• Are we about to reach the end of the road?


    AMID the barbaric slaughter of Christians by ISIS fanatics in Syria and Libya, and the prospect of the Islamic Caliphate pressing its murderous path against the world’s “infidels” from the Middle East and North Africa all the way to Southeast Asia, and ultimately to southern Philippines, President B. S. Aquino 3rd has set in motion his crude political machine in a naked bid to crush every objection based on the Constitution, moral conscience, and sober analysis against the setting up of an Islamic enclave in Mindanao through a so-called Bangsamoro Basic Law.

    Although premised on the search for peace in Mindanao, which is desired by all, the creation of an Islamic enclave for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, against the mandate of the Constitution, the demands of Christian-Islamic unity, and the resounding objections of virtually all sectors, could ultimately result in an armed confrontation or war or the simple disintegration of the nation.

    As the former national security adviser cum defense secretary, Norberto B. Gonzales has warned in a well-argued article, the proposed law seeks to advance in full the seed of the Islamic enclave that some MILF Ulama had earlier planted in 1995, with the “liberation” of five or so barangays in Lanao del Sur. Despite its limited size, then-MILF chairman Hashim Salamat said the planting of the seed was more important than its size, Gonzales recalled.

    A serious national security concern
    The proposed law is a serious national security concern, says Gonzales. In my view, more dangerous than the external territorial threat from China, which is hyped by the Aquino government as the country’s most important national security concern.

    Following the Mamasapano, Maguindanao, massacre of Jan 25, 2015, where 44 Special Action Force police commandos were killed by the combined forces of the MILF and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters after Aquino had ordered the reinforcement units from the Armed Forces of the Philippines to stand down, there emerged some hope that the Bangsamoro Basic Bill (Bababa), which its promoters had cleverly named the Bangsamoro Basic Law (Babala) in advance, would undergo the necessary revision to make it conform to the Constitution.

    Mounting public anger over Aquino’s unrepentant posture over the death of the 44 commandos, who were on a mission to neutralize three international terrorists being sheltered by the MILF, compounded by all the lies coming out of the inquiries conducted by the Philippine National Police, the Senate and the House of Representatives—it was only the other day that I heard from a highly reliable source that the PNP Board of Inquiry report was heavily edited to purge it of the negative and highly critical remarks against the President from various resource persons—had prompted some co-authors to withdraw their signatures from the bill and to promise to kill it, if it wasn’t reformed.

    Two committees were tasked to review the bill. In the Senate, Sen. Bongbong Marcos was put in charge; in the House, Rep. Rufus Rodriguez of Cagayan de Oro, a former dean of the San Sebastian college of law, and an announced senatorial aspirant for 2016. While Congress was on recess, the public learned that the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro and the proposed legislation based on it had been negotiated and signed for the MILF by a fellow called Mohagher Iqbal, but that this was only his assumed name. His real name, according to media reports, is said to be Datukan Abas, but he has refused to reveal it and the government has not compelled him to do so either.

    This has not had any effect on the government’s position despite the fact that the Revised Penal Code prohibits the use of pseudonyms in official transactions. On the other hand, Malacañang would later show Iqbal’s considerable clout by announcing the appointment of Sheriff Abas, said to be Iqbal’s nephew, as one of the new commissioners of the Commission on Elections. Malacanang has neither confirmed nor denied the media reports about Abas’s blood relationship with Iqbal, not even to assure the public that Commissioner Abas is not at all an MILF member.

    Is an LP-MILF coalition now at work
    Where the legal maxim holds that silence means consent, it could be assumed that Sheriff Abas is, indeed, Iqbal’s nephew. And since the commissioners public debut is not preceded by any outstanding reputation as a legal practitioner or as anything else, it could be safely inferred that Aquino appointed him upon the MILF’s nomination. Is an LP-MILF alliance already working? This is an independent issue worth pursuing.

    During the recess, we were entertained with stories about how the legislators would recast the original draft, to the discomfort of Malacañang, official negotiator Miriam Coronel Ferrer and presidential assistant on the peace process Teresita Deles who in spite of Mamasapano had been reaping praises from a particular audience, including honorary doctorates for the two from the Jesuit-run Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro, and some kind of award from Hillary Rodham Clinton at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. for Ferrer.

    Then Aquino announced the creation of a so-called National Peace Council, to which he named some of his closest political, business and religious cronies for the purpose of balancing the negative opinion of the various sectors. Predictably, the members chorused their praises for the Bababa. Former Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. said the bill “complements” the Constitution; Manila’s Cardinal -Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle said it is “overwhelmingly acceptable;” and a representative of a representative of the Zobel de Ayala oligarchy, which owns a large part of the country, and which has huge interests in Malaysia, gave its own imprimatur. These statements showcased more political opportunism than any attempt to read the common good or the national interest according to correct moral and constitutional principles.

