• Aquino’s new title: ‘Thief Executive’


    Activists, the serious and real ones, never sleep. And they never run out of ideas.

    The youth activist group, Anakbayan (sons and daughters of the people), may have scored another homerun with its latest dig against the powers that be.

    After successfully inventing the wildly popular and entertaining neologism and protest tactic called “noynoying” back in 2012, Anakbayan has now come up with a witty and potent follow-up.

    They have given President Benigno Aquino 3rd a new title: “Thief executive.”

    Just as “noynoying” toyed around with the President’s nickname and work ethic, so this time they have directed their wit and imagination at his official title of “chief executive.”

    By deftly substituting the letter T for the letter C, they have come up with a potent indictment of Aquino’s authorship and authorization of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), which has illegally taken and probably malversed P150 billion of the people’s money in the national treasury.

    Thief executive, from Anakbayan

    Thief executive, from Anakbayan

    How far will the new neologism fly?

    I suspect very high and very far. And it could last up to the very last day of the Aquino presidency.

    To assess the situation we are facing now, let’s look back a little at the phenomenon called “noynoying.”

    Noynoying takes the country by storm
    As a piece of social history, “noynoying” was like a craze that took the nation by storm. Although started by the youth, adults and children also took up the varied poses and stances of noynoying, which were helped along by Anakbayan infographics online on how to do the noynoying.

    Anywhere you went in the metropolis you were bound to meet or see young people performing the stunt. It was featured all over the media. Social media exploded with photos of people hilariously doing it. Mothers coached their Kids on how to perform it like the original.

    The protest tactic went viral when it acquired its own Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia pages, and received airtime on the country’s most watched news channels.

    International media also gave noynoying a warm send-up. Giants like The Wall Street Journal, France 24, BBC World Service, Los Angeles Times, and Al Jazeera—all provided coverage and notoriety.

    Noynoying, also Anakbayan and Wall Street Journal.

    Noynoying, also Anakbayan and Wall Street Journal.

    “Noynoying” was breathtakingly simple to do. Protestors would sit around and stare into space, stifling yawns, in a mock impersonation of President Aquino, whom critics accused of doing nothing productive as the country’s leader.

    Noynoying was the unique Filipino adaptation of planking, the American lying down game, which consisted of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location.

    When Filipino youth activists took hold of it, it became a something fun to behold—a cross for the president to bear.

    The first documented use of noynoying dates back to October 2011,when the Manila Standard used it in one column. The origins of noynoying as a protest device have been associated with young members of the Filipino Left, particularly Anakbayan. Vencer Crisostomo of Anakbayan provided a definition of noynoying: “It is doing nothing when you have something (a task) to do.”

    When the tactic went viral, Malacanang propagandists tried to counter by releasing a series of photos showing the president sorting papers, carrying folders, chairing meetings and meeting dignitaries.

    Led by messaging secretary Ricky Carandang and his trolls, Palace communications tried to sweep social media of traces and images of noynoying.

    But they could not stop the Internet meme and social craze from spreading. From Manila to New York to Saudi Arabia, any place with a sizable Filipino community, people were pictured “noynoying” with abandon.

    “Noynoying” showed what going viral in the digital age means.

    Mercifully for the president and the nation, the fever passed, as many tried to look more busy.

    I think that time in our lives provided us with one enduring lesson. A fever like noynoying will pass, but a tragedy like the Manila hostage crisis does not heal as quickly. Leaders have to do more and better.

    ‘Thief executive’ as hands-on leadership
    If noynoying sent the Palace into panic mode, “thief executive” has the potential to drive it to catatonia.

    While “noynoying” was essentially an attack on what was perceived to be a hands-off and do-nothing presidency,

    The line of attack of “thief executive” is that President Aquino is 100 percent hands-on and responsible in the P150-billion Disbursement Acceleration Program. He authored and authorized the entire sordid swindle.

    According to budget officials, the President’s signature can be found in every resolution, every order and every fund release in the program.

    Of course, accusations are not proof, and indictments are not convictions Officials, like ordinary citizens, are innocent until proven guilty.

    But somebody has to account for the P150 billion of people’s money that have probably been stolen or wasted.

    The public, the independent media, and social media will not rest until Aquino, Abad and other administration officials answer questions in an official inquiry or trial.

