDGET SHARE WITH POLITICS IS WORKING THIS EVIL ACTION

  8. History simply repeats itself. We get rid of a bad president only to replace it with a worse one. We need to educate the population first before we allow them to vote. But i guess, this will never happen.

  9. @Enrique Mendeles: it’s obvious that your color is yellow but for once if there is still an iota of sanity in your head, kindly open your mind to some possibility of truth as written in this article. Otherwise you will end up and remain a true, spineless noytard,

  10. Insane Tatad, very funny scenarios only fool will believe. how in just months before the elections can his scenario be acted upon?

    • rojan88: U don’t live in the Philippines,U always watching ABS CBN that why U are clueless like your idol panot…

  11. Concerned Citizen on

    I don’t know where Tatad gets all of this ‘conspiracy theory’. Despite the noise being made by vested few, only a few (29%) wants Pnoy to step down. In fact 49% wants him to continue. I want him to continue — at least continue cleaning the government ranks of corrupt public officials.


  12. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures… I think Aquino wants someone to be hated more than him so that people’s attention will not be on him. Oh well, what do we expect from an incompetent and inept president right?! Aquino should stop this though, he’s not gaining any fans from this. He should just show that he’s sorry and be humble enough to say that he’s at fault too many times.

  13. Riza Gonzaga on

    Too bad we let someone like PNoy win the presidency… Many people were taken in with his sob story of being an orphaned kid of two Filipino heroes, yet as we see now he inherited nothing from his parents… thatt’s just so sad really. I hope that no more plans of him will succeed, he should just stay there at the palace and stay quiet… since he doesn’t want to step down and all. So excited for 2016, to see how karma would treat him! lol

    • Amnata Pundit on

      On the contrary, he inherited everything from his parents, starting with the lying, the hypocrisy down to their capacity to betray the country and lastly by just sheer incompetence.

    • Why do you say “Too bad we let someone like PNoy win the presidency”? The uneducated masses and many educated for that matter have been fooled and manipulated into voting for crooks and thieves for years. What is the difference?

  14. It would be best for us not to put Noynoy in jail after his term even if he is liable for this fiasco… All our head of state since Erap had been jailed, If Noynoy is also jailed it just might tempt the next president to push the stakes higher and try for outright military dictatorship instead of going to jail after his term has ended

  15. I Remember... on

    I hope all will pay the bill… including the Lopez, Ayalas, etc… not only the visible parties to this failure like Pnoy and Drilon.

  16. It’s a very stupid, desperate exit plan….. Do you honestly think Binay will go down without a fight?? Do you not think Binay knows what skeletons they hide in their closets? “If we burn, you burn with us!” so said the Mockingjay……. Wouldnt it be easier to just make a deal with Binay? Or just leave the country in a rush to an undisclosed destination while he still can?

  17. Samuel Santos on

    If Binay reads this article, he’d either be deep in tears or laughing his heart out.

  18. I hope if this plan is true, Pnoy and his allies will pursue it and then we will know how our people will react to this devil plan. I still believe in Devine intervention, Pnoy was so lucky when oil prices went so low that our people was able to have a bit breathing space to the high cost of living when he made a terrible mistake in Mamapasano. At this point when the popularity rating of Pnoy have gone sour there is no way that his drumbeaters can save him. There is really no right way to do a wrong just to save Pnoy. What he did to Corona and GMA will be reverse after he steps down on or before June 2016. Pnoy might do what his grandfather did in hiding to Japan but was returned here by Macarthur’s men. An asylum to Malaysia will never work for Pnoy unless he will accept that he is coward to face reality on 2016.

    • you must be a full boown noytards, did you nresly think that it was pinoys work that the noil prices went down……abnoy needs to go to jail,if not assasinated, he is a wrthless scumbag not worthy to be free…that scumbag stole so much from the people and hsave trillions in buidget ,and have not done a damn thing…not one out of the 11 trilion he squandered……it is really sad that filipinos like you exist….and that is why that dirty country is in the dumps…noytards

    • @TheJackal. Johnny is not a noytard. He didn’t say that it was Pnoy while oil prices went down, he said “He was so lucky…” Read it carefully and understand before angrily tapping on your keyboard/keypad.

