• Aquino’s negotiators lying on MILF’s ‘disarming’


    First of Two Parts

    Timed as if to throw cold water on the national outrage over the January 25 massacre of the Fallen 44 Special Action Force troopers, President Benigno Aquino’s negotiators and those of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) signed two days later—where else, in Malaysia—what they claim is the process, technically called the “Decommissioning Protocol,” for the insurgents purportedly to surrender their arms.

    Chief Peace Adviser Teresita Deles swooned over the pact’s signing, claiming that it would result in the MILF’s disarmament by 2016, when her boss steps down. The Islamic group’s negotiator Mohagher Iqbal said the decommissioning is “a sacrifice” on the part of the MILF.

    The propaganda line these people are trying hard to make us swallow: Forget the massacre, the MILF are already turning over their arms. If the Congress doesn’t pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law, the MILF won’t disarm and will aim their arms at you.

    They are lying, or fooling themselves, and are even striving to make their lies appear to be truth. Or maybe they have become so gullible as indicated by their delusion that the MILF “peace” pact will win for them the Nobel Peace Prize. After all, haven’t Deles and chief negotiator Miriam Ferrer already boasted in their curricula vitae that they’ve been nominated for the peace prize?

    Not a single person who has lived in Mindanao, especially close to the Muslim communities, believes that a Moro will ever voluntarily surrender his arms.

    Contrary to the idea that the Moros simply spontaneously rose up in arms against Marcos when he declared martial law in 1972, it was his order for all Filipinos, regardless of whether they were Ilocos warlords or Muslims, to surrender their arms or be imprisoned that sparked the rebellion, first in Jolo City by Muslim policemen, which the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) would later feed on.

    Veteran columnist Emil Jurado – who has “seen it all” in this era – in a recent column wrote: “Those who know the culture and history of the Muslims can only raise their eyebrows since totally disarmed Muslim clans will be at the mercy of others with firearms. Remember the joke which goes that a Muslim would rather sleep with his gun than with his wife?”

    An MILF insurgent with a 50-caliber Barrett sniper rifle, reportedly costing P500,000 each. Would he really give it up?

    An MILF insurgent with a 50-caliber Barrett sniper rifle, reportedly costing P500,000 each. Would he really give it up?

    “But it’s a miracle, and because P-Noy is a saint,” I can imagine Deles arguing, her voice breaking and her eyes misty.

    From her recent statements at the Senate hearing and in her very revealing conversation with Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. claiming that the MILF was faultless in the massacre of the police commandos, Deles may have contracted a variation of the “Stockholm syndrome.”

    This is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages identify with the worldviews of their captors. In Deles’ case, having spent nearly a decade talking with the MILF, she has identified with the worldview of the MILF, and is now unable to see through the insurgents’ subterfuge.

    Nowhere in the latest pact signed, and in all past agreements, are there provisions that the MILF’s arms must be surrendered to the government, but only to an “International Decommissioning Body,” to be stored in “Secure Arms Storage Areas.” These are located not in the Republic’s military camps, but could even be in some part of Mamasapano or near the MILF’s main Camp Darapanan.

    Under the agreements, the MILF’s mujahideens will simply change the patches on their uniform from “Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces” to “Bangsamoro Police,” which is under the command of the substate’s Chief Minister, who I would bet would be MILF chairman Murad. And just in case that doesn’t work out, there is even nowhere in the pacts signed with the MILF that its military, the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces, will be disbanded and dissolved.

    The Free Aceh Movement was a Muslim insurgency that struck a peace pact with the Indonesian government in 2005. It had at most 5,000 arms and there were estimates that the December 2004 tsunami actually decimated their ranks to 3,000.

    How many arms did the GAM (the Free Aceh Movement’s acronym in Indonesian) surrender to kick off its decommissioning in 2005? 850.

    How many arms will the MILF —estimated by various sources to have 30,000 to as many as 50,000 rifles—have to surrender, according to the “Decommissioning Protocol”? 75.

    Did our negotiators put in any pact even the most conservative estimate of the number of MILF arms, so there would be at least some benchmark, that in the future we can argue that they haven’t even surrendered a tenth of their rifles?

    No. In President Fidel Ramos’ final peace settlement with the MNLF, there was an implicit number of firearms that the insurgent group admitted it had: 7,250. This was the number of MNLF fighters that was written in the agreement itself who would be integrated into the Republic’s police and armed forces.

    The MILF could later even claim that the 75 arms they surrendered made up 10 percent of their arsenal, which would be 750 rifles, and we wouldn’t have anything in the written agreements to contest that.

    Supposedly scheduled this month, that “surrender” of arms will be a show, a charade, but will certainly hog headlines with huge photos in Aquino’s favorite newspaper.

