Aquino’s fall from grace


President PNOY is just like his predecessor, like Estrada, Arroyo they have one thing in common, they are all corrupt, DAP is form of graft, even grade 1 pupils, know when things given are gift or bought. Pls don’t lie to the people. You need to clean your backyard in Malacanang. Again using the same premise as DAP to the recent quake. Fooling again the Filipino people. We’re not dumb.
Golden king,

I totally agree with you in the abolition of the whole Congress to save a lot of money to be allocated for the alleviation of the poor condition of million Filipinos who are suffering from lack of food, shelter, clothing and source of livelihood.
Romeo Polistico,

Yes, indeed the present inept president in Malacanang can be considered as a teflon president because in spite of the graft issues besetting his administration it seems that none can stick to connect him directly and make him personally accountable. But he must not remain complacent together with his avid fanatic yellow supporters because as everybody knows, teflon is not a permanent coating in cookwares as it wears down in the long run with often repeated hard cleaning which can be true with his present inconsequential regime. He must be ready when that time comes because he will be also be made to pay in some sort of Karmic justice.
Voice from the Wilderness,


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