• Aquino’s lies on DAP clearer by the day


    On October 30 last year, President Aquino hijacked all TV and radio stations for his first and only primetime televised address to the nation, in which he intended to explain his Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

    A few weeks before, Senator Jinggoy Estrada exposed the existence of Aquino’s secret DAP and that the senators were bribed P50 million each, sourced from this fund to convict Chief Justice Renato Corona. Estrada in effect is the whistleblower for the DAP scam, since, like Benhur Luy in the case of the pork-barrel scam, he admitted he also received his part of the loot.

    The next day, I wrote the following article, and Malacañang has never refuted any of my points, either through its spokesperson or lawyers in the Supreme Court, which will soon hand down a decision on the DAP’s constitutionality.

    As a good summary of what DAP is, I am excerpting key points from that column, which appeared November 2, 2013 in this newspaper. With the pork barrel scam hogging the headlines, Filipinos need to be aware that the DAP issue is even bigger, in the amount of pesos involved and in how it trampled our Constitution:


    DAP whistleblower Jinggoy Estrada: Now he is in jail. ( Estrada’s mugshot photo taken on his arrest, from www.gmanetwork/news)

    Start of excerpts

    Mr. Aquino has become desperate that the Supreme Court will be ruling his DAP as patently unconstitutional. Even his two appointees, Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and former UP law school dean Mario Victor Leonen, our sources claim, are now thinking of their post-Aquino reputations, and have given up trying to convince other justices to [favor]to their benefactors’ indefensible side.

    Lie 1: “The DAP is legal according to the Constitution and other laws.”

    False. Only Aquino, spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, and, of course, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, who concocted the scheme, believe so. There is a remarkable consensus among constitutional experts, including the very much respected Father Joaquin Bernas and the Philippine Constitutional Association, that the DAP very clearly violates the Constitution, as it disregards the authority of Congress to determine how government money is spent.

    Contrary to Aquino’s pig-headed reasoning, the President can only realign funds, and only funds out of savings, and only within a department. ‘Savings’ are defined as what’s left over after a project is undertaken, and not when it is cancelled arbitrarily by the budget secretary.

    Aquino didn’t realign funds—he patently corralled government funds allotted for departments and projects specified by the budget law, and ordered it used according to his whim. These funds which in effect were his own pork-barrel kitty totaled P142 billion from 2011 to 2013, nearly three times the P55 billion official pork-barrel for Congress for the same period.

    Funds impounded

    Lie 2: “Funds used for the DAP came from savings generated from stopping graft in government contracts, from better budget spending, and from more efficient management of government corporations, ” Aquino said.

    False. Funds allocated by Congress’ General Appropriations Laws from 2011 to 2013 to departments and programs were arbitrarily impounded, and spent for purposes Aquino and his cronies in government preferred.

    The most shameful use of the DAP was to bribe senators, as Estrada and defense lawyer Jose Roy III have revealed, in order to impeach Chief Justice Corona.

    Data from the budget department incontrovertibly show that P1.1 billion in pork barrel funds were given to 16 senators, the minimum number needed to convict Corona, during the trial from January to May 29 or the day of the Senate vote.

    (See further details in my column, “DBM data confirms P100M ‘bribe’ to 16 senators each”, October 5, 2013.) Another P4 billion was disbursed to congressmen in 2012, at P15 million each, for having filed the impeachment case against Corona.

    To create artificial savings, Budget Secretary Abad in late May 2012 issued a circular that all unused budgets by June that year would be impounded to fund the DAP.

    How could budget allocations programmed to be used for the second half of the year, and therefore unused at June be declared as savings?

    On the other hand, the savings the public works and highways department has been claiming have been mostly the result of downsizing or suspending road and bridge contracts.

    Profits of government corporations are not for the President to use as he wishes. These are by law remitted to the Treasury to form part of the government’s General Fund, the use of which is determined by Congress through its annual appropriations laws.

