• Aquino’s final slogan: “Die with the lie”


    It was not by accident or whimsy that the opening of the regular session of Congress, and consequently the President’s report on the state of the nation, takes place on the fourth Monday of July every year. It is a mandate of the Constitution.

    By placing it in the third quarter of the year (July to September), instead of in January (which was the practice under the 1935 constitution), the 1986 Constitutional Commission was well aware that the Congress opening would run smack into the heart of our monsoon season, when the rains pour in torrents, along maybe a typhoon or two.

    This way, President Cory’s handpicked charter-framers probably figured that the administration would be forced to face the harsh realities of national life, and therefore come up with the requisite policies and programs to solve them.

    Alas, to my deep regret, this otherwise clever insight was almost proven accurate in a big way yesterday. I write these words, hearing the rain pouring on our house in Quezon City, and I am reduced to hoping that the weather will turn more clement and give President Aquino’s valedictory a fitting sendoff.

    Fortunately, the rain abated. So the show could go on.

    338 days remaining for President Aquino
    With his untruthful presentation yesterday of the state of the nation after five years under his watch, President Aquino made manifest that his administration will mark its final days in office (338 days to be exact) by claiming non-existent reforms and achievements, blaming past administrations for his failures while claiming credit for their achievements, rather than confronting the pressing problems of national life.

    As a presidency that governed from Day One with an armory of simpleminded slogans – “kung walang korap, walang mahirap” (if there are no corrupt, there will be no poor); “tuwid na daan” (straight path); “kayo ang boss ko” (you are my boss); “good governance is good economics”; and “it’s more fun in the Philippines” – I am convinced that the administration will strive to subsist on one final and stubborn slogan: “Die with the lie.”

    It will insist, propagandize and trumpet its own verdict that it has been a successful and caring presidency, instead of the “manhid at palpak” (unfeeling and failed) administration that Vice President Binay has portrayed it to be.

    Send in the lies
    Aquino’s reply to the criticisms and the protests will be to send in the lies, viz:

    1. The biggest lie is that it has transformed the Philippines into the “darling of Asia” and Asia’s newest economic miracle. Never mind that the economic indicators do not fit the characterization. Never mind that no neighbor, no international organization and no media organization has conferred on us this redoubtable distinction.

    2. Unable to face the reality that it has brought suffering, ruin, uncertainty and peril to our nation of 100 million, and dreading rejection by the people in the elections next year, President Aquino clings to the delusion that his chosen one will win the May balloting, and then robotically follow the same straight path to failure.

    3. Claiming that his anti-corruption campaign is his most important reform, he recited again the alleged victories of the program. Never mind that in a survey conducted by the Roman Catholic Church and its Radio Veritas network, four in ten Filipinos believe that the anti-corruption program is a failure. Corruption has worsened in fact under Aquino.

    4. Claiming that fiscal management is one of his major achievements, the president makes no apologies for the administration’s wholesale manipulation of the budget and pillage of the public treasury.

    4. After being proven incompetent and unfeeling in meeting the Yolanda/Haiyan disaster, the administration persists in circulating the propaganda that it has met its duties and obligations, that the stricken areas are back on their feet. Never mind that a thorough study by Social Watch Philippines and an international aid organization has come up with a report that the government has not released the P170 billion for rehabilitation that it trumpeted last October; that 132,000 people are still living in tents, and that there is no building back better taking place.

    5. After the Supreme Court ruled that the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) are illegal and unconstitutional, the administration has conspired with unscrupulous members of the Senate to restore these banned appropriations through insertions in the budget.

    Portraying five years of failure and setbacks as a success is the daunting challenge awaiting President Aquino’s propagandists and spokesmen. But it is never as simple as just lying with a straight face.

    To make the “die with the lie” policy stick, President Aquino should consider emulating North Korean leader Kim Jong-un by appointing Kris Aquino as his propaganda manager.

    The UK Daily Mail and other media organizations have reported that Kim Jong-un has awarded his younger sister Kim Yo-jong a dramatic promotion within the North Korean government – by granting her the role of managing and developing his personality cult. She will oversee all future “idolization projects” and organizing massive rallies in his honor.

    Vanishing words and redefining words
    The die-with-the-lie policy is mirrored by what my Times colleague Marlen Ronquillo called in a wonderful column last Sunday “the administration’s single-mindedness in vanishing words it does not like and giving new definitions to words that it favors.”

    He listed among these words the following:
    1. Intractable poverty. Mr. Aquino does not believe this social and economic cancer exists.

