Aquino’s offense is serial dishonesty


Is it serendipity (a fortunate accident) that President Benigno BS Aquino 3rd tells his biggest whoppers in the presence of priests, pastors, bishops and holy men? Is there a mad belief that a holy audience will sanctify the lie or make it go down more easily?

Is it by design that these extravaganzas of lying have taken place in Malacañang, the palace of our people? And that they were covered live by the TV networks, so our people could witness the spectacle?

A more thoughtful president would shudder at the thought of lying so publicly and brazenly. Even Richard Nixon would have hesitated. But alas, not our president.

Lying before the Pope
Last January, in welcoming Pope Francis to Malacañang – and in the infamous speech that has taken a place in the Vatican archives, President Aquino boasted before his Holiness that 2.4 million people were lifted out of poverty by his administration.

Some people, like media colleague Alex Magno, could not believe their ears. they thought “our president was lying barefaced in front of the Pope.” So they subjected the boast to fact-checking.

Magno asked DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman about it during a segment of the radio program Karambola.

Soliman hemmed and hawed before finally conceding that Aquino’s numbers were likely “extrapolated.”

Now, the real facts have come out. In an official report last March 6, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) released the Annual Poverty Indicators Survey (APIS). The study reports that the number of Filipinos falling under the controversially defined poverty line rose to 25.8 percent in the first half of 2014 from 24.6 percent in the year earlier.

Explaining its findings, the PSA said that the incidence of poverty means that 26 out of 100 Filipinos are poor. This means the Philippines has the highest poverty incidence among the six biggest members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), viz. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Another columnist says this shows that Soliman’s much-touted and multi-billion Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program, has failed to reduce the poverty problem.

The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), for its part, explained that Filipinos became poor in the first half of 2014 due to the rapid increase in food prices, particularly rice which jumped 11.9 percent from 1.7 percent on-year as a result of a lean harvest and fewer imports.

None of these can change the fact that Aquino lied to the Pope. Only confession and penance can provide the remedy.

Lying to a show of prayer power
Then last Monday, in what was billed by propagandists as a show of prayer power, the Palace hosted a score of Christian pastors and leaders from various congregations, who collectively volunteered to pray for the President’s deliverance from his critics.

I did not watch the event on TV. I am relying here entirely on press reports and Inday Varona’s incisive online report and commentary: “Aquino: A mountain of lies.”

The event took place just a day after the victims’ families and the nation marked the 40th day of the deaths in Mamasapano.

In his speech on this occasion, the president exceeded himself.

He declared that former SAF director Getulio Napeñas fooled him. He decided alone and his decisions were wrong.

In this new narrative and spin, Aquino claimed that as early as in the January 9 briefing in Bahay Pangarap, he already told Napenas that the SAF cannot deploy just 160 SAF troopers in Mamasapano to take out terrorists Marwan and Usman when there were 3,000-4,000 potential hostiles in the area.

The new story was a desperate move, because Aquino himself didn’t think he would be believed. He now presents himself as a victim of deception, in order to evade accountability for the tragedy.

Earlier, the official tack was to downplay the President’s role. Aquino was misled and misinformed on Mamasapano.

Monday’s lies were “so bad they fly in the face of logic.”

Aquino practically admitted that he lied in his earlier speeches to the nation, when he claimed that he did get involved in the details of the Mamasapano operation.

The speech shows plainly that Aquino has a problem dealing with reality—other than that which exists in his mind.

In a telling point, Varona wrote: “The fact is, the President is scared. Very scared. And he has a lot to be scared of, starting with the fact that the men he sacrificed in Mamasapano, and the men left holding the bag of blame, refuse to be silent.

“The ship of state has so many leaks. Men in uniform themselves are punching holes in the President’s tall tales.”

What the Senate hearing did not bring to light was leaked last week: a video of Napeñas briefing Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and a roomful of officers on Mamasapano.

In his speech, Aquino blamed everything on Napeñas. He claimed he ordered Napeñas to preposition artillery and even mentions bombs from planes. He suggests that he played general in advising Napeñas of what was needed in an operation where the SAF could face 3,000 to 4,000 enemies.

This is a brazen lie, says Varona. Had Mr. Aquino given the warning, Alan Purisima would not have said again and again in the Senate, that the operation was “time-on-target.”

Aquino lying so brazenly shows that the Mamasapano incident is now a catastrophe for the administration.

In each of us there is a lie detector that enables us to know when we are being lied to– barefaced or otherwise.