    Lie 3: “The DAP helped in stimulating the economy. According to the World Bank, the DAP contributed 1.3 percent to the GDP during the last quarter of 2011.”

    False. How could it when the DAP was set up only October 22, 2011, and most of funds hijacked through it were released only in 2012 and 2013?

    Our GDP in 2011 was in fact a disappointing 3.9 percent, due to the Aquino government’s bungling when it suspended infrastructure contracts approved in the previous administration, alleging (but not proving) corruption.

    Economic growth in the past three years was due – not to the DAP – but the multiplier effects of increasing overseas workers’ remittances, to a healthy macroeconomic base created by former President Arroyo’s reforms, and to the global business community’s confidence over the economy when it weathered the global financial crisis of 2008 to 2009.

    Examples of DAP projects

    As examples, how could anybody claim that the following projects funded through the DAP stimulated the economy?

    • P8.6 billion to the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, known to be a sinkhole of corruption. Aquino himself complained in June 2012, that the DAP projects in the region were moving so slowly, or had not even started yet;

    • P1.8 billion to the Cordillera People’s Liberation Army and the Moro National Liberation Front ostensibly for the training in livelihood projects of their surrendering guerillas (a stimulus program in the hinterlands?); and,

    • P2 billion for the Department of Social Welfare and Development for such projects as daycare centers and its endless “supplementary feeding projects.”

    Aquino claimed he is succeeding in his campaign against corruption, through the unearthing of the pork barrel scam and prosecuting the criminals involved.

    He boasted: “Wasn’t it the leadership I appointed at the Commission on Audit who went through the documents with a fine tooth-comb that unearthed the abuses over PDAF?” This is one of the Aquino administration’s biggest lies.

    The COA special audit of the Priority Development Assistance Funds (PDAF) was ordered under COA Office Order No. 2010-309 dated May 13, 2010. The agency at that time was headed by Reynaldo Villar, whom past president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo appointed, but whom Aquino kicked out and even accused of involvement in the plunder case involving PCSO funds.

    The audit was undertaken by a team headed by a career official Susan P. Garcia under the COA’s Special Audits Office, who signed and submitted the report to the budget secretary. The COA chairman appointed by Aquino, Grace Pulido-Tan or even his favorite commissioner Heidi Mendoza, had nothing to do with the report.

    Tan didn’t even sign her approval of the report. It was only after the Philippine Daily Inquirer ran a series of exposes on the pork-barrel scam that Tan publicly released the COA’s report, and even provided the theatrics for it, as in her “kahindik-hindik” remark on the scam.

    If Aquino’s administration had any role in the audit, it was to impede it, with the report complaining: “The DBM (Department of Budget and Management) could not provide the Team, despite repeated requests, with the complete schedule of releases per legislator from PDAF for soft projects and VILP for hard projects.”

    The DBM submitted documents involving only senators who were not in Aquino’s camp, mainly Enrile, Estrada, Revilla, and Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., the last three of whom were not coincidentally tipped to run for vice-president or even president in 2016. (End of excerpts.)


    That Aquino was indeed lying was confirmed yesterday (June 23) when his spokesman Lacierda in his briefing acknowledged, for the first time, that it was COA chair Villar of the GMA administration who had ordered the pork-barrel audit, and the constitutionally independent auditing body simply implemented that directive.

    What he didn’t touch on at all, though, was the refusal of Aquino’s DBM to provide COA with documents on all other legislators’ use of their pork barrel.

    Why the turnaround in acknowledging the fact that the pork-barrel probe was started before Aquino’s watch?

    Because, the Palace may have realized may lost popular support, since the masses have resented the arrest of Ramon Revilla and Estrada, interpreting it as an assault on their “representatives” – as had happened in the EDSA Tres revolt right after the April 2001 arrest of President Joseph Estrada. As has been its habit, Malacañang is in effect passing the ‘blame’ to Arroyo.

    The DAP is so patently unconstitutional and a crime – malversation of public funds – that I can’t see how the pro-Aquino justices can stretch logic and any interpretation of the Constitution can argue otherwise.

