Aquino’s totalitarian option


We are made to believe that President B. S. Aquino 3rd wants the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee to wind up its open-ended “inquiry in aid of legislation” into Vice President Jejomar C. Binay’s alleged wrongdoings when he was still mayor of Makati. And we are made to believe that the three senators driving this questionable probe have asked Malacañang not to interfere.

Would that we could take at face value everything we hear from this administration.

My own reading is that this is all scripted play. Both statements are meant solely to mislead the uninformed. Malacañang wants us to believe that like most of us, Aquino is fed up with the demagoguery and boorishness of the senators. The senators on the other hand want us to believe they are not inside Aquino’s pocket nor under his thumb. But those who are able to distinguish power play from horse play know it’s all song and dance: both sides are playing games with us; we are all being played.

The truth of the matter is not what they want us to believe. The campaign to destroy Binay had Malacañang’s full imprimatur from the very start. Aquino presided over the small meetings that put together and approved the plan, and Senators AntonioTrillanes 4th, Alan Peter Cayetano and Aquilino Pimentel 3rd, and the Makati anti-Binay politicians either volunteered or were simply conscripted to implement it.

Outside of the subcommittee, this involved a massive mobilization of manpower and other logistical resources far beyond the capacity of the three senators, separately or jointly, to arrange. The entire government machinery was put to work to come up with everything they could throw against Binay –not all of which they have used so far. Corporate cronies, including those who were reportedly also helping Binay, were tapped to help bankroll the operations, one Palace source said.
According to this source, Malacañang will do to Binay exactly what they did to former Chief Justice Renato Corona, minus the impeachment (if possible), as far as his financial records are concerned. The source said that although Binay’s enemies claim to be already in possession of the “goods” against the VP, they are still “calibrating carefully” when to release their most damaging material, for maximum effect.

This could be pure “psywar.” But if it isn’t, then it means the worst has just begun. Aquino’s statement could have a coded meaning different from the public impression it seeks to create; instead of promoting a truce between the parties, it could actually suggest a coup de grace. Since all the parties tend to believe that the propaganda surveys, which Binay has dominated since 2010, have become the lone political reality that should decide who should run and who should not run in the next crooked machine elections, Aquino’s proxies will now try to make sure that Binay’s numbers are ultimately washed out, and the once “man-to-beat” reduced into a cipher. Aquino, having previously asked the senators to cease and desist, could now say that he tried, but failed, to dissuade the trio from claiming their “rights and privileges” as legislators.

But assuming Malacañang’s objective is attainable, getting rid of Binay does not solve its problem. It does not make Mar Roxas, the presidential pretender-in-waiting, any closer to becoming a viable contender. Like all the announced presidential wannabes, Roxas is a creature of the fudged survey ratings. But the erosion of Binay’s numbers has not added half a digit to Roxas’ own; he could lose unopposed, except in a completely rigged election.

The only one who has managed to hang on suspiciously to a fairly respectable “rating,” despite all the crimes he has committed against the Constitution and the Filipino people, and the rank incompetence and heartlessness of his regime, as will be sworn to by the typhoon Yolanda victims, is PNoy. The propaganda fraudsters have labored to credit him with a number that shows an understandable “drop” in his so-called “popularity,” but which remains “still high.” The figure is most certainly the fraudsters’ gift to the embryonic totalitarian ruler; even some of his more honest relatives and friends doubt it is real.

Aquino has become a lame duck whose future could be as bright as the heart of a power blackout inside his chief prisoner’s detention cell. For this reason, the most concerned of his relatives have suggested that he exit the presidency while there is still time, and seek political asylum in a friendly country that has no extradition treaty with the Philippine government. Highly reliable reports indicate that initial contacts have been made by a deeply concerned uncle with the Sultan of Johore, a close family friend.