    On Friday: Other details on how the MILF fooled Aquino and Deles on its disarming.
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    1. A study by two Danish PhD psychologists in 2008 who were commissioned by the office of the mayor of Copenhagen, Denmark, revealed that most – if not all – crimes by immigrants in that country were committed by muslim immigrants. This was puzzling to most but the two unraveled the mystery as simply a religio-cultural trait that is alien to the West, in the areas of anger (or holy anger), locus of control and self-expression vs consequence. For instance, on anger: ” This peaceful approach is seen by Muslims as an expression of weakness and lack of courage. Thus avoiding the risks of a real fight is seen by them as weakness; when experienced in Muslim culture, it is an invitation to exploitation. ” On control: ” Muslims have.. strict external rules, traditions and laws for human behavior. They have a God that decides their life’s course. “Inshallah” follows every statement about future plans; if God wants it to happen. They have powerful Muslim clerics who set the directions for their community… These clerics dictate political views, child rearing behavior, and how or whether to integrate in Western societies.” On consequences: “What we have to understand is that we are dealing with people who grew up in cultures with an “outer – locus of control.” Self reflection and self responsibility have much less importance to them”… set boundaries and limits and impose the consequences when breached.
      Read all about it, here:


      NOw,are you surprised that they perpetrated the Mamasapano Massacre and still demand the passage of BBL?

    2. A drama can be arranged like surrender ceremonies for photo ops. But the firearms being surrendered are the dysfunctional units, or the old low caliber weapons.

    3. Talagang may guarantee ang salita ni pinoy na tulungan ang naiwan na pamilya nang SAF 44. Sa ginawa niya na puntahan ang pamilya nang SAF 44 sa crame para malaman kung nakatanggap nang tulong, makata-o siya. Sunod tulungan din ang sugatan. Gold cross at medal of valor para sa buhay na lumaban sa masasapano encounter.Pinoy pa rin.

    4. In my opinion, though the negotiators are Pilipinos, they are not protecting the country’s interest as a sovereign republic. It is possible, that this people are receiving commissions/ honorarium from the wealthy sponsor of the MILF & BIFF. The big question is why they are pushing the BBL too much like sales representatives working for a big money. They should be stopped including the Government officials who are working for it. With what happen, BBL should be scrapped as it does’nt bring benefits to the country.

    5. Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

      Pee-Noy, Deles, Ferrer and their believers want to rush BBL in the tune of 80 billion pesos…. TIBA TIBA NA NAMAN SILA

    6. Brian Stanley-Jackson on

      Unfortunately the people of the Philippines do not realise that they have permitted an intellectually handicapped adolescent(posing as a man) to enter into “peace negotiations” with a group of terrorists who have zero aspirations for peace. All they wanted was the time to prepare for their next great Jihad. BS Aquino gave the negotiating task to two muddleheaded women who couldn’t tell an M16 from a grenade machine gun!
      The MILF don’t care if the BBL is not passed because their planning is almost complete for the launching in Philippines of its version of ISIS.
      The AFP is totally unprepared and ill equipped to face off with the monster Aquino has allowed to grow.
      Mamasapano is merely a pre-cursor.

    7. victor m. hernandez on

      L O L ! wawa naman ang Pilipinas, parang walang alam ang ginagawa dito sa Peace Process. Natutulog sa kangkongan ang lahat (Executive and Legislative), fuera na lang ang Supreme Court.
      Parang lahat ay ‘trust and confidence” ang binibigay sa MILF in this Peace Process. Mabutri na lang puede pa naman revisahin ng House of Representatives, and the Senate, and of course, the Executive. And finally, kung aabot pa sa Supreme Court and usapin, dahil siguradong meron magchachallenge ng constituionality ng BaBala, kung papasa sa Legislative.
      Meanwhile, the amot na ang Peace Process will continue, at sana maggamot na ang ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ nila ni Deles at Coronel Ferrer, at oo ng oo naman ang Malacanang. Sa ngayon, parang di katanggap tanggap ang mga panukala at mga pangyayari patungkol sa Peace Process sa Bangsamoro. Katakot kuya, sana handa ang gobieryno sa mga susunod na mga pangyayari.

    8. The unpopular US of A started all these. They are trying to start war with the muslims while we are trying to seek peace with then. The only way for them to stay and relevant here in asia is to make a war. Who do you think provide reports to Cayetano? Now acting a warmonger. They want peace scrapped and war to continue. Mga pulitiko ngayon nyo dapat ipakita sa mamayang Pilipino na meron pala kayong mga silbi.

    9. They can skirt the negative public opinion on the BBL by MILF declaring unilateral independence and the Aquino regime giving it immediate recognition.Perhaps Ferrer or Deles being appointed ambassador to the newly independent Bangsa Moro state.Far fetched but not impossible.The regime could try to fend off a political storm by using public funds on a truly grand scale to buy off greedy legislators as well as corrupt officials in the military and police.Again impossible but the regime has consistently shown many times that it has no compunction about using public funds to get what it wants.The leader sees himself as a holy man.

    10. BS Cojuangco Aquino III and his administration may deny it, but this had been going on since the days of 9/11. The whole aim in this BBL, would be none other than the re-establishment of a US military base in the south, being considered as haven of terrorist, although USA does not list MNLF or MILF among the Foreign Terrorist Organization. Herebelow is a brief of what America has done to combat terrorism in the Philippines.