  19. Bert O. Romero on

    Senator Kit, what a radical departure – whether a welcome one is better left to the individual discernment of the reader – from your usuallly lucid and rational dissection of currently raging national issues ! Keeping in mind your sometimes unfathomable humor and sense of the absurd, I don’t know whether to take your today’s column which borders on a Robert Ludlum’ s thriller seriously or look at it as a deliberate farce of the tragically helpless developments in practically all aspects of the country’s national life. Least of all, I do hope this is not a signal that everything is lost and nothing is anymore worth fighting, much less dying, for?

  20. Amnata Pundit on

    But this is politics, where plots are as commonplace as flies in a garbage pit. The NTC is also a plot, so is the plot to save Binay. So what? The only thing objectionable to a political plot is if it is not yours and you are not a beneficiary. That this pro-yellow plot( thats what it really is) is “bad” while the NTC plot (another yellow plot) is “good” is only a matter of opinion. If the third plot ( ito ba ang namangka sa dalawang ilog, nakasakay sa NTC plot at Binay plot?) to make Binay president succeeds( another yellow plot, by the way), thats for you and your conscience to deal with if he and his family behave according to their record as overlords of Makati. The only plot that I will join is the one that passes the test of maka-Diyos, maka-Tao at maka-Bayan.

    • right, it is political, but the different are, you play dirty and illegal or play fair and legal. this administration seems using government resources to destroy others and use lies.

  21. Aquino’s plan was to be selected as a finalist for the Nobel Peace Prize and then to win it. He planned on relishing in the congratulations from the world, while he reaped the benefits from his friends in the south. Reality has set in with 82% of Mindanao people against the BBL. They do not want Mindanao handled over to the MILF. Now Aquino must find another way to stay out of jail 2016.

  22. aquino has too many evil activities in his dumb brain and wants them secretly done but too bad, it ain’t gonna happen.

  23. At least the issues that Mr. Tatad joined in this article go beyond the mere possibility of Binay taking over the presidency in case Pnoy is given the boot. The focus IS still BS Aquino III and his accountability in the Mamasapano fiasco. Already, two official reports, from the inquiry board that he himself formed (and assured everyone to “await its findings”), and, the Senate committee report (which his polical allies signed, including his own cousin, Sen Bam Aquino) — these have courageously narrowed his role in the botched Mamasapano affair, and, far from absolving him, have in fact tightened “the noose of culpability” around his presidential neck and raised more questions than answers.
    Indeed, it has been rightly observed (even by his allies) that he should just own up his own secret role, and, hopefully, everyone can move up from there. Has he done that?
    Your answer is as good as mine..

  24. My advice to Benigno, take the Johor option and do it fast. It is the only way to escape being dragged out of Malacanang. By the time people finish reading the two important opinions on this paper, I doubt that you can keep rouge elements and relatives of the fallen 44, from going after you and letting you leave unscathed.

    And from this disgruntled grandmother to this unwanted occupant in Malacanang, I want you to know that that I am not alone when I say, we the people, will not put up with a fat pig for president, and a VP who could be soon experiencing episodes of Alzheimer’s. We are not putting up with anymore corruption nor stupidity from any of our elected officials. For that matter, we do not want to have anymore of your fat pigs in Congress, nor any more of your friends, associates, supporters, having their way with running this country. Sawang-sawa na kami sa mga politikong makakapal ang pagmumukha.

    • Enrique Mendeles on

      Tatad and cohorts are daydreaming for another grab in the political arena. They can’t fool us again of their tricks and styles.

  25. What is wrong in preventing Binay to succeed? It is a legitimate move to prevent somebody who is believed to be so corrupt from occupying the presidency of the country.

  26. Roldan Guerrero on

    This is a first hand information I believe is accurate. Thank very much Ex. Senator Francisco “KITS” Tatad for bringing it out on exact time so the misinformed will know the truth about the secrets of this regime.