    2. Inequality. In the Aquino universe, this word does not exist. No presidential speech, address, communication admits its existence. Mr. Aquino and his flacks have offered “ Inclusive growth “ as the lame substitute for inequality.

    3. Traffic jams. These daily monstrosities are, in Mr. Aquino’s universe, tangible, palpable signs of progress. His government cannot run the trains on time. His transport policies favor cars and private vehicles over mass transport.

    4. Rice shortage. The mantra has always been rice self-sufficiency. His two co-secretaries for agriculture have placed the country in two states when it comes to rice: self-sufficient or about to attain self-sufficiency.

    5. Savings. Marlen forgot one entry on his list, the official redefinition by Congress of the term “savings,” in order to skirt the Supreme Court’s decision on the DAP. Aquino got two branches of government – the Executive and the Legislative — to join together in cheating the people of their money.

    Aquino deceives himself
    In his book on presidential deception, When Presidents Lie, author Eric Alterman persuasively shows that presidents wind up deceiving themselves in deceiving the nation.

    The cost of lying becomes finally personal. In the case of George W. Bush, for example, “His untrustworthiness profoundly undermined the credibility of the administration abroad, and its ability to do business in the world on the basis of its good word.”

    The blowback is always serious. For President Aquino, it will come (1) first in the May 2016 elections, when the administration party receives the judgment of the people. And it will come (2) second when Aquino is out of office on July 1, 2016, when his presidential immunity is gone, and he is deluged with lawsuits.



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    1. What gets me is that Aquino’s defenders (a.k.a. paid trolls) always ask the same old question: ‘Why blame the President? He’s only one man.’ Then they get personal with: ‘You, what have you done but complain?’ Tell me I’m wrong.
      We blame the President because he is in a position to do something which we can’t. Anyone can see that the MRT is in catastrophic condition, and it all happened during his administration, yet he continues to believe the lies his DOTC Secretay/Liberal Party Secretary General tells him instead of firing him.
      You’re right, constant blaming is wrong. Just like the chroonic blamer who resides in Malacanang constantly blaming his predecesor.
      What have we done? What kind of question is that? We pay our taxes, we obey the law, we raise the next generation. We do what is expected of us.
      The same cannot be said of Noynoy.

    2. isidro c. valencia on

      Never say die, until you lie!
      The only truth is Pignoy’s SONA (Sinungalin, Overacting, Nonsense Articulation) is his “COUGHING.”

    3. very telling comment and accurate expose’. let’s now wait when he leaves office so we can enjoy watching those “deluge of lawsuits” heaping on the noytard, as he loses his immunity. that is if he shall not have fled the country a day before his term expires. but again, if he’s not the weirdo that he’s always been to expect a hero’s sendoff and turns over the government in hallucination. well done, yen. mabuhay ka!

    4. Lemuel Pormison on

      Hindi porke naghihirap ang bansa ay dahil kasalan na naman ni Pinoy…Pambihira kayo…puro kayo paninisi…e maging presidente kaya kayo?Kaya nyo?

      • Two reasons why the Cojuangco-Aquino hated GMA and made Abnoy Aquino the president of this banan republic, 1. GMA wanted the Hacienda Luisita plan be implemented right away and on government’s term as originally agreed, and 2. GMA wanted to know who really killed Ninoy Aquino. So, to avoid these two, they put up their own president, which the ever-gullible Filipinos are willing to suck in by creating GMA the black Kettle. But, in case you haven’t known it yet, the Aquino-Cojuangco are the black pot. So, the days before 2010 election was a case of a pot calling the kettle black! And so, we ended up with a fox guarding the chicken house! Or with the PDAP tripled and the invention of DAP, others call it, we ended up with Dracula guarding the Blood Bank! When GMA left there was PhP35B in the Malampaya Fund, per Recto’s (LP stallwart) investigation. in 2013 until now nobody knows where the money is! The National Treasure said it is lump with the General Appropriations Budget. Recto said, it cannot be because Malampaya is under the President’s prerogative fund. Purisima said sometimes it moves to the GAA, sometimes it’s back with the Presidential fund! By that if Filipinos with little sanity left should understand that ‘Tuwid Na Daan” is “Tuwad Na Daan”. I guess readers know a little Visayan.

    5. No one can change a negative mindset unless the person look decide to so so.

      I will not be surprised that these people will even complain about the rising of the sun that is too brigth, or the rain that is too heavy.