PNoy, however, will not hear of it, convinced as he is, for reasons known only to himself, that he remains “popular” and “loved,” and “feared” by the Filipino people. Thus, despite earlier reports that he has abandoned the idea of seeking a constitutional amendment to allow himself to run for a second term, some people close to him insist that he will ultimately try to extend his stay in Malacañang by some other means.

There would be no time to amend the Constitution for this purpose, in time for the projected 2016 elections. The amendatory process, in particular the plebiscite to ratify the proposed amendment, would come so close to the election, and the nation would, in effect, be holding two elections, one after the other in close succession. The expense would be incalculable, not to mention the fact that the nation has not done anything like it before. Yet convinced that his destiny is to stay on, Aquino could declare a revolutionary government. This would formalize his totalitarian control of the three branches of government, and terminate the fiction of his being accountable to the Filipino people.

The only question is, will the National Transformation Council, or the Armed Forces of the Philippines, as protector of the people and the State, allow it to happen?


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  1. Give the guy all the rope he needs to hang himself with. Is there anything about him that makes you believe he will not self destruct? Giving him another term may the the best thing that can happen. After all, God works in mysterious ways..

  2. PNoy and Binay are doing the same thing: riding on two bancas. They fervently believe on their self-proclaimed popularity, and pretending to be wise, they exploit the other’s popularity for their own cause. That’s why Binay doesn’t still dissociate his umbilical chord from this administration and PNoy publicly show his support for Binay. However, the clock is ticking to the time of their political separation. Both know that this is a reality they have to face. While Binay’s winnability is still certain, PNoy cannot afford to cross Binay since after his term, he will surely face several suits that will make him taste what PGMA is suffering now. And for this, Binay’s assumption to power will make him evade prison or detention. And so with Roxas’ assumption. So, the scenario that both Binay and Roxas will tangle and both with PNoy’s blessing, is possible. With them the leading presidential contenders come 2016 will be very beneficial to PNoy. However, I don’t believe the other party contenders who are lagging far behind in the surveys, like Cayetano, Trillanes, Santiago, etc., are dumb not to discern the current political development. The current Senate investigations might even turn out to be a double-edged undertaking that will metamorphose into an open-ended one that will include the LP big-wigs as what is happening to Drilon now. Who knows, Abad, Abaya and Santiago will be next in line. Indeed, Tatad is correct in his perception about PNoy’s motives. The alternative for PNoy if Binay or Roxas will not win in 2016, is to instigate a scenario where he can cling to power and declare his totalitarian rule for the sole reason: To evade imprisonment.

  3. Sonny Dela Cruz on

    Some of you are talking about revolution as one of the solution for what’s happening in the Philippine government now. I was once talking with a Cuban long time ago about the Fidel Castro’s revolution in Cuba. He is one of the exiled person and told me the story of the revolution. The problem then was the same as what’s happening in the Philippines right now, to get rid of the corrupts and the government to take care of the people. But what happened in Cuba was a revolution of the poor people against the rich. This is what I am afraid of, that it may happen also in the Philippines if there’ll be a revolution. I have been advocating a change to Federal system of government right now, to let the NTC draft a constitution and publish it for the people to know and understand how the people and the country will benefit from it. Forget about revolution. It will not do any good, it will only be the poor people against the rich.

  4. Melchor vergara on

    nothing but a scripted act…. only idiots would believe that the BS and the yellow senators would go against each other

