Aquino’s survival crisis goes international


The secret is out. President Aquino’s pricey PR consultants can no longer keep the story under wraps.

International media correspondents are parachuting into Manila again. And the members of the Foreign correspondents Association of the Philippine (FOCAP) are finally moving their butts and reporting Philippine developments to the world.

The story that’s making them all jump is the same story that keeps most Filipinos glued to television, hooked to their radios, reading newspapers, and texting like there’s no tomorrow.

The story is the drama of how the Presidency of President BS Aquino III will wind down—by his removal or departure from office (resignation or ouster), or by his limping to the finish line in June 2016, as provided for by the Constitution. Interest is also focused on the wrenching killing of 44 elite police commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, and the distressing efforts of the administration and Congress to cover up President Aquino’s responsibility for the tragedy.

The world is learning now that Aquino is in big trouble, and is barely hanging on by his fingernails.

CNN Philippines debuts in style
The story burst out in a big way when in quick succession the Board of Inquiry of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Philippine Senate inquiry released their findings on the Mamasapano Incident, and reported that Aquino had violated the PNP chain of command and bore responsibility for the tragedy.

Forbes Asia got tongues wagging with a report by Donald Kirk on the launching of CNN Philippines, which far from being ceremonial, declared that the new cable news network had stepped into a boiling controversy over the embattled Aquino presidency.

Kirk wrote: “No sooner had a galaxy of CNN names got done plugging this latest member of the CNN empire — they preferred to call it ‘the CNN family’ — than the news and talk shows were full of reports about the sagging popularity of Aquino and his inability to cope with a wide range of problems. Dark hints of ‘revolution’ and ‘military coup’ — as in the old days when his late mother, Corazon Aquino, was ruling the roost after the demise of Ferdinand Marcos in the 1986 ‘People Power’ revolution — were in the air, over the airwaves.

“On a CNN Philippines ‘Agenda’ program was a former defense secretary, Norberto Gonzales, talking up a movement to oust Noynoy well before his six-year term runs out next year. Considering that the Philippine president, under the constitution, for which Cory battled mightily, is limited to a single term, plotting to drive him out of office prematurely would appear a little unnecessary.

“Aquino, more than the leaders of the ill-equipped army and national police, is taking the heat for the Mamasapano massacre.

“The timing of the uproar could not have been better for CNN Philippines, which grew out of a deal with a Philippine company, Nine Media Corporation…”

CNN Philippines tried to present both or all sides of the current crisis. But it will be faulted for picking as spokesman for Aquino’s side, Niel Tupas Jr., who is very mousy in look and speech. Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda and communications secretary Sonny Coloma, who are adept at deception if not in argument, will surely complain.

At almost the same time that CNN Philippines unfurled its wings, the Philippine Senate released last Tuesday the findings of its inquiry, which ranged over four public hearings and three executive sessions.

To give justice to the work of the wire agencies, I quote below the report of Reuters on the Senate inqury:

“The senate panel held President Benigno Aquino responsible for a bungled operation in January that left 44 police commandos dead, but lawmakers from both houses of Congress refrained from calling for his impeachment.

“Aquino’s handling of the secret mission to capture Malaysian militant Zulkifli bin Hir, alias Marwan, has created a political crisis for Aquino, and some Roman Catholic bishops and activists have called for his resignation.

“The president must bear responsibility for giving assent to and failing to prevent the unlawful exercise of official functions by a suspended police general,” said Senator Grace Poe, head of the senate panel which looked into the botched operation.”

Reuters also included the separate PNP BOI report in its story:

“Last week, a separate official police report also found Aquino responsible for the bungled operation, violating the chain of command by allowing a suspended general to oversee the mission against Islamist militants.

“Both the police report and the senate panel inquiry found Purisima and the ground commander, General Getulio Napenas, criminally liable.

“But Feliciano Belmonte,Jr., leader of the 290-seat lower house of Congress, said Aquino’s lapses in judgment were not an impeachable offense.”

Belmonte is Aquino’s first line of defense in blocking any move to impeach him – a tough assignment for a geriatric politician.

Climacteric of Aquino presidency
International media have been careful to avoid applying the word “crisis” to Aquino’s travail. But the way things are developing, it won’t be long before the country sees again the likes of CNN’s Anderson cooper doing live reports from Manila, and the New York Times publishing an editorial like the one it published in September last year, which unhinged Malacañang.