    The Aquino-appointed justices – Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno, Bienvenido Reyes, Estela Perlas Bernabe, and Marivic Leonen – must realize that their votes, to paraphrase Marcus Aurelius, will echo through eternity.

    FB: Rigoberto D. Tiglao / www.rigobertotiglao.com


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    1. Above article pointing out the unconstitutionality of DAP, To my point of view, a President of a country have the executive powers to accept or reject legislation by the congress, In the case of DAP which was acted upon by the President after PDAF scam were expose, I believe his action either constitutional or not, it is under his ( the President’s) executive power to immediately act and execute his emergency power when the country’s economy/welfare is in stake. Now, my question is?Hence PDAF is in its present boiling scale and maybe vaporizing because of rampant cheating, How can a country run its governance if it stays idle and not act nor commits funds allocations for its various projects and programs on different levels of his agencies? I still believe in the President, I still hope his remaining years should address lowering the costs of basic needs, less cost of services like power and fuels,provide housing for the rest of the Filipinos without decent shelters and most of all he could accelerate employment programs enjoining all employers of the country, In this way, his father’s legacy for ” FILIPINOS are worth dying for”, a “REBIRTH”.

    2. Edward Lagasca on

      ang dami nyong satsat wala naman kayong ginagawa kundi magdadakdak why not go to the street and fight what you said is right. It will take u forever to talk pero hindi yan nakakarating sa mahihirap na tao at the end of the day what matters is their sikmura. Uunahin pa ba nila ang makinig sa inyo eh gutom sila. Go to the street and let these people know what is happening around them and let them decde hindi yong kayo kayo lang mayayaman at learned ang nag-uusapusap.

    3. First of all, the author did not say that Jinggoy is innocent of plunder. Just like most biased media sources, they simply point out that Estrada is being singled-out. Magnanakaw silang lahat! Si Jinggoy & Bong lang ang pinakulong. SO? Rather than play the victim, these two dummies should just squeal and tell the world that yeah it’s true BUT it wasn’t just us. Hirap naman kasi sa media natin ang tatanga saka talagang corrupt din ir may mga hidden agenda. Just take the example of Jinggoy’s son. It is now trending that he has a diplomatic passport. But nobody is investigating whose other children has the same ones. I will bet every kid,spouse,etc.of the other officials have the same passports. Who issued these passports? Ang dali daling ibulgar lahat ng baho nila pero nobody is even trying. Only through social media that most folks learn these sad issues. ABS,GMA,TV5, and all the newspapers, KAKAHIYA KAYO! The people that runs these conpanies should also be imprisoned.

    4. I am a student of law. what i understand is that if a law says “money in the government should be spent in these ways” so be it.!!! that is the law. with what i have read in your column is that, it if it is true that pnoy diverted funds, then, it is contrary to the law. that is what i understand. i hope the justices, bright lawyers, should not set a bad precedent on this, otherwise, i might think twice if i will still pursue my LLB STUDIES. thanks for your column, for another case study to present.