    Vote for passage and get a reward, or else join Enrile in jail
    Before Congress went back to work, it was reported that Malacañang had begun looking after some lawmakers on holiday in Switzerland and on a luxury cruise at the Mediterranean. Some figures were mentioned in the text messages, but no whistle-blower has come forward to confirm the information. Then, in Manila Aquino met with the congressmen twice, obviously not to discuss the honors they would confer on world boxing champ Congressman Manny Pacquiao, who is now facing charges from angry fans over his last fight. Those who would support the bill were promised more money for their war chest next year, while those who would oppose it were promised the option of joining Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon Revilla Jr. in jail for the handling of their Priority Development Assistance Fund in previous years.

    Thus, as the congressmen began their work on the bill, the predicted political earthquake never came. Our good friend Rufus Rodriguez is now beginning to look like a senatorial candidate for the administration in 2016, as the Babala began to look like a fait accompli in the House, and a real casus belli for the next confrontation, should it pass the Upper Chamber. Many opponents of the bill are counting on Sen. Marcos to make sure the Bababa does not morph into a Babala, but this could be expecting too much of the Senate.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that Bongbong will do his late father and the nation proud by standing for what is right under the Constitution. But we cannot forget the fact that majority of the senators belonged to the group of 19 senator-judges who each received P50 million and more to convict then Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona, and several million more to force the enactment of the patently unconstitutional Reproductive Health bill.

    The first-termers, who had nothing to do with Aquino’s bribery of the senators in those two famous instances, are in no better situation either. They owe their positions to Aquino for his “60-30-10” electoral formula which put all of them in office. Some of them may have learned to believe their own propaganda about themselves and look at themselves as de jure rather than as de facto senators, but Aquino is a few steps ahead of them. By talking to Sen. Grace Poe as a possible presidential or vice presidential candidate of the administration, and by Ms. Poe allowing herself to be tickled pink with all these overtures, Aquino is making sure that he would have her vote for the Bababa, however constitutionally monstrous it is.

    Aquino need not keep his word about the 2016 race after the vote. But assuming Ms. Poe becomes the LP presidential candidate because of her vote, the first question the nation should ask, assuming she survives the other questions about her true parentage and citizenship—-which deserve to be thoroughly discussed—- is this: why should anyone ever vote for someone who has decided to divide the nation against itself?

    This is what Aquino has done in the Corona impeachment and the forcible RH enactment. He has divided the nation where he needed and had the opportunity to unite it. Yet no one has called for active resistance to his government. So far, the most passionate opponents and critics of his unconstitutional actions had been willing to forego any action that might create an evil greater than the one they were trying to prevent.

    But a legislation that threatens to permanently divide the nation along purely religious lines, and seeks to expose it to the persecution and murder of innocent Christians similar to what we are witnessing now in the Middle East, could convince a whole lot of people that the nation has reached the end of the road, and that this particular evil must be resisted and crushed.



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    1. enrique pacardo on

      With all these evil things going on between Malacanang and the House of Representatives, Senator Marcos has now the opportunity to become a knight in a shining armor and save the the Republic.

    2. Vic PenetranteVic on

      Talking about ISIS and the BBL, is it true that in the Shariah Law, Muslim women’s clitoris are cut when they’re still babies?

    3. Amnata Pundit on

      Please don’t lose sight of the fact that this balkanization of Mindanao is not only this retardate’s agenda, it is the Western-backed yellow regime’s agenda that started with that ordinary housewife Cory, continued by FVR, GMA and now being given its finishing touches by this Boy Sayad ( in your study of the Western Civilization, didn’t you notice that these westerners love to balkanize everything?). Therefore, a continuation of this Western-backed regime through their preferred candidates Binay and Grace Poe ( they have again successfully set the tone for the national conversation with regards to the presidential choices and even professional pundits are falling for it !) will ensure the never ending attempt to give away Mindanao to the enemies of the state, in case this retardate fails to pass the BBL during his term. Didn’t you say that Marcos described Ninoy Aquino as ” not a rival, but an enemy of the State.” Well, what the yellow deity did, his devotees will follow. So therefore it follows that it is the regime of yellows and not only this moron that need to go, and the best way is to attack their election cheating machinery which is their source of strength as it is what keeps them in power but is also their achilles heel as everybody knows that elections under the yellow regime are a farce. Occupy Comelec and if necessary, BOYCOTT 2016 !

    4. A Vote for Grace Poe will:
      1. Protect Pnoy from prosecution after this term.
      2. Continue the missguided path of Pnoy

    5. Jose B.Paderes, Jr. on

      The Christians now cower in fear with the onslaught of the the Islamist not only in the Middle East, and they have creeping jihad here too in our country not only in Mindanao, but also in our Congress. I have lot of relatives of Mindanao and I still remember their stories how they were harassed, ambushed murdered robbed, beheaded and crops harvested by the Moros, the reason why Ilaga was organized. How much more if the Moros will control the whole of Mindanao? I think the Christian settlers especially the Ilonggos, will not allow what they had experinced to happen again, God forbid, the Philippines will be comprised of Luzon and Visayas!

