• Are Madam de Villa et al. of PPCRV just saintly naïfs?


    OR are they in fact willfully aiding the Comelec impose the illegal Smartmatic Automated Election System (AES) cum Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines on our electoral process to ensure the perpetuation of BS Aquino-Liberal Party rule?

    The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) is the Comelec authorized watchdog in Philippine elections.

    Our issue yesterday had the story “PPCRV seeks reforms in electoral system” with a large picture showing Madam Henrietta de Villa, chairwoman of PPCRV and Archbishop of Manila Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, with other PPCRV officials, at the launching of

    their new clean-election crusade called “One Good Vote.”  This commendable initiative aims to persuade people at the barangay, sitio and family level to reject the temptation to sell their vote to politicians and their ward leaders.

    Madam de Villa said in the past the PPCRV in helping educate voters to become more moral and responsible took a “top to bottom” approach.  Now, she said, in “One Good Vote” PPCRV will concentrate on a specific locality where reform-minded voters will engage others and persuade these to help make the elections clean and honest.

    Madam de Villa lamented the fact that while the PPCRV has been involved in the electoral process for 24 years during which time “many things have changed for the better” vote-buying and vote-selling have remained. It has even become worse. She said that unlike before when politicians bought individual votes, now vote buyers and vote sellers agree on the buying and selling of the votes of entire families or even clans.

    As an institution, PPCRV declares that vote buying is a reason corruption is hard to eradicate in government. It says,  “Vote buying has enabled the proliferation of political dynasties and controlled territories, it has strengthened the stranglehold of the so-called 4Gs– Guns, Goons, Gold and Greed.”

    The May 2016 elections –for president, vice-president. Senators, congressmen, governors and other local officials–said Madam de Villa is the “right time to elect good leaders and reform the way people vote.”

    Fantastic, commendable drive
    The “One Good Vote” crusade is simply great, fantastic, commendable and must be supported by all patriotic Filipinos who want a more ethical citizenry to elect people of integrity and we hope possessing the skills to govern.

    But we are bothered by this one outstanding fact: Why is the PPCRV silent about the astronomically expensive and unlawful Smartmatic Automated Election System, using the illegal, unreliable and manipulated PCOS machines. The Smartmatic AES cum PCOS machines was used in the 2010 and 2013, which even retired Comelec chairman Sixto Brillantes himself admitted to have had serious glitches that caused inaccurate results!

    Verified and proven anomalies in the PCOS counting of precinct votes and in the transmission –and nontransmission–of results have been seen and reported  throughout the country.  Election protests by losers could not progress when PCOS machines reported numbers exceeding the voting population of a precinct because there is nothing in the way of tangible proof–except the wrong results–that the machines misread ballots and miscounted the votes inside their bellies.

    These anomalies happened because the Smartmatic AES cum PCOS machines is totally untransparent. There are no witnesses to the counting, the ballots are not seen inside the machines, how the machines interpreted the shaded ovals is not known and there is no paper receipt–as in an ATM machine or a restaurant credit card transaction–to record the counts and the votes.

    The 3- to 4-hour saving of time by a hidden and untransparent PCOS machine count turns into nothing when two to three week delays happen, as in 2010 and 2013, in the canvassing and consolidation centers. It is there where the cheating and dagdag-bawas happen.

    More technologically advanced countries, like Germany and Australia and about a dozen or more others, have dropped their PCOS machine type of process to revert to their older manual but transparent precinct-level election process.  Why did Brilllantes and why does the present Comelec insist on the Smartmatic AES cum PCOS machine?

    And why do Madam de Villa and her collaborators in PPCRV go along with this abuse of the Filipino people’s right to TRANSPARENT, fair, honest and credible elections.


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    1. Is Amb de Villa related to the de Villa who worked with Smartmatic. If yes, hindi ba conflict of interest ito?

      One Good Vote is nice battle cry for next year’s election but

      I Vote Good would have been nicer. Mas personal.

      Yes, they are related. No conflict of interest.
      You should be concerned that her powerful PPCRV is solidly behind the crooked people who have imposed the Smartmatic Automated Election System using PCOS machines on our election process. Her backing of Smartmatic-PCOS blinds decent people to the fraudulence, Comelec/Smartmatic IT-expert manipulation of the PCOS machines and illegalities of the Smartmatic AES.

    2. Kaya sila kinuhang watchdog,dahil sila ang tatayong bantay! Aso!!ibig sabihin sila ang aso at tuta ni Aquino! Ang aso kapag binigay mo ang gusto at hinaplos-haplos, nagiging mabuting aso,at nagiging masunurin sa amo!
      One good vote!!galing di ba!!pang masa at may pagmamalasakit ang dating sa pinoy! Pero kapag papansinin mo ang totoong ibig sabihin nito! Si Aquino lang ang good! Di ba wow!
      Ang logong ito ay para sa matuwid na daan!di ba sipsip ang dating!
      Sino ba ang santo, diba si Aquino!di wow na naman!!

    3. jesus nazario on

      Read my lips Madam de Ville: It’s the PCOS, st%p@d ! Yes, vote buying is still there but in a different form. Votes are now bought en masse by “connected” politicians who do not even have to campaign via electronic manipulation of the votes courtesy of the PCOS.

    4. The huge amount of money involved in automated machines can be used to train our board of election inspectors and other election personnel to be more patriotic and serve conduct our elections toward a clean,honest and orderly elections. Instead of giving this billions of peoples’money to Smarmatic whose technicians are the only guys who knows the ropes, this huge amount could retrain our teachers to be honest and firm in doing their election duties. Teaching our teachers to be honest is one of the keys to approximate a real VOTE of the people. We all hope and pray that this PCOS machines will never be used in a country with consistent history of election anomalies, where grabbing the proclamation and delaying the protest, dagdag-bawas, etc,etc has notoriously characterized our elections

    5. G. M. Kuizon on

      Why indeed? And why do some Catholic bishops even support the PNoy Aquino regime’s and the Comelec’s criminal endorsement and imposition on our Republic of a deathblow to Philippine democracy that is patently ILLEGAL and of course also IMMORAL!