    This is why the impeachment complaints in the House are so important. They will require an official inquiry. If Speaker Belmonte declares again that the House will strangle the complaints, and that impeachment is just a numbers game, he is close to being declared an enemy of the people.

    This is why the sham inquiry into the DAP conducted by the Senate last Thursday was so enraging.

    There we had Budget Secretary Florencio Abad finally answering questions about the DAP in the Senate, and all our senators did was throw softballs at him. Senate President Franklin Drilon was beyond appalling; his purported questioning was a shameless endorsement of the DAP – a thank you for the P500-700 million of DAP money committed to his projects.

    Answering questions about the DAP, President Aquino will be in a bind. If he denies authorship of the DAP, and points to Abad as the author and fires him (as his close relatives and key members of his cabinet are advising), Abad will sing like a canary-soprano. All the secrets will come out.

    If Aquino settles only on admitting to having authorized the program – and to signing every paper regarding the DAP – he remains fully responsible for the program.

    Even if he is not impeachable now for the DAP, he will surely be liable for the illegal and unconstitutional acts, when his term ends in 2016.

    Aquino and congressional leaders are determined to strangle the complaints in Congress. But saying cynically that impeachment is just “a numbers game” is absolutely the wrong strategy for them to take. It fails to take into account the degree of public anger against the DAP scandal. It stokes the fury of disobedience and rebellion.

    Writing on the Richard Nixon Administration at the height of the Watergate scandal, Barbara Tuchman wrote these telling words of why no president can escape responsibility in his administration: “The administration, like any other, is an entity, a whole for which the president is responsible and from which he is indivisible. Its personnel were selected and appointed by him, its conduct determined by him, its principles or lack of them – derived from him.”

    In short, the President is accountable. And if there is indeed thievery, as seems evident from the disclosures so far on the DAP program, Aquino can be fairly called “thief executive.”

    The crime is also contempt for government
    The biggest sin of Speaker Belmonte and Senate President Drilon is that, by their actions, they seek to stop further and thorough inquiry into the facts and the truth about the DAP. They seek to cover up mistakes of the president and the administration; they are deathly afraid of the complicity of their houses in the wholesale robbery of the people.

    They want to shovel under the rug the problems that have long infected our public life. They do not want our people to know the truth.

    Another brainy woman, Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter of Harvard Business School, provides penetrating insight on how standards and competence falls apart in government.

    Most people extol private companies for being better run and having stricter standards than the government. But in fact, she says, we must meet a higher standard for public service.

    She warns of the deep cynicism of the public about the work of government, and of the contempt of national leaders for the functions of government. She wrote:

    “Contempt starts at the top, when bosses believe their organizations are mere instruments of their own desires, to be exploited for themselves and their buddies. Cynicism spreads, reducing morale, depressing performance, and repelling the best people.”

    “Contempt means feeling free to subvert the instruments of government to one’s own ends…

    `“Contempt means not having to reach high standards…

    “Contempt for government leads to crony appointments…

    “Contempt in words and deeds makes it hard to attract the best people to public service, and demoralizes talented professionals already there.

    “When leaders put their own interests over the institution and distort facts to get what they want, their cynicism infects the public servants below them.”

    Professor Kanter could just as well be talking of President Aquino and his handling of the DAP.

    It will be fun to watch how the saga of the “thief executive” plays in the coming impeachment hearings in the House.



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    1. KarmaChameleon on

      My reply to Leon Dulce who said: “Do explain how you came to the conclusion that the ‘Thief Executive’ label is black propaganda. Is it basesless? Hell no! PNoy’s signatures and other markings are all over the DAP’s timeline.

      Ibon Foundation disputed the DAP’s so-called ‘good faith’ for economic stimulus – only 1.7% of the entire P150-billion ‘pooled savings’ had purpose for economic growth. The rest are for allies’ pet projects and pork funds.”

      There is still an issue about the meaning of the term “savings” in the Constitution. So we cannot say that the Aquino administration’s signatures related to the DAP projects are considered illegal yet. Who wrote that part of the Constitution did not clarify the matter completely. This should be fixed.

      For the Ibon Foundation’s disputes, how can they immediately say which projects has or has no purpose for economic growth? What is their basis?