    5. If DAP is unconstitutional, then Pnoy can be impeached. This is another history in the making.

    6. Kasing Liwanag ng Sinag ng Araw sa bumbunang panot ang pagkakasulat
      nyo Dapat lang unawain ang simpleng pagkakasaad ng mga illegal na
      aktibidad ng Malacanan. Imposibleng hindi alam ni Pnoy at ng kanang
      kamay niyang si Abad ang hayagang bukas na sikretong modus operandi
      ng mga mambabatas sa pangungumisyon sa mga pondo ng Pork barrel.
      Dahil naging napakaluwag silang nakapa-ngungurakot sa ng mahabang
      panahon, di nasila nag aalala o nag aalangan sa gawaing masama.
      Naging Congresman at Senador si Pnoy ng halos 10 taon sabihin
      mang di siya nangungumisyon hindi pwedeng hindi niya alam ang
      matagal ng umiiral na modus ng mga mambabatas. Alam na alam
      ng Administrasyon Pnoy na ang ipinamigay niyang DAP ay mauuwi
      lang sa bulsa ng mga mambabatas. At ganyan nga ang nangyari
      na ang SARO ng DAP ay ipinapalit lang ng Cash ng mga mambabatas
      kay Napoles at agaran na nilang nakuha ang cash kumisyon nilang
      ayon na rin sa lumalabas na mga ebidensiya ay umaabot ng 60%
      to 70%. Gaya ng ginawa ni Pnoy hayagang paglabag sa batas ang
      paggamit kuno daw niya ng savings na kinalap sa mga proyektong
      hindi na ipinatuloy kahit aprobado ng kongreso ang appropriation,
      pondo na ipinamudmod niya sa mga mambabatas bilang
      suhol para maimpeach at hatulan ng guilty si Corona.

      Ang pagimbento ng DAP at paggamit nito ay labag sa kunstitution,
      Ang panunuhol ay labag na labag din sa batas para impluwnesiyahan
      ang co-equal branch na sanggay ng gobyerno. Ang team pnoy
      ang unang unang dapat sumusunod sa batas at nakaka-alam
      sa batas at walang puwang sa kanila ang salitang illegal. Kaya
      dapat na silang maimpeach at mapanagot sa batas.

    7. Concerned citizen on

      Very well written article. However, I have several questions. PRIMARILY, did the author vote in the previous election in making PNOY the president? Those who commented on this article, did you exercise your right to choose how this country will be run? It is so easy to criticize what our ELECTED leaders are doing. Pero kung tayo ay hindi bumoto, WALA tayong karapatan manisi sa lahat nang kapangyanrihan ngayon at sa nakaraan. Kung gusto natin baguhin ang kalakaran nang atin systema, dapat tuwing halalan, yan ang atin alalahin.

      • It is not whether we voted Pnoy or not the issue here but his blatant disregard of the constitutional provision that mandates all expenses in the government must require congressional appropriation and approval. In this case, he violated the constitution and so, he should be impeached and removed from office because what he did is worse than his charges against Corona.

      • If they were able to cheat on all the paper trail the DAP requires, don’t you think they can easily cheat the election? Wake up!

    8. per attached National Archives of the Philippines (NAP) General Circular No. 1 dated January 20, 2009 on the Rules and Regulations Governing the Management of Public Records and Archives Administration, the following are the authorized retention period of government records, particularly:

      Requests 2 years after acted upon
      SAROs/NCAs 3 years

      Please take note that the COA in 2013 was asking for records from 2007-2009 which is beyond the retention period as stated above, thus, had the difficulty in providing the COA such records, but, was complied with eventually. You can ask directly the DBM.

    9. All these news and write-ups, whether true or just products of conflicting campaigns, show one clear picture. The ranks of our government officials, our supposedly leaders and stewards, are a bunch of self-serving criminals. Perhaps not all of them, but probably most of them. What a sad, sad country the Philippines has become. Really makes me wonder if there is really someone worthy of leading us. I am sure a lot of Filipinos still love this nation and it’s the reason why we’re still reading and listening to all this news and articles. It’s just really frustrating that we can’t seem to find a solution to all this mess.

      I have spoken to a Canadian friend of mine, telling me things that in Canada, they don’t mind paying taxes that much because they really see what the government does with their taxes. They have free medical expenses, free education, excellent roads, low crime rates; all these things we seem to lack.

      I won’t exchange our beloved Pilipinas for any other country despite all these mess we see and hear all the time about our government. Here’s just hoping that we can truly experience a good nation led by good leaders. God Bless the Philippines.

    10. Allen Espejo on

      Lahat ng politiko na yan…magnanakaw…Aquino and his gang are the DAP thieves…Enrile and his gang are the pork barrel thieves…

      How can these people eat all the sumptuous food spread in their dinner table at the expense of the very very very very poor filipinos…

      Have they seen how the poor lives under the bridge, esteros, karitons and other places that no one should live?