  5. Hilario Buensuceso on

    What is Mr. F. Tatad’s real objection to the continuing probe into allegations of the vice president’s possible “graft & corruption” if he is also a patriotic, law respecting and God fearing citizen that he ought to be? I can’t understand his penchant for sounding like he knows everything nobody else does whenit is quite clear as day that there ought to be an investigation to bare the truth and nothing but the truth. Someone once said, “Do right and fear no man.” Has Mr. Tatad found some sense in the vice president’s inability to convince himself that at some point, the vice president must “face the music” so to speak? That at some point — which ought to be now, today, even yesterday, the vice president ought to make a clean effort to “redeem” his name? If the vice president wishet s to become the next highest officer of the land after the national elections of 2016, doesn’t Mr. Tatad agree that the vice president ought to be spotless and totally free from the accusations that now beset him? What kind of a citizen is Mr.l Tatad in trying to even “befuddle” the issue rather than help bring to light what the people really ought to see? I am beginning to doubt Mr. Tatad’s sincerity in the way he is playing his role as a journalist who must only be true to the creed of his profession — help in every possible way arriving at the truth and nothing but the truth. This is all he must do — nothing more, nothing less!!! Or, he is merely wasting his words and wasting my time as he does the others with his obviously very colored glasses!!! God save the Philippines and Rizal’s and my own motherland!!!

    • binay will face it, as he explained, but in a proper forum not the senate. legislative branch is the law making body of the land and there was no judicial power vested upon it by the Constitution to begin with. hence, that is why people who understands legal constructions finds the effort of the senate to be driven by politics plain and simple.

  6. If this will happen, I’m sure a full blown civil war will ensue. PNoy because of his small brain do not have the wisdom of Marcos to effectively control the different factions that have evolved after the dictatorship. The greed and lust for power prevailing among his LP constituents will lead to division and ultimately their downfall leaving the country in a free for all and ruins. Then US intervention will inevitably follow and the Philippines transformed in to the Afghanistan of SE Asia. China and even Russia will not allow US to play a dominant role in SE Asia, very near to their turf.

  7. Manipulation by Pnoy is in everything he does.The only thing he cannot manipulate anymore is the voters. We know him already.

    • Very true… Noynoy Aquino will lose the next elections; Pilipinas will have a different president after the 2016-presidential elections.

  8. P. on

    Correction: Clearing his (Binay) name is paramount to his claim of political persecution. He is a “fair game”.

  9. One of the reasons people like pnoy is because he says he wants to get rid of corruption. Now they started off as soon as they came to power by by getting rid of the wang wang with all government vehicles, & rightly so. But really that doesnt affect the people so much. Next he got rid of a corrupt supreme court chief justice. This man that you seem to be defending. This was the top man in the justice system. The buck stopped with him. He was supposed to know the law inside out. Yet he wanted us to believe that all that money in his dollar account, not a peso account that people could know about but a dollar account thats protected with secrecy. He never showed a single shred of evidence his money was legal, he just gave us a 2 hour sermon on how thrifty & hard working he & his wife have been all their lives. He wanted us to believe that his married daughter had put her millions of pesos in his bank account. Did he really expect the filipino people to believe that rubbish. Who puts millions of their own pesos into someone elses bank account, & if they do why. Please try to give me an answer on that as surely you are cleverer than i am.
    Now let binay answer the allegations against him & if they are found to be false or aimed at him with malice & no substance then find a way to prosecute those people. But if he is found to be a thief & a corrupt politician give those senators a promotion.
    I dont want smoke & mirrors like you all use, even you, you said about a source in malacanang said this, but you never name your source so it could be you are making it up to make you look good. Its what you accuse others of doing & its what is always done here in the philippines. If someone has something to say let them come out & say it not do it in a sneaky way, as if they are lying we will all know who is the liar.

  10. Carl Cid Inting on

    The Armed Forces of the Philippines is infinitely malleable and corruptible. Since when has it ever protected the interests of the Filipino people? The Armed Forces of the Philippines will only look out for its officers’ interests, and those officers can easily be put into the administration’s pocket.