    2. My reply to aces who said: “Where have you been? Some who are very poor and just eat dried fish and rice and eat maybe once a day, no viable source of livelihood, becomes illiterate due to severe malnutrition , would not have any choice but to sell their vote for 250 pesos just to gratify their hunger , not knowing the only precious right they have is to select and vote for a candidate who will serve to represent them and protect their rights as a Filipino citizen.”

      Do you remember Ninoy and Cory who united the masses, rich or poor? Who ousted the brilliant but truly corrupt late pres. Marcos? Do you mean to say, Pres. Noynoy bought the votes of these poor people? He doesn’t need to buy their votes. They will gladly give him their votes! Payment is a bonus if ever there was really any! If you must consider everything that has happened to our battered country, logic says Noynoy Aquino is the best option as president. No active politician has a parent that is a national hero. That has a higher chance of having a conscience to do good and follow through.

    3. Giving terms to people is common. As a Thief Executive; Commander-in-Thief; Senatong; Tongressman and many others is justified because it shows that the people are dissatisfied with the people running the gov’t. Those people (alipores) protecting the president said DAP is ok because the president acted like Robin Hood, rob and give it to the poor but in this case the Thief executive as what they said robbed the people and give it to the rich that’s the reason of the very big gap between the have and the have-nots. The rich especially alipores sorrounding the thief becomes richer and the poor pilipino becomes poorer. With this situations criminalities becomes rampant that the deprived people very mad at politicians. So people are clamoring for a change sooner is better.

    4. Apolinario Mendez on

      We’ve got now Budget thief, House Thief, Senate Thief, COA Thief, Comelec Thief and the head of all of them is the Thief Executive.

    5. plain slander. Democracy corrupted by demagoguery. Lowest form of journalism that hinges on gossip and hearsay. sensationalizing biased reports. Name- calling is used by the propagandist to agitate prejudices. A very effective propaganda technique. There is what Maria Ressa calls AC-DC in media reporting, attack-collect-defend-collect. Where the non-guilty and corrupt politicians bribe the media to protect them. Someone has to show me a concrete proof first if Pnoy is really guilty of corruption.

    6. Pete Espiritu on

      Calling PNOY names is fine but it should not be the end…seeing him taking mug shots, detained and denied bail, only then is justice served.

    7. “Walang Mahirap kung Walang Corruption” – PNoy

      Walang CORRUPTION kung Walang BOBO at TAMAD sa Government

      1. We only vote/chose leaders based on popularity/sympathy or those who portray being good (facade only) than those with real intellect who really excel. To be President, you only need to be an opposition & always accuse your predecessor as being corrupt/bad to gain people support and stay in position/power.

      2. Our Society & Religion also has a tendency to spoil Leaders & Role models in many ways and gets everything they want and never have to work for it. Hence, an easy life results Lazy & Idle Mind as exemplified by our politicians, role models, celebrities in Showbiz, sports, media, etc.

      The root cause of stagnant economy and false public service is due to lack of intelligence and not SHARP (incompetence : lack of vision/poor logic/no-sense of observation, lack of imagination, creativity, planning, organization and problem solving skills).

      3. In a Goon/Gang (Mafia) Society like the Philippines – people will simply group together to gain majority, to rule over minority and abuse that power. Thus, people (including Leaders) form/join Group for protection, to be stronger and be spoiled in many ways = lazy & idle mind. The Goon/Gang concept applies to our Religion, Politics, Government, Media, Showbiz, Sports, public or private sectors. And conflicts will happen if the common interest of a certain group clashes with another group.

      4. Ruling Profession or majority of our POLITICIANS are ff.:

      a. Popular Actors/celebrities – whose nature of work is movies/TV (fantasy or not real world), often Lack of political acumen due to poor observation & awareness of the real problems of our country. An actor turned politicians can easily be manipulated (puppet) by people around him.

      Just because someone is popular (name recognition & charisma to capture votes and manipulate our mass with looks, smooth talk, act, sing…

    8. If I were aBad I will detached myself to the Thief executive because when the Thief executive’s time is up 2016 it’s possible that the family of BS Aquino will have him assassinated. You know, dead man tell no tales. Libre na si BS Aquino sa lahat ng crime nya by pointing to aBad as the brain of all this messed.