Cooper is well remembered by Filipinos for his gripping broadcasts from Tacloban in the immediate aftermath of the Haiyan/Yolanda disaster. He lifted the lid on the disarray of the government’s relief and recovery efforts in East Visayas.

One year and three months to the day since Haiyan’s landfall, victims’ families are still struggling to get back on their feet. The world responded to the tragedy by sending an unprecedented volume of relief and assistance to this country. It’s demoralizing to discover that just this month, government auditors have discovered that millions of foreign money donations have been kept in banks by government agencies, and were not used to assist those in greatest need. Government incompetence and insensitivity last longer than disasters.

The current crisis of president Aquino could be reaching soon its turning point, because Aquino’s final state of the nation address (SONA) is just four months away.

As he is wont to do, Aquino will use the opening of the regular session of congress to trumpet his achievements.

Critics and protesters will be equally anxious to document his failures.

The Greeks and the Romans have a descriptive word to describe a critical or turning point in history: climacteric. It means in its Latin and Greek roots, “a critical point in life.”

Curiously, it’s also the word in physiology that denotes a period of decrease of reproductive capacity in men and women. In women, it’s called menopause. In men, it’s called andropause.

It’s surreal that Aquino will be experiencing the climacteric of his presidency now, without siring any progeny and after devoting so much effort to curtailing the reproductive capacity of millions of his countrymen.


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  1. Nasa huhli ang pagsisisi.

    Sino-sino nga ang mga bumoto kay PNoy noong Pres’l Elec’n?
    Hindi kasi sila nag-iisip. alam nama natin lahat ang dahilan ng pagkapanalo niya at HINDI yun dahil sa performance niya ay public servant as senator before… tsk tsk. at ngayon ay nakikita na natin ang negatibong kinahinatnan nito. 2016 malapit na, God save this country! Mukha na tayong tanga dahil sa pagkakaroon ng inutil na gobyerno! HIMALA, nasaan ang HIMALA! Sa dami ng kapalpakan ng administrasyon sa mga mahahalagang isyu ‘ni isa, walang naging mahusay na solusyon dito, worst– bida pa tayo sa international scene. Way to go sa Matuwid na Daan. isa na lang ang hinihintay ko sa SONA2016.. “ang isisi niya lahat ng kapalpakan niya kay GMA”.

  2. To Apolonio Reyes: what do you mean ‘Congress should investigate? Did you mean PNoy’s Tongress? Is that a joke?

  3. Little by little by little, PNoy is beoming an island. Same with former PResident GMA during her last day in office. Gloria is the word use to apply in great misfortune. Now, it’s PNoy which is equivalent to disaster. Like Gloria, PNoy is becoming the bat of the joke. PNoynoying is loitering, PNoytard is ineffective, inutil, or utter stupidity which result to a big blunder.

  4. Who told to kept that money and deposited it to the bank? that money from donations were belongs to the people who are the of victims YolandaTyphoon . Congress should notify about these matters. Otherwise , these money or maybe, this admnistration will use these monies in the next coming election 2016, kung hindi mabubuko..
    Feed your mind people and wake up…

  5. This whatever Mapapasno event is never heard in the States . WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT?

  6. The MILF, not PNOY, should apologize for the Mamasapano incident. They mercilessly killed those poor policemen.

  7. Vicente Penetrante on

    “What you saw, you will reap.”
    Aquino started with a blame and now, ending with a blame.

  8. And the filing of Amal Clooney to the UN re: the humanitarian abuses done by this President and his cohorts in Congress like Neil Tupas and others ,vs former President GMA ,are now considering house arrest. for her. ” Oh nakita nyo, katal lahat ang inyong tumbong” Expose na ang inyong katarantaduhan, di natutulog ang Dios

  9. Thank heavens for this President not to have sired a progeny. Pity the poor child who will inherit his genes.

    • Surely, the DNA will contain the genes of the grandfather who was branded as a CONGENITAL LIAR. Indeed, the genes showed on the son called simyon who pathologically lied again on his role as the BERDUGO NG MAMASAPANO.

  10. Pnoy, your days are numbered. The hottest place in hell is reserved for people like you. Someday, you, Drilon, Abad, Belmonte, Purisima, Roxas, Binay — dirty politicians — will have a fiery reunion there.

  11. Where did you get this news that the money donated for Yolanda was still in banks?

    Regarding the so called President, any psychologist, psychiatrist or clinician will tell that he is, for the least, mentally challenged! So what can people expect? He never achieved anything before taking the Presidency… he was only elected because of his name… During his presidency what did he do? I mean in a positive way? 3 senators are put “on hold” for plunder (senators who are opposed to him of course) and that’s it… Don’t tell me the economy is booming… that’s just artificial… the real economy felt by the real Filipinos is at the best, equal to what it was 5 years ago, poor people are poorer and rich are richer.