      What has the United States done to combat terrorism in the Philippines?

      For almost one hundred years, the United States had access to two major bases in the Philippines: the Clark Air Force Base and the Subic Naval Base. But amidst souring U.S.-Philippine relations following the overthrow of the Marcos regime, the United States was forced to withdraw from the Clark Base in 1991 and the Subic Base in 1992.

      After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Macapagal-Arroyo pledged to help the United States in its counterterrorism efforts and offered to give the United States access to its former military bases. Once it became clear that some of the September 11 planners had held meeting in the Philippines, the United States reestablished a military presence in the country under Special Operations Command, Pacific (SOPAC). Since then, U.S. forces have engaged in dozens of counterterrorism exercises with the Philippine military. In 2006 alone, the United States and the Philippines scheduled up to thirty-seven joint exercises, including as many as six thousand U.S. troops (AsiaTimes). Most notable is the annual Balikatan (shoulder-to-shoulder) bilateral military exercises, which the State Department says “contribute directly to the Philippine armed forces’ efforts to root out Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah terrorists.”

      Increased coordination between the United States and the Philippines on law enforcement has been an established priority since 9/11. According to the 2008 U.S. State Department Country Reports on Terrorism, special programs such as the Antiterrorism Assistance Program (ATA) have been used to increase Filipino law enforcement capabilities through equipment grants and training. Between 2006 and 2007, ATA assistance for the Philippines totaled $7.8 million. The U.S. Department of Justice/International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program has trained over four thousand police personnel, mainly in the south, on basic police operations and investigative techniques.

      The United States has also increased the number of arms that it sells to the Philippines. According to the Center for Defense Information, U.S. arms sales to the Philippines were 63 percent higher in the five years after September 11 than during the five years prior to September 11.

      The State and Defense departments also reward informants in the Philippines whose information leads to the capture or killing of suspected terrorists. In 2007, the United States paid more than $10 million for information leading to the arrest or killing of thirteen alleged members of Abu Sayyaf. U.S. prosecutors and FBI agents have also provided training to thirty-four representatives of the Philippine Anti-Terrorism Council. The United States has helped the Philippines establish interagency intelligence centers to support maritime interdictions against transnational criminal/terrorist organizations and a “Coast Watch” system in Mindanao.

      While the United States has increased aid to the Philippines, reports indicate the United States may want to re-establish its own military base in the terrorist haven. Talk of this alleged desire was encouraged in February 2006, when a bomb exploded near a Philippine army base that was being used by U.S. troops. The United States continues to deny any plans to build a base in the Philippines, but it has reportedly funded a host of projects across Mindanao, including a deep-water port and a modern airport. According to Focus on the Global South, a Bangkok-based research institute, the U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command awarded a $14.4 million contract to a Texas-based company for “operations support” for the Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines. – Author: Preeti Bhattacharji

      • Right. You cannot figure out anything with accuracy in this country unless you factor in the EVIL EMPIRE aka the EMPIRE of CHAOS in your equation. Who are the major sponsors of the MILF and the NPA? If you can answer that question correctly, you have solved the puzzle that is the National Security situation of the Philippines.

    11. Either government negotiators Teresita Deles and Miriam Ferrer are stupid, or they are secret sympathizers of the MILF. Either way, we cannot trust these women to defend our country’s interests, in the same manner that we cannot trust the MILF terrorists.

      Never forget our heroes – the FALLEN 44!

    12. Magkakaron ng peace sa mindanao pag binigay natin ang mindanao sa MILF NG BUO at maging separate Republic of mindanao. Sa aking pananw iyan ang gusto ng MILF.

    13. chthonic monster on

      they will surrender their springfield bolt action rifles and some iskopita on the side! what a joke!

    14. You are correct. The next decomissioning of weapons will occur very soon. A whole village will be forced by the MILF to turn over 300 stones. The MILF will announce a village by village turnover of weapons. Deles will preside at the weekly turnovers open to all media.

    15. Negotiators Mohagher Iqbal and Chief Peace Adviser Teresita Deles say Garantisado, talagang garantisado. Pirmaham na ang BBL and there will be peace all over Mindanao wala ng IED wala ng kidnapping in 2017… wait… maybe 2019…. okay… siguro sa 2022.

    16. Claro Apolinar on

      God bless you. Mr. Tiglao, even if you don’t believe in and in fact laugh at God and us who believe.
      Please continue waking up our people to the folly and dishonesty of the Aquino government and the bleak future of our country under Aquino and after because the PCOS machines under Smartmatic will continue to decide who will rule our country.


      This Deles is insisting that the MILF is faultless or cannot be faulted in the
      Mamasapano bloodbath. Can you believe that? What is the group who
      fought with Marwan by the way. Was it not the MILF and BIFF. This was
      the group who massacred the 44 SAF. And now, Deles is saying that that
      group is faultless? She must have aligned herself with these MILF and forgets
      that she is a Filipino.

    18. where is the philippines headed, a civil war with our muslim brothers, and eventually total annihilation of the country.

      and while there are shooting in the streets of manila, we will all sing “it’s more fun in the philippines”