Aquino’s fall from grace


(By Tony Lopez, Opinion, October 24, 2013)
Senate n Lower House should not only be abolished but it’s members jailed and left to rot until they cough up the monies they stole. If they don’t, line them up against the wall to face a firing squad. That’s the only way to prevent their resurrection in the future.

In the private sector, if you cannot produce your designated output you get fired! In congress, even if you have absolutely zero output – you still receive millions and millions of pesos, strut like you’re an emperor, and become president!! Onli in da pilipins…


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  1. I like the idea – great! Materialization though is near impossible. Politics in RP has become the game of the dynastical rich, strong, corrupt, thick-face, double-face, no-face, about-face, and not-about-to-be phase out crooks! Even PNoy seem to want or need to be in or to have these assets or ingredients in order for him and his allies, party, to be a successful political leaders…