  12. I’m glad Pnoy didnt marry or he’ll sire progeny as inferior as he is…one Pnoy is enough!!!

  13. Kung pabababain si PNOY, sino ang ipapalit? Isipin nating mabuti kung sino ang ipapalit kasi kung salita lang tayo ng salita, paulit-ulit lamang itong mangyayari.
    Kaya sana sa 2016 elections gamitin na natin talaga yung karapatan nating bumuto ng isang mahusay na pinuno, huwag na tayong magpadala sa mga emosyong namumutawi sa isipan natin. Sana sundin na lang natin yung manifest na isinulatni Karl Marx- walang mayaman walang mahirap.Wala nang magmamataas.

  14. Mukhang malalim ang ‘napasok’ PDAF/DAP corruption money dahil kung wala ang Masasapano incident, nakalimutan na naman ang mga “missteps” at incompetent acts of this sitting president. What a pathetic siatuation we have in the Philippines. More so, with a complacent comgress and a problemaic opposition. An uncaring and ‘adversarial’ president puts the country is in “disarray”.

  15. Amnata Pundit on

    The real signals will come from the State Department. If you see a clone of Paul Wolfovitz quarterbacking the American efforts to “reform” the Philippines, then this retardate’s goose is cooked. Will he end up like Saddam Hussein? I hope so.

  16. On the positive side, the money is kept in the bank rather than in somebody’s bank account. This is more defensible.

    • That does not make the situation of the poor Haiyan victims any better. It only shows this administration’s lack of empathy for the suffering Filipino.

    • lleuxquiocho on

      that’s what you think… okay, it’s in the bank earning interests… under whose account???

  17. Elle Cacho Avila on

    Thank and praise The Almighty God, He still love this country..
    He has always a way, although it broke our hearts to see good men die for serving the country,but they did not die in vain..

  18. Elle Cacho Avila on

    The Truth always Hurts, but it will set our country Free from the Hands of Hypocrate Goverment..

  19. E. G. Festin on

    We should learn not to depend on what the foreign press say about our country!
    Thank God they are now reporting the truth. But for nearly 5 years they have been agents of this dishonest and hypocritical de facto president created by Comelec-Smartmatic-PCOS machines.

  20. mousey mousey…. tapos… without siring any progeny to demonstrate economic program for Pinays to have choice on every-year-ba? or every-four-years ang pag-anak.

    Mousey mousey….

  21. Yen, just like his other penpushers of similar of disposition, they are hyper -ventilating and comments are on overdrive as they try to pin down Pres. Aquino on whatever charge they can throw on him.. You can sense that from obvious exaggeration and unlimited hyperboles, to wit: 1) media parachuting in Manila, ( really?), Focap moving their butts ( really?) making us all jump, ( is that possible?) Filipinos glued to TV, radio, reading newspaper, texting ( suggesting everybody is focussed on President’s problem), drama of presidency( really?) winding down, removal, departure, resignatiojn and ouster ( all these words in one sentence to signify the ending of the president’s term. It would have been complete if they added another word, execution) Aquino in big rouble ( that’s according to them), hanging by his fingernail ( now that’s impossible to imagine ) Forbes Asia got tongue wagging ( I don’t what he meant by that ) crisis of Pres. Aquino and crisis in life ( obviously trying to describe the president’s situation ) Finally, if Yen meant to convince the people by exaggerating everything to an unimaginable image then their effort will backfire for the Filipinos are not that stupid. Once you exaggerate your claim then you are no different from a deceptive salesman trying to force you to buy a lemon of a car. It won’t work and in fact will backfire. Sincerity is important.and exaggeration is just too much.

    • concerned citizen on

      The fact that it’s not true that the almost all the Filipinos are glued to their TV sets to monitor the developments regarding the investigations on the Mamasapano massacre, and if I may add, the fact that the Filipinos have not gone to the streets to demand the resignation of Aquino, is a sad indictment of the current Filipinos. It means that the Filipinos no longer deserve democracy for they have abandoned their power as a people to keep their representatives in check, which is anathema to the success of any democracy. No wonder this government is operating like a dictatorship: because the people allow them.