      • Assasinated? Reminds me of a script in 1983 when a relative has to eradicate another relative because of a family squabble. Fortunately, the other relatives twisted the affair into a propaganda laying the blame of the crime to a sitting head of state – and the rest is history.

    9. Why do you keep on deleting comments made by pro Aquino? that’s unfair…freedom of speech. Why did you call President Aquino a “thief?” without any basis?

      “Before you condemn someone else for a wrongful act, check your behavior and see if you too, have committed an act similar or even worse than the act that person has done. Then you won’t be in a position to judge.”

    10. This is a very good article! What if, and only if, pinoy will be put in prison by the next president? That would be a good karma, him having been vengeful on arroyo and corona for trying to distribute hacienda luisita. Sometimes things come back fast. That would give pinoys some excitement if he after his term will also be in jail. And….another shameful addition to our history books.

      • Yes indeed. That will surely happen. You know why – Joseph Estrada was the first to be put to prison but was save along the way whereby the savior also got meshed up and is tantamount to be in prison too. Then came a vindictive president who in one way or the other is in a cross road instead of the straight path he desires to do. Counting has began and there are two to consider along the line. Naturally, the 3rd is at hand waiting for the opportune time sooner or later in the calendar of events. Let us wait and see.

    11. Anakbayan be part of the solution,this is your generation,help the country move forward,not backward.you did a good job in noynoying in 2011,after that the President double his effort in his job,and have good result.Focus your effort on PDAP and JDF there you will find a lot of THIEVES.Go get them ANAKBAYAN.

    12. Mr makabenta. bakit mo dini delete ang mga comments ng maka Aquino? Isa ka rin bang bayaran ng mga napatalsik ni Aquino na mga corrupt? Kayo ang poison sa lipunan kaya hindi umuunlad ang bansang pilipinas. Huwag ka mag pabayad para lang sirain or siraan ang presidente ng pilipinas dahil ikaw ang katawa tawa at kasuka suka. Itapon ang mga bulok na sumisira sa bansang pilipinas na katulad mo.

      • Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling bansa at sariling presidente ay
        higit pa sa malansang isda… hiramin ko lang po ang sinabi ni Jose Rizal. Marami kasi sa atin ay hipokrito, feelingero..feeling magaling sila sa lahat..feeling mas magaling at mas matalino sila sa Presidente puro naman corrupt..nakaw dito nakaw doon.

    13. Mr Makabenta sa tingin mo kung ikaw kaya ang tawaging “thief/ magnanakaw,” sa tingin mo matutuwa ka? Inalagaan mo ang pangalan mo at presidente ka ng pilipinas tapos isang pinoy na katulad mo lang ang tatawag sa presidente ng thief?? kapal mo naman! Pilipino ka ba? Akala mo naman perpekto kang tao? Let who is without sin, cast the first stone. Huwag masyadong mayabang at payabang…pinoy ka rin.

    14. nico escalante on

      Better get rid of these senators. Let’s cha cha now. How insensitive our political puppets were and are. They pretend to be the guardians of the people’s welfare but in fact, its their personal interests that are always at stake. Revert to parliamentary filipino style. We could save at least by billions of pesos by doing away a senate and a house full of scandalous skeletons. Why can’t we design a for of government that is originally conceptualized for the Filipino people and not designed and copied from colonial times. We must realize that our existing kind of politics remains as the culprit that stays and stunts all attempts for progress..

