The Arccos 360, Arccos Caddie and Arccos Driver


I ran across this article and I thought the name was misspelled. It is about the Arccos 360. What it basically does is it measures all the necessary information for you to improve your golf game, at the least possible time.

Seriously, I believe this is the best tracking gadget for your golf game. You don’t have to spend on more expensive golf clubs and other related golf equipment. It will literally improve your handicap 36x faster than the average golfer.


The Arccos 360 was designed to improve your golf game faster. It captures all your performance data in real time. Since it utilizes the power of advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence, it will definitely assist you make smarter decisions and shoot lower scores.

The Arccos 360 combines the following: Automatic Shot Tracking, GPS 2.0 and the Tour Analytics. It captures thousands of data points each round you play. So the users receive various options on how far to hit each shot, which club to use in any given situation, the skills to practice, and so many other features to gain from.

The Arccos 360

The Arccos 360 is an advanced analytics for your entire game. It was the winner of the 2017 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award for “Best Game Analyzer,”

According to Sal Syed, CEO of Arccos Golf, “Arccos 360 is golf’s first and only fully-automatic performance tracking system. It features 14 sensors, one for every club in your bag, and combines Live Shot Tracking, GPS 2.0 and Tour Analytics. It helps any player make smarter decisions to shoot lower scores.”

Arccos Caddie (Premium Upgrade)

The Arccos Caddie is golf’s first Artificial Intelligence Platform. It was developed in partnership with Microsoft.

Arccos Caddie shows your optimal strategy on any hole in the world. This is really amazing, I tell you! It basically analyzes every shot you’ve taken with Arccos, together with the 120-million+ shots taken by the Arccos community. Moreover, it also includes the 368 million geo-tagged data points on more than 40,000 courses.

Powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud, Arccos Caddie precisely accounts for elevation, weather data, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, temperature and many more.

The newest feature, “Plays Like” distances, provides a rangefinder GPS display of the exact impact that elevation and weather have on how far a shot will travel.

Arccos has been permitted under the Rules of Golf. The USGA explained their decision in a letter directly to Arccos:

“…use of the Arccos Caddie application in conjunction with the Arccos 360 application, as submitted, has been evaluated and it has been determined that the use of the Arccos Caddie application is permitted under the Rules of Golf when a Committee establishes a Local Rule permitting the use of distance measuring devices (see Decision 14-3/0.5).”

Arccos Driver

Another option is the Arccos Driver. It collects the distance and accuracy data each time you drive. This was named 2016 “Accessory of the Year” by Score Golf Magazine.

Arccos Driver is a single-sensor platform that automatically records distance and accuracy statistics for every drive you hit. It also features rangefinder GPS for 40,000+ courses, and King of the Hole (a virtual long drive competition) played over any par-4 or par-5 in the world.


The Arccos 360, Arccos Caddie and Arccos Driver will definitely allow you to make smarter decisions and produce lower scores.

The system automatically records every shot you take and uses that personal performance data.

You will be able to hit more greens and make more birdies. Your greens in regulations will surely increase. It will make you certainly know your Smart Distance, which allows you to select the right club each time.

The system will also lead you to practice better and play better. The Tour Analytics platform provides the same level of information that the PGA Tour professionals get. The insights provided make you determine your strengths and weaknesses during play.

In addition, it also provides Tour Level Insights for your game. Traditional golf stats are poor indicators of performance and can often mislead players. That’s why Tour Analytics was designed (an enhanced version of the Strokes Gained methodology used on the PGA Tour). It basically analyzes each part of your game, so that you will know what to practice and to improve on the fastest.

Such examples are approach, sand, GPS, chipping, putting, scoring, driving and more.
So, come on and get it! It makes your golf game most fun!


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