Are brand managers really into branding?


Many brand manager nowadays is lost to the loosely used and abused term identifying the person in charge of a specific brand, meaning a product or a service. But what exactly does it mean to be given the title, brand manager? Most believe the task to be the specific person placed in-charge of a single product/service among the multiple product lines carried by the corporation.

But what exactly does being in charge identify the job to be? Marketing obviously; to identify if not control and manage the brand, i.e., from forecasts for manufacturing to packaging, its distribution, pricing sensitivities, sales and promotions, collections to accounting, advertising to promotions and finally product positioning. There are a slew of other disciplines to follow, if not create, be it for manuals to describe if not implement sales strategies, distribution fronts, supermarket shelf positioning, the advertising agency and its objectives, etc.

Does this require PR and image perception and control to be part of the job description? What about crisis management and public opinion? There are multiple issues outside marketing, and many are remiss being the brand manager. To identify profits for the sustaining business model is one thing, to position the product for the future is another. Many issues are left to the unknown when trying to visualize the future of the product as it becomes the brand.

The awareness campaign and its acceptability in the marketplace are but strategies performed. Many brand managers do not see beyond the issues outside marketing—after all, most brand managers are the young who for sure will not stay employed in one firm for centuries. Branding is about the sustaining future, be it for decades even centuries to come. It is interesting that many marketing companies identify the position; brand manager with compliance to exclusive management toward a singular product or service rather than experience and competence.

The marketing principles for those in the academe and for those who studied and are educated with Masters Degrees and what not, are clear manifestations for competence. Experience coupled with this academic competence can only guide the brand manager with the proper tools, however, there is more than just the marketing of a product or service that stays the market for decades if not centuries. This is branding! Understanding the concept of branding and getting it right is a step in the right direction. The problem is most do not! Let us leave the business model aside for now and identify branding. You need to first succeed with the business model to pursue branding anyway. Branding, simply put, is the consistent delivery of the brand promise, generating an integrity in the marketplace allowing it to become the brand. To comprehend this becomes difficult for many.

Does this mean truthfulness? Does this require law-abiding work? Does this require customer satisfaction? How is it possible to be consistent? As straightforward as can be; branding is all about the consistent delivery of the brand promise.

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