• Archbishop Cardinal Tagle’s call


    An example of the practical and authentically Christian instructions that devotees hear from their Catholic leaders is the call of the Archbishop of Manila, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, for devotees to be more Christlike.

    On Radio Veritas last week, Cardinal Tagle called on devotees to make sure the procession is orderly and peaceful, each devotee giving their fellow devotees the dignity Christ Himself gives every human being. He repeated the call at the 7 a.m. solemn High Mass he celebrated at the Quirino Grandstand yesterday.

    The Archbishop of Manila also repeated his basic message to Catholic Filipinos that they should be reverent not only to God but also fellowmen. This reverence is exercised by imitating Christ’s virtues—therefore they must not be corrupt.

    Meanwhile, the Quiapo Fiesta organizers have seen an increase in devotees of the Black Nazarene—including a noticeable group of devotees from foreign countries. City of Manila executives have expressed their desire to help promote the Quiapo Church with its Black Nazarene as an international pilgrimage destination. This is a worthwhile goal to work for.


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