      Picture this while closing your eyes Juan Dela Cruz, a baby living in such conditions storm in the rampage, mother can’t provide milk for the baby with leaking nose and high fever soaked wet in putrid waste, water and mud flowing…baby crying because he/she is hungry…mother cooks rice to burn black and pulverize it so the baby can drink it as milk…father, snatches a bracelet of an innocent jeepney passenger or steal and hope not to get caught so he can go home to his family and buy an evaporated milk to feed the baby instead of burn pulverized rice…but, unfortunately, the father got caught, beaten and thrown into a very crammed jail…he does not complain but endure the pain and suffering of his family for a measly few pesos…he does not complain, he endures….can you see it Juan Dela Cruz?…can you see you thieves?

      These thieves all wearing barongs…in this lifetime you lived well at our expense, but i know, you all will rot in hell….

      Tama na Pilipino, mag-isip isip naman tayo sa mga taong pinauupo natin…konting singaw sa mga baho ng mga magnanakaw na yan, people power agad…It does not matter kung buwan buwan mag people power tayo basta makakain lang si Juan Dela Cruz at mamuhay ng matiwasay…

    11. After reading the article one thing that bothers me is that the author have not really elaborated onto how the current administration have misused the fund? I would be more inclined to believe such misused if there is evidence that really proved it. Yes, it’s admirable to attack but without going through the details of how Mr. President spent the money then your article will only be a lie to me. I am a citizen who is more concerned of my country’s image and stability , because i had enough of demoralizing every president we have. Time to learn from the past rather than dragging the past to the future.

      • Rose, I think the purpose of the writer is not about the “misuse of funds” but the legal “sense” it has been misused >> That DAP is clearly against the constitution…

        But should you wish for an “example”, the author did elaborate SEVERAL examples… This article is raining with a lot of examples! You just got to read it again! Examples, such as, paying off the senators and congressmen to take out Corona, giving billions to far off places, we can’t even seem to hear of progress (which to my opinion is better off in Tacloban or Bohol), the LIES (and now getting clearer by the day)… These are all profoundly elaborated!


      • Disposing of a corrupt Chief Justice by corrupting the lawmakers. Isn’t that enough evidence for you. Are you still dreaming? The end does not justify the means.

      • ganyan talaga ang ugali ng mga Filipino nag bibingi bingihan at nagbubulag bulagan dahil manhid na sa kahirapan! ang mata puno na ng muta at tainga puno na ng tutuli! kahit ini isa isa na nga ng nagsulat ng artikulo yung mga proof at yung logic ay hindi pa rin talga maintindihan! itong mga taong ito na hindi na nagmamasid at nag iisip ang syang nagpapahirap sa ating bayan! dahil sila ang mga bumoboto sa mga hunghang na mga politikirong mga yan! hanggat nandirito sa atin tong mga ito at patuloy ang pagboto, hay nakupo! ganon pa rin ang mangyayari sa ating bayan! patuloy na malulogmok sa kahirapan!

      • Mr. Danilo, I have read the article and not that I am trying to blind myself with what the author is trying to portray of the current administration misdemeanour. Ang punto ko lang, wag mo akong bigyan ng example na ang dating ay hearsay lang. Tungkol naman sa “kuno” pag bribe ng mga Senators to increase the “Pork Barrel” to impeached CJ Corona. Ang tanong, paano ba naging ebidensya ang salita ni Ginoong Senator Estrada sa kalagitnaan ng paglilitis ng anomalyang kanyang kinakaharap–di bat dito naman benase ni Mr. Tiglao ang kanyang kuro kuro. Lahat naman tayo may ibat bang perspective tungkol sa korapsyon na nangyayari sa ating bansa. Pero, hindi solusyon na lage na lang current administration or Presidente ang lage nating e demoralize. Hindi n’yo ba napapansin na para tayong the clown of the whole world? May Ex. Presidenting pinababa dahil “Kuno” sa korapsyon, eh anong nangyari di bat nakabalik din–wag si Juan ang sisihin dito dahil kung hindi naman hinayaan ng sistema ng comelec para maka takbo ang taong ito hindi naman sana ito mananalo. Sistema dapat ang ating pag igihang himayin kung paano ba natin maunahan ang mga laging umaabuso dito hindi individual at lalong hindi dapat PRESIDENTE ang laging tuligsa in dahil hindi ito makakatulong sa pag progress ng isang bansa.

