• Aquino’s part-time ambassador to the US


    (By Rigoberto Tiglao, Analysis & Commentaries, October 21, 2013)                     It will be to the best interest of the country and the Filipinos that this matter be pursued properly. And if found true, the Foreign Secretary and the President? must replace him at once. I suppose we already have enough of issues like this.
    Ching Serrano Burke, chingburke@yahoo.com.au

    This is very much good example of kapit sa patalim and taking advantage of being Aquinos close family relationship, during his mom days, he has been a loyal that’s why his taking advantaged of a son, which terms ends on 2016. as Erap is saying Weder weder lang yan, and as Arroyo son is saying Kami naman, and as Janet Napoles sayings its my PDAP Term. Daang Matuwid Kurba kurba na until 2016. Delicadeza, no way to Philippines Politics, Let us now go back to drawing board of Uniting the Filipino and save our Country from a vast of opportunistic politicians and corrupt ineptitude attitude thus the common tao is suffering. We stick to be united, 2 million votes, lets get rid of the this Daang kurba kurba now. Before its too late.
    Efren Reyes, efrenbatch72@yahoo.com


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    1. Ruffy Calibugan on

      Malacañang and DFA are not lifting finger on this issue.
      This is not a joke. If proven to be true then appropriate penalty should be
      given to the Part time Ambassador/Full time Director/chairman of those companies mentioned.

    2. Im tired of it. basta sa Pinas walang daang matuwid. puro baku baku and daan at hindi tapos. Only a revolution will change all this.