  11. a good article mr kit. i hope more people will see and read this column. everything that comes out of the mouth of boy sisi seems to me all double speak. sabi nga ng mga indians sa cowboy-indian films, white man speaks with forked tounge

  12. Understanding Person on

    Tanga rin kasing itong si Binay eh! Sa totoo lang, tanga talaga eh! Sobra sa kahipokrituhan, sobrang mamolitika. Kung ako sa kanya gagawin ko exactly ang sinabi ni Erice na iwasan niya na si Aquino, eh abnoy yun eh! Pakunwaring kanya eh, di naman talaga kay Binay si Aquino – kay Roxas talaga ito kasi pareho sila ng layunin against the people, to rob them and to cover themselves sa mga nagawa ng asministration na ito. Maniwala na kayo mga pareko, gimmick lang ang alam ng dalawang ito puro kalokohan at pansariling kapakanan – hindi para sa taumbayan. Manood kayo at tignan natin kung ano ang mangyayari kapag si Binay OR si Roxas (bagay na di mananalo maliban na lang kung mandaya) ang mananalo bilang presidente ng bansang Pinas. Lagakpak! Bagsak! Kumbaga CHAGUMMMMM!

  13. P. on

    The fact that the pulling down of VP Binay will not help Roxas at all, is a given. Roxas has to overcome all the negatives attached to him since he became a member of Pres. B.S. Aquino, Definitely The Last. Roxas has no significant achievement as a high goverbnment official.. Like Aquino, and the others who have the recognizable last name, he is just lucky to have inherited the name. There are many more outstanding and qualified leaders.

    I don’t think Aquino has the popularity, intelligence and shrewdness of Marcos. Any totalitarin ambition will be a suicide for him.

    However, by all means, VP Binay has to clear his name. He should answer all the allegations against him and his family. While he is being ‘persecuted’ as claimed, it cannot be assumed that he is ‘cleaner’ than his accusers, be it a scheme with Aquino behind or not. Clearing his (Roxas) name is paramount to his claim of political persecution. He is a “fair game”.

    Simply, we deserved a better a president;. not one with doubtful honesty and integrity. We are fed up and the peoples’ sentiments and sacrifices should not be taken for granted. Otherwise, I am not suprised at all if ‘history’ will
    repeat itself in the country.

    By then, I would say, where have all the National Transformation Council and the Armed Forced of the Philippines gone?

  14. mikhail hieronymus on

    Let the PNOY SHOW begin now. Let’s see what will happen!!!! It will NOT probably be like the EDSA – I – II – III, but maybe more exciting.

    It could be REVOLUTION or the people would be like cattle being lead to the slaughter house.

  15. 2015 malamang unti-unti ng mag-reresign ang mga malalapit kay Aquino,mas mabuting maaga, upang hindi masama kay abnoy!
    Sa ngayon ay nakikiramdam pa ang mga ito!
    walang makapagliligtas ki abnoy sa darating na araw,ang lahat ng sinagasaan niya ay handang-handa na siyang lapain!
    Hindi maiiwasan ang paghihiganti ng mga taong niyurakan niya!

  16. The future of the country seems to be grim indeed. But the Abnoy will not succeed in his intention to subjugate it through a revolutionary government. The people have wisened up to his ways and will no longer be docile and indifferent. They are looking forward to the jailing of the abnoy and they will not be deprived of their expectation. This is why the man they seek for their votes is the one who can give them justice by the jailing of the Abnoy.

    Isn’t it ironic that the man who was thought to be the comfort of the people after the death of his mother turned out to be the most hated pseudo-president, and the worst ever to occupy Malacanang. Evil really never triumphs.

    • I am terribly frustrated by how you peoplle are reading the events in the country upside down. The one whose record is grossly questioned and remain unanswered, is that of Vice President Binay. The person blindly supporting the soiled Binay is Francisco Tatad. Tatad is no chivalrous writer.On the contrary his writing is pro-Binay, hook line and sinker with no deviation at all. And yet you people are blaming President Aquino who has so far maintained his mandate of attacking corruption. His administration has taken out several high officials especially in the Justice system. He has clobbered officials in the Senate andother areas starting with Enrile, et al. Corruption is the main cause of why the country remains sluggish and in the bottom heap. of progress. Don’t be blind with the truth.I can excuse Tatad because he has a selfish motive but you people should be pro-Philippines and not pro-Binay.