    12. One of the projects under DAP was the housing program by the NHA for members of the PNP/AFP and BJMP. The total allocated fund for the first two tranches by the NHA was Php 22 billion. Despite the allocated amount, most of it was disbursed or spent already, only 10 percent of the housing units have been turned over to the end users.

      Also, there was no bidding conducted for the award to contractors. The award was given directly to contractors favored by the current NHA chair, contrary to the provisions of the Government Procurement law.

      Just as a footnote, the current NHA chair, Chito Cruz, is a classmate of PNoy and does not report to the HUDCC Chair, but directly to his classmate. He recently moved in his new house at Ayala heights with a basement parking full of brand new Porches. Three!

    13. THIS IS SCARY: Aquino didn’t realign funds—he patently corralled government funds allotted for departments and projects specified by the budget law, and ordered it used according to his whim. These funds which in effect were his own pork-barrel kitty totaled P142 billion from 2011 to 2013, nearly three times the P55 billion official pork-barrel for Congress for the same period. #BOOMPANOT

      • Masisi ba natin ang Presidente? Para sa akin mas mainam pa ngang siya lang humawak ng pera para isa lang ang sisihin kung mag kandawalaan ang pera ng bayan. Sa dami ba naman ng kawatan sa Gobyerno, mas mainam na itong ginawa ni Mr. President. Isa lang naman ang hinanaing ng masang Filipino ngayon kundi KONTROLIN ang PAGTAAS ng bilihin.

    14. Renato rentoza on

      DAP is a monument to the hypocrisy of Aquino and so-called “civil society.” You know those guys who could not stand that Erap was president, plotted against him, installed GMA, couldnt stand her, posed as Hyatt 10, called on Filipinos to install Noli De Castro, and then being completely ignored, resigned and let GMA finish. They exploited Cory’s death however and so now they have their very own utu-uto as President.

    15. Johnny Ramos on

      Pnoy will get what he want from SC. There chilling effect on the justices on what pnoy do to his political opponent like corona and bobby ongpin. Both were marginalized. There is no way SC to rule against Dap because they might follow corona. The only thing that pnoy cannot stop is the rising prices of all basic commodities. Someone in pnoy family is gaining on these rising prices so it should never stop from rising.

    16. Sir Tiglao,thanks again for writing such a very revealing facts about the fallacy of aquino abad and co., with complete data to disproved their lies.DAP is illegal and evil for all of us to see. I just hope that the non-yellow justices will not be cowed upon with threats to give their NO votes to this animal DAP. Although I already believed that taxpayers money are already on the table ready to bribed the Justices just to get their votes like what aquino and abad did to the senators during the corona impeachment trial.

    17. ynnas adartse on

      thanks for the explaining how corruption in pnoy govt works…pero sad to say maliit lang na porsyento ang makakabasa at makakaintindi nito..kasi karamihan sa mga pinoy ang pinaniniwalaan ang mga naririnig at napapanood lang sa media..kaya kung maganda ang presentation sa media un na ang totoo..e dyan sila magaling..sino ba may sister na “queen of media ” kuno? kaya nga ngaun pa lang lahat ng mga posible na makakalaban sa 2016 ay sinisiraan na nila para manalo ang kakampi nila kasi kung ang maging presidente natin di nila kakampi cgurado kulong din sila…ganun nman politics sa atin..bawi-bawi lang..ika nga ‘weather weather lang yan’…so abangan na lang natin susunod na kabanata…thanks Godbless..gud day!

