• Are we prepared for the big one?


    UNUSUAL things are happening now. Reports say there are forty volcanoes erupting right now and thirty four are along the ring of fire. Our own Mt. Bulusan has been active of late and there is still activity in Mt. Mayon. And now, Philvolcs chief Renato Solidum in recent reports says a 7.2 quake may strike anytime based on historical data on the movement of the West Valley fault. In fact, the agency has already come out with a list of areas that will be affected directly should it happen. While it lists only several barangays that lie along the faultline, this is a disaster of national proportion.

    Are we preparing enough in case this does happen? For one, there are schools in the areas cited. Can you imagine if the quake happens during school hours? Second, there are many high-rise buildings and residential subdivisions along the fault. Come to think of it, why were developers allowed to build on these areas knowing that it lies on an earthquake fault? It is a scary thought! Add to that a history of how we have responded to disasters in the past, being reactive instead of proactive.

    So what do we do as citizens?

    We cannot rely on government alone for our safety and the security of our families. To those living in those affected areas, should you relocate now and abandon your homes?

    Should classes be called off in those areas and moved to other locations in time for the opening of classes?

    Beyond earthquake drills, are provisions pre-positioned according to the estimated number of people that may be affected? Have evacuation sites been identified by the local government units?

    I pray to God it does not happen but we must prepare in our own little way in case it does. Right now, the mindset of our politicians is 2016 elections.

    No one really knows when it is coming but a passage from the prophecies of reputed seer Nostradamus has been cited: The trembling so hard in the month of May, Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus; Venue also. Cancer, Mars, in Virgo. Hale will fall larger than an egg.

    What does this mean and how is it related to the big one? We all know that the tides are affected by the movements of the moon. We also have read about how the earth is affected by planetary alignments in our constellation. Researchers have discovered that on May 28, 2015 between 11 – 12 midnite, our planet Earth, and Mercury will be energized because of the Venus-Sun-Uranus alignment. When this happens, according to the research, the West Coast or Pacific side of North America will be greatly affected as they are on the right side of the earth and left side of the moon during the alignment of the planets. When this happens, California will go into the sea and Japan will experience tsunamis of great proportion.

    Some are saying this is just a promo thing for the movie “San Andreas” but the tsunami that wiped out parts of Japan in April 2011 happened during a Mercury in Uranus, Earth, and Moon alignment. If it happens in May 2015 as predicted, we pray we will be spared.

    God is Great!



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    1. Olivia Reyes on

      Where would be a safe place/state for my family to go? I currently live in Redding Ca. Please help

      Come to the Philippines and buy a house and lot in Merville Park, Paranaque City. It is not sitting on a fault. It’s far far away from any fault and it is also far away from any tsunami.