    15. Paano mo nasabing “thief” si President Aquino? Wala ka namang proof…A person is innocent until proven guilty. Kung si Enrile, Jinggoy, Revilla, at iba pang corrupt na overwhelming na ang evidence sa pangungurakot binibigyan pa rin ng pagkakataon na ipagtanggol ang kanilang karapatan. Bago ninyo bansagan ang isang tao na magnanakaw alamin muna ninyo ang katotohanan. Kaya mabagal ang pagunlad ng bansang pilipinas ay dahil na rin sa mga pilipinong katulad ninyo na walang ginawa kung hindi punahin, pintasan, i judge, bastusin ang bawat ginagawa ng Presidente ng pilipinas.. Kayo kaya ang tumayo sa lugar ni president Aquino…sa dinami dami ng problema ng bansa dahil na rin sa mga previous presidents na puro corrupt/magnanakaw napakahirap paunlarin ng bansang ito ..At ang masakit pa…sinisikap na ngang ituwid ng presidente ang daang matuwid pero sa halip na makipag tulungan at tumahimik na lang ang mga katulad ninyo…wala kayong ginawa kung hindi umangal, pintasan, i judge, ang sarili nating presidente. Bakit hindi na lang kayo magsitahimik at pabayaan ninyo ang SC/ ang batas ang mag problema ng mga ganitong sitwasyon. Kung pilipino kayo talaga at dito kayo sinilang sa bansang pilipinas bigyan naman ninyo ng paggalang ang presidente. Huwag masyadong magmarunong at mag judge ng kapwa dahil lahat naman tayo hndi perfecto.

    16. nico escalante on

      Pnoy cannot correct the blunder the Cory boys of long ago did precisely because he may tarnish the integrity of her dear mother. Putting in place a senate and a house whose rocking scandals only show the better side of a parliamentary system. Our people indeed will never get to equate other countries’ who have economically advanced by espousing a government controlled by laws not by corruptible people. Aptly, now is the time for chacha…… Let’s revert to a better and a people friendly form of government.

    17. Paano uunlad ang bansang pilipinas kung ganito ka bastos ka walang galang magcomment ang mga pilipino? Magkaroon naman po tayo ng konting paggalang sa current president ng ating bansa. Hndi madali maging presidente ng pilipinas lalo na kung puro corrupt, liar, bully, nagmamarunong ang mga nasa paligid mo. Sa halip na magtulungan lahat nagmamarunong.

    18. “Thief Executive and “Commander-in-Thief are excellent titles which fit PNoy to the T. Mr. Makabenta wrote here that all the documents regarding the illegal and unconstitutional use of public money have Thief Executive, PNoys signatures. Recall that PNoy had Mrs. Arroyo charged for plunder in connection with her approval of legal PCOS disbursements with merely an initial at one of the corners of the 1st page of the disbursements request, repeat, intial of her name on the papers. Shall the public not subject the Thief Executive with far worse punishment with his complete name on all the disbursements after 2016.

    19. gabriela silang on

      thief executive! nice one huh! coloma.lacierda and valte will be having a hard time deflecting such…petty these “tagapagsinungaling ng pangulo”.

    20. Johnny Ramos on

      Pnoy will continue play mockery of our government for as long Drillon and Belmonte will be the senate president and speaker. Just imagine how these trio will do to us on the election of 2016. Comelec commissioners are all appointee of Pnoy and SC justices will also be on his side. Sino pa kaya magiging kakampi ng bayan pag nagdayaan sa darating na halalan? With the major media giants are his side Pnoy can easily sway the sentiment of the masses. They were already successful in manipulating the minds of the masses that we our economy is progressing while the majority are starving. With Mar Roxas 15 millions pesos funds for each of municipal mayors and Dinky 50 billion pesos Ccct next year, no one can beat them. Our hatred on these Dap funds will be healed by using media and other social media in trending. We have to wake up and join the protest against these tyrant before it’s too late.

    21. In this gladiatorial arena where a mortal combat is in course, Emperor Nero (in Italian means “black”) Nero-PNoy = “Black penoy” and hence, “bugok na’y mabaho pa”, heaves his burly chest and puts his thumb down, which in Roman hiatory, the emperor is giving the sign to the executioner to let fall the fatal blow on the neck of freedom, of moral goodness, and of loyalty to God and country. Indeed, so help us, God!

    22. Look who’s talking? You are all saying that our President is a thieve? Looking into your own image on the mirror, who are the thieves among yourselves? You can easily thrown stones to others but you never see yourself in simplest form becomes a thieves in your life worse a wolf in the guise of a sheep. Who are these people “Anakbayan” they don’t even have an iota of Goodness and Forgiveness among themselves. Why not run the government on their own violent foundations. A culture of impunity the color they always carry the Red and Black. And worse they feel that they REPRESENT THE MASSES flight. You are all bunch of hypocrite to say “Taong bayan ang ninanakawan, kami ay inyong boses”. Even Nerry Colmenares play stupid effect, that he did not know the money he used came from the accelerated programs given to him to help his “ANAKBAYAN” constituents. Wake-up people GOOD DEEDS will always be with our President he will not yield to those people who do not want the “daang matuwid”.