    18. Congratulations!, Mr Tiglao. I admire your guts!

      What might be taking the SC to rule on DAP. Scraping deep into the archives for something to rationalize an open-ended decision?

    19. Disillusioned on

      Sad to say, evil has reached all areas of this Government including Malacanang! Even before these revelations, anyone with an open mind & enough sense watching the proceedings could see what this Administration was up to during CJ’s Trial….they even threatened to disbar the Defense attys when they called a Press Con to announce the impending bribery in the Senate, which we now know was True! We can only pray that evidences be exposed for all to see & people like yourself Mr.Tiglao, continue to be strong to speak & write the Truth for this country’s sake….I thank you & wish you all the best!

    20. Reymon Cortez on

      Mas maigi kung makulong at maibalik muna yung mga ninakaw na pera ng 3 Senador at kapag iba na ang presidente ay si Pnoy naman ang kasuhan kung may paglabag sya sa batas.

    21. adolfo g. roldan on

      The Filipino People as a nation should be thankful to the author of theses expose…Mr Tiglao…I thank you for your courage in exposing the truth…

    22. Incompetent Abnoy on

      How I wish na magtapatan ng mga dalawang oras gaya ng sa “Mare at Pare” sina Tiglao, Abad, Aquino, Roxas, Maceda at Tiangco…tignan ko lang kundi lumabas ang nagsisinungaling at nagsasabi ng tapat dito!
      Answer: ang napatunayan ng mga sinungaling, hulaaan ninyo kung sino sino? Ako na nga ang sasagot. Ang last name nagsisimula sa A, R, A.

    23. Whatever you say Mr. Tiglao, DAP will be constitutional made by money faced Justices from the Supreme Court. Wanna bet?

    24. I’d love to hear Malacanang rebut all this or at least hear the Black & White Movement what they have to say.

    25. GMA was dubbed as the Margaret Thatcher of Asia. She ruled with an iron fist to curb corruption. But of course, just like how the republicans attack every move of Obama, her opponents did the same thing to her. What she said that sometimes there is no choice, if you want the corrupt people not to win, there are times you have to dirty your hands. When the opposition were buying generals to push to take over her term, she had no choice. Maybe, just maybe she had to pay more to maintain the peace and order of the country. Pinoys though see everything bad in her. I cannot speak for her husband though because I don’t really know him a lot. But Arroyo did a lot during her term and nobody could grease her if her mind is set. and oh! how the opposition hated it. they had to do something to spoil her victories, they had to attack her every move, and pinoys are gullible, they lean to the right one day, then to the left one day, wherever the wind blows. When we voted Pnoy for president and we realized later that he is second to marcos in corruption, we should have admitted our error, our misjudgment. but we are a stubborn people still full of ego even when! The apply does not fall far from the tree. I wonder how the cojuangcos amassed a lot of land. Was it done legally during their time or was it land grabbing in action? is that why the farmers are willing to die for this land to be distributed back to them? because it was theirs to begin with? just asking! Pinoy has a mentality of a 10 year old boy and he is vengeful without reason. anyone who steps on his toes must suffer. is that the president we want to rule our country? he should be ousted by now!

      • Looking back, what you said are true. Arroyo had stepped on a lot of toes, especially the oligarchs, beginning with the sainted Cory and her Hacienda Luisita. Arroyo was the only president who dared challenge the land reform to include the precious and controversial HL and that is her downfall. She also asked Meralco, another big shot, to refund overcharged electricity during her watch. Trying to quietly but slowly implement reforms is a difficult task and its true that she has to dirty her hands to do it, to work around the system knowing that every route is tainted. Unfortunately, the present administration has returned everything back to the good old days of runaway corruption and if not for a disgruntled employee, the pork barrel scam would never be exposed. The Aquino govt did not have anything to do with this.