      Kawawa naman ang Pilipinas.Change you mindset guys, dont always look at the kapalpakan ng iba , look at yourself. are you better than others???? I doubt so.

    6. Is GMA corrupt? Of course. The Court agrees.
      Is Pinoy corrupt? Not a bit. He is the honest president in the Philippine history, at least to date. No previous presidents can compare to his honesty and Filipino people’s approval of his excellent governance.

      • pnoy is not corrupt! hahahahahahahaha, i can’t stop laughing EDDY FRAYNA. he is the most corrupt president in this planet. ask any businesses, how he used BIR as mafia to mulct businesses and they demand big money which is several millions.

    7. There is nothing new to this, from the very 1st SONA to the last, it’s always been filled with blatant lies, it’s like seeing PINNOCHIO up front. The blame game is still very much alive, can’t move on, just can’t stop blaming Gloria for all stupidities and failures. Can’t believe it myself that this liar’s having the nerve to claim that this nation is the new Darling of Asia… man you must be fantasizing. I could hardly wait for his next term… in JAIL!!

    8. ferdinand concepcion on

      The longest SONA in memory, is but lies!…but the captive audience of salivating oligarchs, businessmen and politicians, who all prolicked, under this anti-people and hypocritic mis-administration are all ears — laughing all the way to the bank.!!
      GOD bless the Philipppines….. we need HIS intervention …. to bring these people back to earth….and pay for their sins.

    9. As we all say — This STUPID president will have his day in COURT and hope that the next administration will not bend over. Sana naman, kayo, tayong mga botante ay wag maging BOBOTANTE the next time around PLEASE!!!!

    10. “One sure path to failure is the readiness to
      blame everyone else for your own failings”.
      Felix Bamirin

      A predictable swan song from Pnoy Aquino, playing the blame game, and painting a delusional picture of The Philippines as Utopia under his self-proclaimed brilliance. His narcissism was on full throttle. Pnoy aquino has now gone from ducking blame to lame duck.

      The only difference between pnoy aquino’s first, and last SONA’s – he has lost his hair, and his smokers cough has got worse.

      “Don’t measure yourself by what you
      have accomplished, but by what you
      should have accomplished”
      John Wooden

      FoI – Pnoy Aquino’s main campaign promise. 5 years, and no chance of it being passed. Outright deceit. No transparency. Protecting his back. Hypocricy personified.

      Anti dynasty – 70%+ of congressmen belong to a political dynasty. Support in public, but it will be sabotaged behind the scenes, just like FoI. An exclusive club which only reflects self-interest, not society.

      Inclusive growth – Another major Pnoy Aquino failure, with inequality having worsened, and innovation being stifled.
      GDP growth is meaningless when the only benefactors are the oligarchs, top 5%, and politicians.
      Even with lower GDP growth, other ASEAN countries are achieving far more and outstripping the philippines. The difference – they have a vision, leadership, and integrated strategies.

      OFW’s – the economic backbone, but still being exploited, and with little real support, or appreciation. A labor export policy persists.
      Brain drain is a growing issue/problem, but not being addressed.

      Corruption – only 13% of electorate think corruption has improved in the past 5 years. IBON
      Corruption has not only got worse, it has become institutionalised.
      Bribery of Senate/congress

      Poverty – 51% of families consider themselves poor. SWS. That is 50 million people! That is not just 3rd world, it is bordering on 4th.

      26% unemployed/underemployed
      Only 490k jobs created in past year, but 1million promised/needed. People have lost their dignity, and hope. The societal divide will increase, and so will social unrest.

      Manufacturing – lack of home-grown industries. Import dependent, US controlled.

      FDI – trailing ASEAN neighbours, by far. International businessmen vote with their money.

      Yolanda – 132,000 still living in tents! A disgrace.

      Crime – drugs now commonplace everywhere.
      Philippines regarded as the hub of asia for human trafficking, and also for child cybersex.

      Infrastructure – general lack of strategy, planning, action, and achievement. A wasted 5/6 years.

      CCT – an interim measure under arroyo is becoming a permanent, and expensive band-aid, with dubious benefits – except to try and buy votes and massage poverty figures.

      Illegal gambling – vendors no longer bother to even be discreet/hide.

      PDAF/DAP – The height of hypocricy and depths of criminality. And still in the budget. A thorn by any other name.

      Tourism – NAIA, worlds worst airport. Boracay becoming a rubbish dump. Philippines still not signed up to ‘open Skies Agreement’
      Mon ‘air miles’ jiminez is having fun, but achieving little. Promise/target was 10 million tourists by 2016, but will not even achieve 5 million.