    23. james gutierrez on

      That is the appropriate title for the president. He is accountable for the disbursement of funds and the funds are the money of the filipino people that was entrusted to him. Therefore he must account for it and take ownership and responsibility for any anomally occurring. He is expected to have a high standard in managing the money of the people. It is sad to say that it did not happen and the leadership in congress and the senate are as bad as the president. In my opinion all officials from the president to the house speaker and senate should step down for the good of the country and people.

    24. P. Akialamiro on

      With the support of his attack dogs or (tutas) in Congress, up to now, Pres. BS Aquino is still insistent on the validity of his acts on DAP. A term that describes his insistence because he was inspired by a previous ‘successful’ act (despite the fact that it was not proper or immoral because of alleged bribe), in my dialect, is called: “Napa-noynoy-an”. I don’t know why he can rely on people who ‘ratted’ on their former boss. A rat once, is always a rat!

    25. Masakit! Uncharitable! But true even if the source is the Leftist Anakbayan.

    26. Finally our youths has their wisdom, rightfully, ab noy…is the “thief executive” sundan sa sudunod na kabanata, MK!

    27. How about calling our senators as thief Senatong and our congressman thief Tongressman.

    28. How very well this newly-earned title, “Thief Executive”, suits PNoy. His thieving art can well match that of ROBIN HOOD of old, who used to rob the rich landlords so he could shower the poor with his booty; of the notorious thieves known in history and literature as Jesse James, Blackbeard, “Babyface” Nelson, Dick Turpin and Francois Villon. All these had something in common with the “Thief Executive”, namely: arrogance, cunning, dogged determination to stay in the limelight and in the case of Aquino, even to the point of having to ride over the tide of helplessness, of poverty and indignity he himself has inflicted to those he calls his “Bosses” on account of his ineptitude, lack of tack, and proper knowledge in good governance. The new title certainly fits him well as did the glass slipper to Cinderella’s foot. Congratulations for your latest dig, Yen. Keep up the good work, and good luck.

    29. I just hope the thief executive gets caught together with the thief of the House and the thief of the Senate. That would be the biggest gift the people would receive.

      • I think you are out of your mind …President Aquino is not a thief! God is on his side so he will not be impeach. Amen God bless the Philippines! Mabuhay si President Nonoy Aquino!!

    30. The title imputed sarcastically by

      The title imputed sarcastically by Filipino activists to Pres. Benigno S. Aquino 3rd as “noynoying” and “Thief Executive” is a shame. Look at the Senate hearing where Sec.Butch Abad ( a bad) was grilled, but Senate Pres. Frank Drilon came to his rescue by shooting impertinent, senseless, and leading questions designed to help Abad wiggle out of trouble. The hearing is nothing but a waste of the people’s money. It’s leading to nowhere. Phil. Congress (the House of “Representa-Thieves” & “Sena-Tongs”) is nothing but a rubber stamp of Abnoy, the “Thief Executive.” This is the worst, the most inefficient, inept, slipshod President I have ever known in my life. Ay, naku!!!!!!!!

    31. better yet, let’s call him the Commander-in-Thief. that’s befitting a man of his stature.

    32. Rodolfo V. Cabado on

      Some friends also suggested “Commander-in-Thief” and “Cheat Executive”.

    33. Alejo Rosete on

      The President said, “I am not a Thief”
      The “Thief Executive” is the best ever title for him. With this title baka sakali tubuhan na siya ng buhok.

      Pnoynoying means Pnoy is lazy which I believe so. Magaling lang sa bril barilan – laro ng mga bata na kulang pa sa tamang idad.

      “Thief Executive” – very appropriate name for him. Whoever named him this title is a genius and should be recorded in the “Genesis World Book” of Records.

      He (President BS Aquino) allowed and/or authored the thefts to plunder the Treasury”? – If true, he really deserved this Title.

      I responded before to a previous column – President Nixon resigned because of the “Watergate” Scandal and later pardoned by the Vice President, who becomes President – President Gerald Ford.