    26. What now you thick faced all black mutineers of the Arroyo administration? Dinky Soliman the double crossing triple dealing scorpion who again heads the DSW, Abad the peso face magician Deles and the rest. Why don’t you revolt now!! Ang kapal ninyo talaga. There is a hot seat in hell waiting for you be assured mga oportunista at magnanakaw vendictive as your boss you arse lickers.

    27. Mr. Tiglao, it is good that you always criticize the present administration for their error so that they can adjust and rectify their mistake. Sana po ay magtuloy tuloy hanggang sa malaman ng taong bayan kung saan napunta ang DAP na ginawa ng present administration.

      Sana rin po ay talakayin ninyo sa inyong column ang tungkol sa sitwasyon sa spratly para mamulat ang ating mga kababayan at kung papaano makakatulong at bawat Pilipino sa problema sa spratly.

    28. I still cant understand why anyone thinks the senators were bribed with a P50,000,000 pork allowance extra on top of their normal allowances. How would that encourage them to find corona guilty as according to these senators when they get this alloacation of any ammount of pdaf all they do is pick where it will go & then they give it to other agencies & they then have nothing whatsoever to do with it, so how would it benefit them. Now if they were able to steal it as is alleged in the charges then yes it makes sense but if they didnt get any of it it makes no sense. I hope i explained it how i meant it.

    29. I like how you expounded the DAP and the principles involved. Hope you will have more for our reading.

    30. enrile, estrada, revilla helped noynoy in convicting corona due salavating for dap money, now they are reaping their mistakes. if corona was convicted due to error in his saln…where should we place pork participants

    31. Alejo Rosete on

      What a kasinungaling Administration!

      What a credit grabbing Administration!

      What a vindictive Administration!

      What a selective prosecution!

      What else? KKK – magaling sa baril barilan. Laro ng mga bata yon and/or mga batang isip.

      The earlier to drive him out of the Palace – the better for the Filipinos.

      Enough is enough – tamana ang pagkukunwari.

      • C Bayani Fernando ang talagang type kong iboto s pres. election nuon kaya lang d za tumakbo kya no choice nko, binoto ko c pnoy sa pag aakalang ok za, nangulekta pko ng lahat nyang propaganda! Ngaun sising sisi ako at parang gusto ko n sana mag people power ule para maalis za sa puesto! Amen!

    32. Mr. Tiglao column on DAP and who started the AUDIT in COA is an eye-opener since the public does not know these detailsl. Tiglao’s expose must be made known throughout the country so people will understand Aquino’s motive in creating the DAP, together with his cohort, Butch Abad. In short, DAP is a pool of diverted funds from the executive departments budget to fund bribery of Congressmen to destroy Aquino’s foes or people he uses as a tool for his “straight path” policy. The end does not justify the means….(crooked and dishonest ways to achieve a personal agenda).


      Thank you Mr. Tiglao for fearlessly reporting the facts about the DAP. The Filipino
      people should come to know all of these facts. You are certainly right. Ginisa
      nila Abnoy, Abad and company ang mga tao. Ang daming mga taon naghihirap
      pero ang mga taong (Abnoy, Abad and Company) ay walang consiyensiya. Imangine
      using the DAP to achieve the evil intents (impeaching Corona)? By the way,
      what are these justices doing with the case of the DAP? It has been sitting there
      in the Supreme Court for long. As you stated in your column, the DAP lies are
      clear as day. It has been blatantly used to achieve Abnoy’s whims. For how can
      there be savings when as I understood it, these were funds impounded as early
      as June or during the first half of the year. These who stole and partook of the
      loot should be punished up to extent of the law regardless of whether they are
      Abnoy’s allies or opposition. The law says that “no one should profit from the
      effects of his crime.” Even this Abnoy cannot escape responsibility for how can
      these subordinates disburse government money without Abnoy’s knowledge and
      go-signal? Its COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY.

    34. Those four SC justices appointed by Pnoy will be outnumbered if they even try to be selective to favor the President and they definitely cannot escape the scrutiny and vigilance from the eyes of many Filipinos who knows when the law is being circumvented.