Aquino’s speech was disappointing, say political analysts


(By Jefferson Antiporda, Catherine S. Valente, Llanesca T. Panti, Jhoanna Ballaran and William B. Depasupil, Top Stories, November 1, 2013 )

The President is very scared—afraid of his own shadow. Instead of addressing the issues regarding the PDAF and DAP, he is diverting the issue by telling the people that he is not a thief. No body is accusing him that he is a thief.

Parang isang butiki na napotolan ng bontot—takbo ng takbo with no direction.

Alejo Rosete,
Pnoy is very popular but incompetent.
Our country is now mismanaged. All that matters to him is his ratings. That he will always be better than GMA.

This is all a sign of weak governance. Take the case of Villa; obviously he was and is guilty. People are not stupid for those alibis. Better yet check his SALN on that period and his income tax return, pretty sure none of those legal fees are on existence. Will Henares check on it? No way. Have you heard a kabarilan, kasangga and kapartido being questioned by authorities? None, they are saints, all of them will go to heaven hopefully the soonest.

Rommel Ibarra,
This is not only an issue of stealing but also legality of action. If he says he did not steal but still allow other people to steal money because of his incompetence and lack of leadership by example, he is still responsible. He can’t escape responsibility. As a leader he should accept and apologize to the public what he has done. His speech shows his indifference to public’s clamor to abolish PDAP and DAP.

Maria Jose,
Any sane, self-respecting individual with rationale still left in their faculties could hardly believe this president could rehash the same thrash. What he is telling us that they, the prez, his lackeys, lapdogs, barkdogs and hacks are not milking the fattened calf for their own use and benefit.
Why so defensive? Nobody is accusing him of being a thief, anyway. He is the highest public servant of the land. According to his choice of putting ideas into words (Kayo Ang Boss Ko). Somebody of course is artfully and secretly doing the honor of taking the loot for him. Why need to bother!

Kapunan drops Napoles
(By Ritchie A. Horario, Headlines, October 31, 2013)

Bail out to preserve your good reputation. It is about time.

Vladi Celestine,
Need versus nuance
(By Katrina Stuart Santiago, Opinion, October 31, 2013)

It is about time that Dick Gordon get out of Phil. Red Cross. Gordon is a politician and a former congressman and senator at that and all of us know what the image/perception are of any congressman/senator past and present nowadays since the pork barrel scandal.

Aaron Legaspi,
Aquino’s DAP lies
(By Rigoberto Tiglao, Analysis and Commentaries, November 1, 2013)

The live speech of BS Aquino is akin to a snatcher caught red handed and simply denying, the way he spoke shows the low degree of his intellect, he shows no statesmanship, he is truly president of a student council. He is like a swimmer that cannot swim straight, and says that the river is crooked. What is happening to the Philippines? God have mercy on us.

Nobody said you were a thief, Mr. President
(Editorial, November 1, 2013)

I am a Ninoy-Cory die hard supporter and I believe that Pnoy, like Ninoy and Cory, is a clean honest and competent president. Pnoy may not have the intellect of Marcos and GMA but I believed if only he follows what a US pastor said “A leader, even how competent and honest, if he tolerates the evil practices of his official family is more guilty of the same evil practice.” PNoy has less than three years and if he follow what was said by this preacher by removing those who practice evil doing in his cabinet, some even a touch away and his KKK, do what he preach about bonuses, he could still be the best president we will have. As of the present, I am sorry to say that you cannot be compared to our hero Ninoy and Cory. Unsolicited advise lang po. Kuha mo, sir???

Saturnino R. Mendinueto Jr.,
Lawmaker sees cracks in Napoles defense
(By Jefferson Antiporda, News, November 1, 2013)

There should be thorough investigation on who is making death threats. Kapunan and Napoles should be queried.



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  1. just a question to all of you who sent comments on this column…


    the president of rigoberto tiglao whom appointed him as presidential spokesperson and chief of staff in 2001 and 2002 respectively?


    the presidents (2 presidents who have been ousted from power) of kit tatad whom he served as public information minister in 1969 and he is one of the senators who voted against the opening of the envelope during the impeachment trial in 2001…

    let us open our eyes and ears…the true and real issue is stealing of government money…DAP legality is another…but let us not be swayed by the diverse tactics of the politicians involved in the scam and their colleagues and party mates…

    DAP is already in the appropriate body to tackle its legality…things will undergo due process…remember that the supreme court is a combination of erap, gloria and pnoy’s appointment…more of the erap and gloria appointment in fact…you can be sure of fair judgment and decision…

  2. romeo polistico on

    The clamor to scrap PDAF and DAP is getting noisier as days go on, so why Noynoy is still adamant to remove all these pigs if he really considers the Filipino people as his boss. His sagging popularity is getting clearer too.