When the lie is this blatant, it is not the liar who feels more embarrassed, it is those who are lied-to. It is doubly embarrassing when the liar is no less than the President.

Compared to BS Aquino, Pinnochio is an altar boy.

To accept Aquino’s story, we ourselves would have to be sick in the head. No one will believe it. Even Frank Drilon will have difficulty with this one.

The Christian leaders must have had difficulty, because they sleep and wake with the Holy Bible by their side. And the Bible – both the Old and New testaments — are stern on the subject of lying.

In the five books of Moses the Israelites are commanded not to bear false witness.

The New Testament judges lying harshly. John (8:44) identifies Satan as the father of all lies. In Acts, (5:5) Ananias is struck dead for allegedly lying to the Holy Ghost.

Losing dignity and credibility
What the Palace faces is the implacable fact that none of its narratives or spins can stand up and reassure the people about their President.

What started as just an act of denial has transmogrified—through continuous lying—into a storm big enough to engulf the entire nation.

Aquino’s dishonesty is metastasizing like a cancer. And it is eating every shred of dignity and credibility of the President.

It may be that there is now no need to oust him, because by his mendacity, he has already ousted himself.

He has lost the moral authority to govern our nation.

The final indignity, I believe, will be this. If an opinion survey is conducted on the level of support and approval enjoyed by General Napeñas and President Aquino, the scapegoat will enjoy more support.

We have to await now the practical consequences for President Aquino, the administration, and the nation at large.

They say that the lies return to hunt their tellers.

In his book, When Presidents Lie, Eric Alterman says that the presidential lies reviewed destroyed the very policy that the lies were designed to support.

‘Without exception, each president (or his successor) paid an extremely high price for his lie. So too did the nation whose leadership was entrusted to him.”


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  1. Kawawa ang ating presidente, nasa-an na ang mga thinktank, advisers, close friends and the Malacanang people supposed to give good ideas or executive excuses, wala na, so let the mechanics of proper administation work in this case. Where are the presidential defenders or the close cabinet secretaries that could troubleshoot the situation. Better come out and do everything to save this country as nobody could trust the president anymore now. He is very sick and on stress playing with his saliva.

  2. I hope SWS and Pulse survey organizations would run a survey and ask the people
    who they believe Pinoy or Napenas. No matter how their credibility has gone down so
    low. It is still a good exercise even if Pinoy comes up with higher figures.

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    • I admire Jayo’s erudite opinion about ABnoy’s unusual behavior. The people should start bombarding ABnoy with all kinds of insulting words because he is the most stupid President the Philippines have ever produced. Members of the community of nations would think that Filipinos are bunch of brainless and irresponsible ugly mammals on earth. I say ugly because ABnoy’s performances are as bald as his head.

    • I can’t help but associate the disorder with millions of FB users. Simply put, PNoy is definitely AbNoy. This is the truth and the harsh reality. Pity us Pinoys. But not for long though. Hopefully, the FB loving masa will learn from this monumental mistake and elect someone who is worthy of the office of the president.

    • This is not only the works of PNoy. No sir. This is a concerted action of the KKK, Kaibigan, Kaklase, and Kabarilan. These group belongs to the upper echelon of society. They have a name by their own. Most are graduates in Ateneo. We should watch the illusive Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa. This guy is called the “Little President.” He is more powerful than VP Binay because he is almost the alter ego of PNoy. Mysteriously, I am wondering why this guy shun being interviewed by the Press. NEVER. Like Dracula, he is always in the dark or metaphorically speaking Ochoa enjoys being always in the dark side.

  4. And here LIES – and Tons of innumerable sinister LIES – the Truth about the mantra DAAN’G MATUWID.

    The whole Nation is bastardized, SODOMized, sexually assaulted by this balls-less sitting president impostor Judas-Makapili pedigreed Aquino.

    This country, as we speak, is being rape, grope, infected with GOMORRAH type Gonorrhea by this Incompetent, Imbecile psychotic Simeon da3rd.

  5. Roldan Guerrero on

    Presidents and State Leaders are commonly addressed with the word ” His Excellency “. How shall we address Benigno Simeon Aquino?

  6. Undoubtedly, all 15 million of our fellow Filipinos, voted as head-of-state an anti-Christ, like the grim reaper, he watches over the mounting number of dead Filipinos with such amusement that he can always be seen on the scene of mourning sporting a grin on his face – the price of his handiwork.