      Commodity prices – let them eat cheap, or even ‘fake’ rice, but at higher prices.
      No rice self sufficiency as promised.

      Maguindanao massacre – justice delayed, and delayed.

      Mamasapano – SAF 44. No mention, no respect, and no justice

      ‘Alter egos’ – puno, alcala, purisima, abad, abaya, caradang, de lima, naguit, llamas
      A motley mafia of KKK

      ‘Customer’ satisfaction – The Happiness index, 90th ex 135 countries.

      Impunity Index – World No.1 (worlds worst)

      Democracy – like the SONA itself, a masquerade with all the finery, but a naked emperor.
      the UN classifies The Philippines as ” a flawed democracy” – diplomatic speak for ‘a sham democracy’.

      Innovation – the currency of the future.
      Global Innovations Index – 90th.
      %GDP spent on R&D is the lowest in ASEAN

      BBL – a disaster waiting to happen.
      70% of population against BBL. (75% against in Mindanao)

      Budget – increased from 1.5 trillion in 2010 to 3 trillion proposed in 2016!
      Double the budget, half the services. Some people must be laughing all the way to the bank! Kickbacks! SONA outfits! Constant airline tickets abroad for senators/congressmen! Up to 60 staff per senator!
      Example – Rep. Abad 12 million peso salary excl perks.
      A thieves charter. No wonder it is rubber stamped so readily.

      Millenium Development Goals 2015 – will not meet the key targets. A big fail, and embarrassment.

      Tax – highest tax rates in Asia, but lowest quality of service.

      Education – 2.45% of gdp spent on education. It was 3.9% in 1999
      UN recommends 6%
      Shortages of teachers, classrooms, textbooks.

      Media killings – continues unabated and unsolved.
      Press freedom index – 149th ex 179 countries.

      Cronyism – 6th worst in world

      Illegal activities – smuggling, logging, mining. Smuggling alone increased from $3 billion to $19 billion!

      Quality of life/urbanisation – transport, housing, urban architecture, MRT breakdowns, congestion, brownouts, street litter, make urban living a constant obstacle course of repeated stress.
      Manila – 9th worst city traffic/transport system in the world. A disgrace.

      Technology/innovation – DICT a must.
      Internet speed worst in ASEAN, and most expensive.
      Ranked a lowly 158th in world ex 179 countries.

      Customs – corruption still rampant.
      Port congestion still prevalent

      Labor practices – short term contracts proliferate. Feudal and short sighted.

      Constitution – no progress in economic reform (60/40).

      Energy – electricity the highest price in ASEAN, and still brownouts each year.

      Human Development Index – 117th ex 140 countries

      Good country index – philippines ranked 114th ex 125 – “takes far more than it contributes,” (to world development)

      The bottom line is that the things which really matter to people, – poverty, unemployment, inequality, and opportunity, have seen no improvement/become worse, further compounded by a double whammy of static wages for those in work, and significant increases in food and commodity prices.

      The facts speak for themselves, and the smoke and mirrors act of Pnoy Aquino et al cannot mask the incompetence, the missed opportunities, and the blatant hypocricy.

      Genuine change will only occur when power is wrestled from the self interests of trapos, dynasties, and oligarchs, when competition and innovation is put front and center, and when diversity, equality, and inclusion becomes key principles & practices in politics, business, and society itself.

    11. laguatanlawzen.com on

      The SONA of ABNOY is nothing but a rehash of his empty and simplistic slogan. There is nothing new. He has the gall to blame Gloria of his failure to pursue economic development in his remaining 5 years of governance. Besides, it is a big SHAME that the ladies of the present members of Congress are flaunting their most expensive outfit while the poorest of the poor became the backdrop of their insensitivity and arrogance. Nakakahiya kayong lahat. We are looking for the day when PNOY is out of power that he will wallow in the quagmire of all sorts of lawsuits together with his partners for having transmogrified corruption into blatant stealing of Phillipine Treasury.

    12. Dong Malonga on

      Aquino’s indifference towards the sufferings of Filipinos will get back at him and every Filipinos in days and years to come. His legacy of failures and incompetence will glare up as he fades away.

    13. That the Abnoy is dying with the lie is a certainty. Up to his last days, he still cannot live with the reality that he has failed. Anyway, he did accept history as the final judge. Let’s hope he will be man enough to accept the verdict of history, behind bars.