      Now we have a “Pnoygate Scandal”?
      I can see President BS Aquino will also resign to save himself – This is the only option for him left to avoid prosecution later. “President Binay” will pardon him immediately as President Ford did. Remember President Binay is a Cory man. Binay owes his political fortunes from Cory – “Utang na loob”, otherwise mumultohin siya ni Cory.

      President Binay will not get elected in 2016 if he does what President Ford did to Nixon.

      “Bye Bye” President Binay. At least you end up to the title of MR. President.

      • Pilipino ka ba? Sa halip na puro dakdak ka bakit hindi mo ipakita na may malasakit ka sa bansang pilipinas. Kahit yata anong gawin ng presidente ng pilipinas marami at marami pa ring pintas at hindi masaya …Huwag ninyong hintayin na magalit ang Diyos at magkaroon ng malaking earthquake para ma wipe out ang pilipinas …wala kayong satisfaction sa buhay. Kahit mabuti ang layunin ni President Aquino para ituwid ang daang liko liko pintas pa rin kayo.

    34. KarmaChameleon on

      Can we please go back to the issue of PDAF which is superbly a more interesting topic? Manila Times, please stop posting these nonsensical articles which makes fun of our currently appointed leader. It’s like YOU are saying the majority of the Filipino people who voted and supported these presidents are stupid enough to vote criminals three terms in a row! I think we’ve learned so much and gotten wiser all these years to notice what is a black propaganda. C’mon!

      • “It’s like YOU are saying the majority of the Filipino people who voted and supported these presidents are stupid enough to vote criminals three terms in a row”

        Stupid enough or naloko.

      • Do explain how you came to the conclusion that the ‘Thief Executive’ label is black propaganda. Is it basesless? Hell no! PNoy’s signatures and other markings are all over the DAP’s timeline.

        Ibon Foundation disputed the DAP’s so-called ‘good faith’ for economic stimulus – only 1.7% of the entire P150-billion ‘pooled savings’ had purpose for economic growth. The rest are for allies’ pet projects and pork funds.

      • Where have you been? Some who are very poor and just eat dried fish and rice and eat maybe once a day, no viable source of livelihood, becomes illiterate due to severe malnutrition , would not have any choice but to sell their vote for 250 pesos just to gratify their hunger , not knowing the only precious right they have is to select and vote for a candidate who will serve to represent them and protect their rights as a Filipino citizen.

      • I agree with you ..i do not understand why they keep on complaining about the current president wherein they tolerated the abuse of the past corrupt presidents from Marcos, Aroyo, Erap. This is one of the most annoying attitude of most filipinos .. they complain too much, Hey guys you should let the SC handle it..all you can do as pinoy is to help to have a productive country and learn to respect the President,

    35. this is a tale of Pnoy and butch abad.

      abad is a lawyer by profession doing the job of an economist by the name of PNoy.
      PNoy is an economist by profession doing the job of a lawyer by the name of Abad.
      it took a lawyer to invent DAP. now, it is taking an economist defending a lawyer for inventing the DAP, lawyering before the supreme court and arguing tenatiously that the DAP, invented by a lawyer was and is constitutional. meanwhile, you have a lawyer explaining for the economist the benefits that the DAP he invented did for the economy. what a mess this is. this administration is screwing itself. and the filipino people are left to watch this moro moro of grand scale not knwing when it will come to an end.

      • KarmaChameleon on

        It will end after the president’s term I guess. I hope we have the respect to let him finish his term as decent Filipino people. The true moro moro is the action of those people who want to impeach and jail all the presidents that they are not satisfied with.


      You hit the bullseye Mr. Makabenta. You have given this liar liar and corrupt president a very appropriate title of Thief Executive. The Supreme Court already had
      struckdown the DAP as unconstitutional but they continue to lie and even combative to the point that this corrupt, incompetent and vindictive administration acts like
      a gangster who openly attack and disrespect the Supreme Court. Also in the
      senate where they stage a moro-moro, DRILON went on to lawyer, guide and aided
      abad. He was there mainly to payback what he received from malacanang. A
      qualified acceptance constitute a counter offer. For what he received and benefited
      from the DAP, this NOTORIOUS DRILON appropriately defended abad with the
      rest of the senators cheering and clapping. A well scripted zarzuela.