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Marlon Stockinger sets the record straight

Away from showbiz’ spotlight for a few months, Filipino-Swiss racer Marlon Stockinger attended a seen and be seen event where he had no other choice but to set the record straight on his relationship with 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach.

Cornered by In the know at The Body Shop’s #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting launch, he said, “We’re good. Yeah, everything’s fine.”

Pia and Marlon have always very public about developments in their relationship, especially on social media, so now that it’s been more than two months since their last Instagram posts about one another, fans have been anxious to know the real deal.

Marlon Stockinger INSTAGRAM PHOTOS

“We’re just keeping it private. It’s always good to show a lot in the beginning, but we realized that what matters is the two of us in the end behind closed doors,” the 22-year-old F1 racer explained.

Just last week, there was news about Pia unfollowing Marlon on Instagram and vice versa. Asked if it was true, Marlon replied, “That’s always the case. People just talk about that. That’s just—I don’t know—chismis.”

Besides, even the backlash Marlon received about having twin daughters left Pia unfazed. “I really appreciate her for that, she’s been supportive and I just dealt with it privately with her.”

Maine Mendoza thinks that being hailed as one of the country’s sexiest is just “kalokohan.”

Marking her second year in showbiz with a bang, the darling girl is officially the country’s top endorser. This was recently revealed by the Association of Philippine Advertisers, and her reaction to the news is this: “Hindi ko alam kung ilan na endorsements ko pero talagang nakakatuwa that [advertisers]are trusting me.”

Maine has since made sure to put her hard earned money to good use by opening her own fast food branch in her home town.

Stockinger says of girlfriend Pia Wurtzbach, ‘We’re good, everything’s fine’

“Ngayon mayroon kaming McDonalds. August 12 ang opening sa may Bulacan. Iyon pa lang so far.”

With her busy schedule, Maine was lucky enough to escape for a bit to Maldives for some much needed rest and relaxation. She even managed to capture her moments in her sexy core baring swimsuit that immediately landed her among the Top 10 of FHM’s Sexiest this year.

“Kalokohan ito! Isang malaking kalokohan! Joke po na mapabilang ako sa FHM’s sexiest pero salamat na rin na na-consider nila ako.”

When asked how she whipped herself into swimsuit shape and washboard abs in barely a week of preparation for the shoot, Maine shared, “Anggulo lang iyon kasi malaki talaga tiyan ko promise.”


Maine Mendoza

GUESS WHO? Barely a year in the business, it seems that their fame has gone to their heads. This Thankless Tandem (TT) has currently hit the jackpot with numerous projects what with their booming career. They have also managed to create a loyal following who loves them to pieces. In fact, the fans adore them so much that they threw a party for the tandem to celebrate a recent milestone in their career. The devoted group reserved a whole floor of one of the busiest and most stylish restaurant along Tomas Morato, and even decked it out with balloons and a special theme!

Every fan pitched in to serve the best meal for their idols only to find out that TT ditched them past midnight. TT, however, supposedly updated them they were on their way to the resto just to mislead them. The fans were even supposed to pay extra for the extended hours they had waited but the restaurant management felt so sorry for them that they waived the fee.

Hope karma won’t catch up with Thankless Tandem as quickly as their egos have swelled.

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