    6. Senator Tatad pwede mo din bang paki busisi itong si Gov Alvarez ng Palawan at itong suspendidong Mayor ng Narra, Palawam sa kanilang ginagawang panunuhol sa mga taong bayan para pumayag nga itayo ang coal power plant sa Bgy. San Isidro at kalapit pang mga Barangay. Yung mga anti coal ay kanilang hinaharass. Maraming salamat po at kasiyahan nawa kayo ng kalakasan ng Ating Panginoon Dios

    7. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Time to rise from our sleep. Time to demand accountability and payment for outstanding debts for wrongful governance. Payback time. God bless the Philippines.

    8. Maybe we will see Sen. Marcos run for President on the back of his handling of the BBL. He is definitely showing some balls and is not likely to yield to any form of bribery from the current President.

      • it is a good thing that makoy jr. is really protecting the interest of the ordinary pinoys in the question of the BaBaLa and i wish he would not do a rufus act (rufus ‘lumambot’ rodriguez). what i am afraid of is even if makoy jr. by a miracle, be able to insert in the bill all the necessary amendments to conform the bill to the constitution and by another miracle passes the senate (this is impossible with lolo (NG) frankiski at the helm) the killer will be the conference committee where the house version will surely become the final bill where the boys of boy sisi will rule even if makoy jr. and some honorable senators cry to high heavens

    9. Our only hope to block this evil BBL is Senator Bongbong Marcos and the minorities in the Senate, otherwise, our Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of such law assuming its majority members will not be infested with the DAP virus from Malacanang. We all Filipinos must understand and realize that this BBL that will legalize the peace treaty between Abnoy and his cohorts Malaysian backed terrorists MILF will only make our people divided because other rebel groups (BIFF, MNLF Tausug Faction, NPAs, JIM and Abu Sayyaf) including the Sultanate of Sulu, other tribes and the Christians were not thoroughly consulted. Why not improve the current ARMM and put honest people to run it and enforce our laws strictly against lawless elements in the hot spots of Mindanao?. Probably, Abnoy chose one faction only the MILF so he could immediately achieve his goal of Peace Treaty and possible nomination to Nobel Peace Prize for his legacy as time is running out of his term. Such lofty aspiration of Abnoy to end his term is all the more making us the average Filipinos angry and could cause his downfall with his yellow army including his anointed ones in the coming election.

    10. I agree with all your points and I just hope that you will help in finding the leader who will deliver us from the madman in malacanang. I love my country and will contribute my share towards accomplishing that sacred goal. Pls. Mr. Tatad…help us!

    11. Religion and government should never be combined because it deprives people of the freedom to be want they want. Putting the Muslim Sharia law into place by the BBL is a return to the dark ages. Women are the property of men. Junk the BBL and all documents signed with the MILF.

    12. Eddie de Leon on

      Please continue writing illuminating and wise articles like this, Mr. Tatad, even if the authorities–and sadly–the majority of our people seem to be too cowardly and apathetic or corruptly “loyal” to the Aquino-LP Mafia.

    13. If Ninoy Aquino is still alive today, i guessed he will be languishing in jail. With what Pnoy, the Abnoy, his son is doing to the country now, Ninoy will commit parricide for slaughtering his son.

      • No, you are wrong king David, Ninoy is happy where he is now, because they are both enemy of the state. Remember plaza Miranda bombing and the Jabidah massacre hoax. This Aquino family made a fool of us all Filipinos. Filipinos are always looking for a savior and look what we got? A sweet talker father(Ninoy), a do nothing housewife(Cory), a $30million bribe daugther(Balsy) a fornicating KSP(Kulang Sa Pansin)sister(Kris) and the retard, Pork Barrel King briber our hocus pcos President BSA da Turd boy Sisi.

    14. Accord our Muslim brethren with the dignity that they so richly deserve in the same way that we must give our Christian brothers and sisters and those of other faiths the same regard for similar dignified existence. Humanity is a refuge to everyone and not only to a few.

      But for now we must be wary. There exist a clear and present danger who does not share that collective desire to bring peace its dignified state but merely to reward himself with the joys of selfish juvenile tendencies.

      Noynoy Aquino with such juvenile idiocy has acquired the status of a national security threat and must therefore be dealt with as it is, a national security risk. Oust him now or suffer the consequence of our inaction and neglect on the matter. Noynoy Aquino must “die” if we are to live!

    15. Samuel Santos on

      Perhaps, senator Marcos can play the role of a Don Quixote in the Philippine Senate.

    16. It is time to vote President Aquino out of office and all those who support this division and put in power people who will unite the nation otherwise ISIS and radical Islam will start up soon and destroy everything if they get the opportunity.
      You should say “it’s time to kick out Aquino.” He cannot run for reelection in 2016. But he can continue to destroy our country until he steps down at the end of his term.