    As for these ‘holy men’, they like BS Cojuangco Aquino III, think they can do no wrong because they consider themselves an instrument of God, it must have escaped their attention as well that they are what Jesus Christ call as ‘blasphemers’. Their judgment is as twisted as the one they served, as such any sort of ‘praying over’ an instrument of evil will never be cured of its malaise, it can only reinforce it.

    The sad fact that faces the nation at this moment is that there is this indifference among ‘lawmakers’ to uphold the law, and to do what is conscionably right for the Filipinos, with the aim to protect our national interest and sovereignty.

  7. Vicente Penetrante on

    A big saw is needed to cut off the nose of PNoy which has grown to be a huge lumber.

  8. “It may be that there is now no need to oust him, because by his mendacity, he has already ousted himself.”

    On the contrary, there is an urgent need, now more than ever, to rid the country of this mendacious so-called president. If allowed to stay, he retains the capacity to cause tremendous damage still. He can continue bribing senators and congressmen, he can continue protecting his corrupt followers, he can pursue his plan to give away Philippine territory to the MILF and other terrorist groups. . . .

  9. The problem with lying all the time is that one eventually has a hard time remembering what one has said and did not say, and in the case of Benigno, having too many lies and different versions of it going through his mind, he won’t even know which one is the truth anymore. The man is a chronic liar. He has no business running the country any longer. And specially not in his mental condition. He did it to himself – worked himself out of a job.

    For the sake of the country and the people, it is time to move him bodily out of Malacanang.

  10. Payong kapatid, Mr. Yen, itigil mo na rin ang paglalagay ng salitang “president” bago ang pangalan ni simyon. In the first place, he was never duly elected. Second, he has lost all moral ascendancy to govern. Sana, pagsabihan mo din ang iyong mga kabaro sa industriya upang itigil na nila ang pagsusulat o paglalagay ng salitang “president” o pangulo kaakibat ng kanyang pangalan. Ang anak ng isang tinaguriang congenital liar ay laging meron ng DNA ng pagsisinunghaling sa dugo nito.

  11. Anima A. Agrava on

    What a bleak future we have if Aquino is not ousted or if he doesn’t voluntarily resign. The electorate can’t have the new president that they like because the PCOS machines will decide who to give the votes to–according to the will of Smartmatic techies controlled by the Comelec and Aquino and his allies.

  12. And to think that we thought we have a morally upright person to deal with. And now , he becomes dishonest. what gives ? will well meaning Filipinos believe ? Gloria may have been perceived to be corrupt, but she is honest. How does that compare with this sitting president ?

    Ironic !

  13. Of course pnoy will lie, just like every other filipino who gets caught out. They will never admit fault. In the philippines its always someoneelses fault. Should he be held accountable yes of course. I find it laughable ( well i would if it was a laughing matter ) how everyone is in connection with this case. Apparantly purisima was in his farm when he was texting napenas on the day of the incident. Pnoy as then texting with purisima when he should have been dealing with aspina. All 3 are to blame for this. Pnoy thriough his own stupidity is causing a lot of problems,. he should have left well alone when this operation was being sorted. It should have been totally in the hands of the people in charge of the operation. As soon as purisima was suspended he should have handed over all information to espina & espina should have been dealing with napenas. Then the 2 of them together should have planned the operation. Now if there were a possible 3000 to 4000 rebels in the area surely even a complete idiot would know you would need the help of the army. Then if they didnt co ordinate that with them they should be held culpable, or liable or whatever word you want to use.
    Its just another case of total incompetence from people at the top. Heads should roll for this including pnoys.

    • not me dustin, i’m a filipino. i see to it that i own up to whatever wrong doing i made.

  14. Namnamin na lang natin yung freedom of speech! Hanggang dun na Lang yun. Puro katalinohan dakdak! Wala sa gawa! Lumipas na ang 40 araw mula ng SAF nandiyan parin yan. Bitbitin na yan palabas!

  15. It has become impossible to be on Aquino’s side in this. He keeps on telling changing stories and outright lies that do fit the facts. No honest person can defend a liar.

  16. What is to be done, how should one deal with a madman who is still in a position to destroy more lives and inflict more harm to the country?

    After all the lies, after all the evildoings, this is the question that the people must ask themselves.

  17. Satan is father of all lies. There is demonic satan in Malacanang > Big liar BS Aquino.

    • Nangangatog na marahil si satanas sa impierno dahil pgdating ni Abnoy Sisi ay malamang talsik si satanas. Looks like Abnoy is a bigger liar than Satan, for Abnoy can lie infront of the religious leaders and to the Pope.

