• Aquino’s well-deserved defeat


    ALTHOUGH the inevitable was clear to most everybody at least several weeks ago, the Aquino Administration finally made it official over the weekend, acknowledging that its cherished Bangsamoro Basic Law cannot possibly be passed, and that the only thing left for this government to do is to try to provide for a “smooth transition of the peace process” to the next administration.

    The failure of the BBL is a well-deserved defeat for President BS Aquino 3rd, who at one time had pretensions of being worthy of a Nobel Prize for his peace efforts. This president, who has caused so much damage to the institutions and unity of this country, could have literally torn it apart for the sake of his overweening self-importance if the BBL had made it through Congress. As it is, the next administration will have to work hard to undo the harm caused by Aquino’s personal – and according to a number of legal experts, largely illegal – “peace effort.”

    Acknowledging the failure and pledging to try to help pass the job in a useful fashion to the next government was, we have to admit, a great deal more mature and responsible-sounding than we have become accustomed to from the Aquino regime. Giving Aquino the credit for that much, however, should not camouflage the fact that the BBL and the treaty it was intended to operationalize were a potential disaster, and almost certainly not even permitted under Philippine law. Aquino bypassed the Constitution to initiate talks with the MILF in a secret meeting in a Japanese hotel room, then endorsed a treaty and enabling law that excluded nearly all other stakeholders in Muslim Mindanao and almost guaranteed the territory would eventually secede entirely from the Philippines.

    There is a very real sense that the country “dodged a bullet” with the failure of the BBL. What we should all be vigilant against now is the imminent attempt by Aquino and the compromised government peace panel to influence the direction the unfinished peace effort should take. Aquino’s assumption, at least as it was described by his spokespeople, is that the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro and its complementary BBL will be the basis for future discussions. That cannot be permitted. The CAB is patently unconstitutional.

    In the wake of last year’s tragic Mamasapano Massacre, it became clear that the MILF is neither a trustworthy “peace partner,” nor even representative of the great majority of people who would be affected by any peace agreement in Mindanao. The MILF are legitimate stakeholders, but they are by no means the only ones, and should not be accorded an unrealistic amount of influence.

    And just as bypassing other interests in Mindanao – non-Muslims, indigenous communities, and Muslim groups not affiliated with the MILF – will lead to failure, so too will following Aquino’s lead in bypassing the people of the rest of the Philippines by ignoring or skirting the law, and not engaging Congress early on in the peace process.


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    1. Aquino should be held responsible for all the crimes he committed during his presidency. He had minimal regard or should I say no regard at all for human life. History will tell us, the “Mendiola Massacre” which happened under Cory’s watch has not seen justice to this day. The Hacienda Luisita killings speaks the same, the Luneta Hostage killing of Hongkong tourists is another episode of failure to protect human life..
      BBL was a bad deal, literally, he sold us out. It’s in his pedigree, his grandfather was was, as we call it, a makapili (collaborator) during the japanese occupancy. should we expect him to be patriotic? It’s in his blood my dear countrymen.

    2. No laughing and dancing to celebrate for the dead BBL. The coming destruction is more valuable than the price tag of the area covered under BBL. For now the balls of chairman Murad and Misuari are just being hanged somewhere, but when they will return to where the left their balls and start to massage them, the whole country would be in trouble. The strength of the Arm Forces together with the Police Force not even enough to eliminate the the group of Abusayaff what if the MILF, BIFF MNLF and Abusayaff will join together to fight against the Government. To the selfish and short sighted of the situation, you will surely experience later how to release your excess in your under ware and learn how to pray inside your mother under ware too.

    3. The person who approved Oplan Exodus betrayed his country, his people, the very peace agreement that he agreed upon, the people he was negotiating with and his very own peace panel. PNoy really bungled his way when he authorized Oplan Exodus. Despite selling out the nation with his BBL, he was still hopeful he could weasel this out in congress. PNoy thought that he could sell out the country for a piece of gold, the Nobel prize. But PNoy’s greed for recognition knows no bounds, and he could not resist grabbing a piece of glory by capturing Marwan. So PNoy decided to doublecross the people with whom he entered into a peace agreement, by breaking protocols contained in that agreement. Thus he authorized Oplan Exodus without informing the MILF. Thus all hell broke loose, and the Mamasapano massacre happened. Frantic, PNoy decided to feed the valiant SAF troopers to the wolves when he was warned about the peace protocols. In the end, 44 brave troopers were slaughtered. In the end, no glory for Marwan. No glory for BBL. That is what happens when a person gets too greedy and bites off more than he can chew.

    4. President Aquino really shows that he has lost touch of reality. Attacking mamasapano and trying to pass BBL is a direct contradiction. Mamasapano is the stronghold of MILF and placing our soldiers in a suicide mission is a contradiction by itself. Election is a few months away and all candidates is courting the voters for their votes. Imagine vetoing SSS pension increase at this time is another suicide action. I always say , watch out for the Wrath of the Seniors. The is the end of Mar Roxas, Leni Robredo and the rest of the Liberal Party candidates. President will be remembered as the worst president of this country. Worst than Gloria Arroyo, worst than Joseph Estrada and worst than Ferdinand Marcos.

    5. Re Mamasapano, this is how I simply see it: I was sound asleep in my home, then in the middle of the night I heard gunshots. I will not ask questions I will shoot back. How does that make the MILF not trustworthy?

      • So why untill now the MILF don’t want to cooperate by surrendering those who massacred the SAF44 for proper law implementtion? If they acknowledge as part of the Philippines – Why do they have their own rmy?

      • Are they aftet MILF? Who in in his right mind would consider that his house? Is that legally his? Had parts of Philippine territory been ceded to these rebels cum terrorists. If not, then do not speak on their behalf. Coddling and protecting an enemy of the state does not sound too trustworyhy to me.

      • The gunshot lasted for almost 10 hrs and the milf are already made aware of who is they are firing at… and yet they didnt stop and even killed the policemen pointblank… now tell me is it still not enough to ask if MILF is trustworthy?

      • I’m a tausug, and i can tell you right now the MILF cannot be trusted. Even if mamasapano did not happen, their duality and treachery even against the muslims in mindanao is well known here. That level of thinking clearly show how you have no idea about the political and narcopolitical situation in our region so it’s best you ask your friends from here first for opinions.

        Utak kagang tuud kamu yan ing mga tau ini baran da nila ing pipikil. Ing sabah dihil na nila ha malaysia.