  22. Yes indeed NASA USA yahoo n ang news all over the world na,naubusan na ng excuse ang mga yellow jacket.. Pati yun kanyang mayabang na senador na si trillanes walang ginagawa sa senado Kung Hindi idepensa ang boss Nya,tingnan ko yabang at tapang nyan si trillanes pag walang na boss Nya..sabi Nya Hindi daw commander in chief ang pres. Abay galing sya sa military trillanes should know better if he knows what he is talking about.. Baba na sa pwesto trillanes at ang iyong boss the pretender for president…

    • concerned citizen on

      Trillanes just announced on KrisTV that he’s running for VP in 2016. God save this country!

  23. For PeNoy, it can’t be either andropause or menopause. It’s got to be something in-between. Let’s see if he can prove me wrong with P.., her latest date in waiting.

  24. When “international media correspondents are parachuting into Manila” again, expect that something is brewing and going on, that we ordinary Filipinos are not aware of. Perhaps there is a change of government coming soon.

    • Indeed, there will be. By July, simyon will be back at Times St. and Senyor Kho Reena may be trying to find a judge to grant his separation. But then, another impeachment on Jojo will be forthcoming.

  25. Ronaldo Gonzales on

    We Filipinos wants ONLY the truthful unbiased factual real time news reporting that’s all mahirap po ba yon? We are sick and tired of the kind of news reporting we are made to suffer these days! Hopefully CNN Philippines will the change the face of Philippine Media to be up to par with those of International Caliber! Do away Media Hooliganism!

    • And you think CNN will help the Philippine media get “better?” You’re fooling yourself if you think international media organizations aren’t as self-serving and politically driven as those in the Philippines. Everyone needs to take ALL media with a grain of salt.

  26. Am relieved that the world – and history – now know what the long suffeing Phl has been subjcted to: the incompetence, corruption, stupidity, criminality and other epic failure of Abnoy’s presidency.

  27. The whole world is now watching the on-going downfall of the Abnoy’s failed presidency. It has reached a point where he is being checkmated at every turn. He tells GRAND LIES and right away, he is contradicted by a recitation of his own words proving his lies. Even former Pres. Ramos has come out to denounce his untruthful defenses. He talks about his perceived “excellent progress” and an MST editorial asks “what excellent progress” is he talking about in the face of a grim and unbearable reality for the people and country?

    Criminal and civil charges are presently being prepared by legal experts for immediate filing when he steps down . His attempt to sell our southern end to the Malaysians through his BBL speaks of treason. By and large, the general consensus is that this mad man is the worst president (albeit a fake one) this country ever had. Let us hope our siege will not take long.

    • Of course, he is the son of a CONGENITAL LIAR so the genes of a liar will always surface at every opportunity.

  28. Oliver Teves, a writer for the Associated press had come out with a damaging revelation of the excluded statement, which Trillanes was alluding to, and the report states – A Philippine Senate investigation report on the bloody anti-terror assault, which was made public on Tuesday, provided details on the extent of America’s behind-the-scenes involvement in the raid, including how six U.S. personnel joined a battle-monitoring post manned by Filipino police generals. The Americans provided intelligence, combat training, maps, equipment and surveillance that could be viewed on TV sets, according to the report.

    One of the Americans reportedly ordered a military general at one point to fire artillery to support the embattled commandos but the Filipino commander refused to do so in disgust, said the report, without identifying the American or his unit.

    “Do not dictate to me what to do. I am the commander here!” the Senate report quoted the general, identified as Philippine army Maj. Gen. Edmundo Pangilinan, as saying.

    Now, it is just a matter of waiting for the next shoe to drop.

  29. Wow……so yoon palang mga cash donations para sa Yolanda victims naka deposito
    sa banks, imbes na tulungan ang mga namatayan at naghihirap na kababayan natin sa Leyte. Wow Pnot anong klaseng leader ka ng bansa. Hmmp nakakainis.

    • apolonio reyes on

      Diane, kanino napunta bulsa yuon sobra or under the table interest sa P40M? Alam naman ng bank managers at lahat lalo na mga treasurers na meron binibigay ang banko ng third party commission on top of their normal interest sa malalaking depositors. Dapat investigahan ito ng Congress kung bakit ito tinenga sa banko ang mga foreign donation sa Yolanda victims, BAKIT, BAKIT AT BAKIT?, di ba JdlC ?

    • Those greedy bank managers should come clean and even post the names of the guys receiving the interest income from those deposits. This is a case of the vultures devouring on the victims. Nawalan na nga ng bahay at buhay, patuloy pa ring kinakatay. Everybody should boycott those banks that participated in this cabal.