  18. Time and again we have sick persons living in Malacanang Palace, sick persons making many laws but lacking quality in Congress and sick persons manning our bureaucracies at local levels equals a sick nation of 100 million inhabitants. So God help us, please?

    • Puro sila liars. Makakapal ang mga mukha.Nakakahiya kayo Liecierda, aBAD Valte, Kuloma at ang King of liars Abnoy.Mga walang konsiyensya.

  19. Ang pagkakaplano ng SAF ay perfecto at natapos nila ng maayos at malinis ang target!
    Kung hindi sila inabandona at binigyan silang air cover sa malawak at patag na lugar wala sanang nakalapit sa SAF!
    Istupido at tutulog -tulog kasi ang commander in thief at walang pagmamalasakit sa mga tauhan niya!
    Ang sakit siguro kung ikaw ang nasa lugar nila,at ang taggal-tagal mong hinitay ang tulong at wala man lang isa sa mga official mo ang gumawa ng paraan para tulungan kayo,at habang kitang-kita mo na isa-isang sinasalvage ang mga kasama mo at alam mo na walang ginagawa ang iyong mga commander!
    Dapat lahat ng official at general at higit sa lahat ay si Aquino ay magresign o icourt Marshall at ipagsigawan na walang mga silbi!

  20. This could be a sign that this President is falling apart, still his amateurish characteristics is evident. Every word that comes out of his mouth will be scrutinized and used against him specially whenever he contradicts himself.He is an arrogant and immature creature.Many catholic priests had asked him to step down. So instead of being swayed to tell the truth like many catholic leaders had asked him to do he invited various religious leaders to pray with him..what a show!He wants to defend his actions or lack of it last January 25 so he used this event to air his feelings or compulsion to lie.Very professional! I wonder what Mar Roxas, and Gen. Espina feels about him these days? This two officials holds important strands in the Aquino Government in my opinion because when they decide to let it be known “enough is enough” when it comes to stupidity and lies then they can just withraw support from this man. And everything else will follow its course. The majority of common citizens will follow their lead. When Roxas and Gen. Espina decides to cut ties with this President they could save our country the pain of watching and listening to this President lie and stop him from adding insult to the families of the SAF commandos and the general public. As of now no one is standing up for the truth. The next big name politician around this unfortunate events is Mar Roxas.If the President is not inclined to seek the truth then Mar Roxas is the next person in line to demand it.If not he will be remembered as one of Aquinos loyal cronies. But of course this is all wishful thinking ‘coz this callous souls are a tight knit family.They will lie till the end…if ever there is an end to this madness.Why beat on someone when they are already down? Aquino is not the one that is down folks, he is the one beating up on many battered hearts while they are down..He is the one beating down on the very core of Filipino values.He will continue to do so until his term is done. I wish he would just shut up, its better for him and everyone around him(which is the whole Philippines).As a pinoy there is not much to look forward in to except of course the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight….hahaha we can forget the garbage politics brings even for the short time that Manny is in bout.Go Manny..

  21. sonny dela cruz on

    With all the trash given to him as a President, he still don’t feel the shame and still hang on as the President. I believe a MARTIAL LAW is in the making and he will have the last laugh. Poor Filipinos, they still don’t get the message. Don’t wait for the 2016 election. Its not gonna happen. By the time your wait comes, its gonna be too late. Adios patria adorada …….

  22. Very clear Yen – Thanks Yen for the info – MABUHAY KA.

    What a LIAR President.
    His lies (BS Aquino) cannot hold water.

  23. I’m not surprised about Pnoy’s lying about the Mamapasano. This is is the last straw that will define his presidency. He will be remembered (at least he will be remembered for the wrong reason though) as the ultimate liar in its true sense. His presidency started with a lie (he was elected by rigging the computer) and he will step down because he can no longer perpetuate the lies that led to the massacre of the SAF 44.
    He is surrounded by liars who continue to applaud him because they get the benefits of pork barrel. MONEY TALKS.

  24. P, Akialamiro on

    Columnists are too much on Pres. B. S. Aquino III, or whatever you call his position. Time and again, he has explained his positions and they are very clear ….. as “mud”:

  25. One basic rule for a devout Catholic to follow: Do not drag the name of the Lord in your acts of deception and lies. Be afraid of the consequences. That means this perosn will use anyone just to save his skin..