Aquino’s titanic moment: Ship of state hits iceberg of reality, some are bailing out


(By Yen Makabenta, Opinion, December 14, 2013)
The abolition of the DAP will, definitely, change the political landscape in the country; Juan dela Cruz and better candidates will have very good chance in politics. Media people and Netizens, let’s see to it that this abolition happens. Otherwise, the elimination of the PDAF will be defeated; corruption will go on.
P. Lorenzo,

Re- comment of Mr. Yen that Gloria spent the rest of her last years in office defending her admin is totally wrong. Gloria has been defending her legitimacy from day one of her “Presidency” for a total of 9 years that is why corruption in all branches of government went on rampage. I definitely agree on the gross incompetence of Mar and Noy but not on vindictiveness coz up to now Gloria, Abalos, Renato and even Merceditas are not yet on trial after more than 3 years.
Aaron Legaspi,

I, too can’t wait for Aquino to step down —he has undone whatever progress the country has made on the economic front and at the same time destroyed institutions like Congress, Ombudsman, Comelec, DOJ, AMLC etc etc. But the question still stands—after Aquino—What then? Should we continue to have this system of elites ruling over us? Should we start looking at a different COST EFFECTIVE form of govt? We are all better off by starting to look at answers to these questions as soon as possible so we can prepare. We cannot afford to lose another generation of Filipinos—the Huns are at our gates…


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  1. kristonyo de dios on

    noynoying, roxas, abad, de lima, drilon, soliman, all the yelloiw sharks in congress and senate, plus all the animals in the cabinets are all curses for the nation and the filipino people. all those who voted and continually supports these leeches should now go to perdition where they belong. *&%$#@!