• Arang is new Korea-novela darling

    Korean superstar Shin Min-ah

    Korean superstar Shin Min-ah

    Monday saw the beginning of TVLandia’s newest telenovela import from Korea, the locally dubbed Tale of Arang.

    Featuring Korean stars Shin Min-ah and Lee Jun-ki, the series tells the story of Arang (Shin Min-ah), the daughter of a magistrate during Chosun Dynasty who is brutally murdered. As she returns from the dead as a ghost, she sets out on a journey to find her true identity as well as the mystery behind her death.

    As she struggles to get by in the real world, she then meets Eun Oh (Lee Jun-ki), a young magistrate who has an ability to communicate with the dead. Arang convinces him to help uncover her killer and bring the person to justice.

    Debuting strong at the ratings, Tale of Arang continues to draw viewers to its unique plot, weekdays on GMA’s Afternoon Prime Block.


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