• Are you looking for a saint?


    A SECTION of the Yellow Brigade (YB), if not the whole group, launched quite early and too often, a word that they tried to shape 2016 into: bobotantes. These are voters who are dumb. Making further the argument that if the voters are supporting candidate JB, then they are dumb. Ergo, the supporters of candidate MR are not. A simple strategy that even got a German political foundation put together an animated video for distribution to the tribe. Unfortunately, the video lumped all previous political personalities, ex-presidents or family members of ex-presidents as the epitome of choices made by dumb voters. juxtapose that with the lay of the land and they effectively alienated more than a majority!

    What a total waste of resources and what a stupid strategy that boomeranged on them because had the so called intelligent individuals did their thinking, they would have realized that they are driving a class wedge in their framing so early that shows their being peninsulares viz the Indios (oh they’ll probably add “los bobos” to Indios) or worst, pesantes. For some, caciques viz sacadas or dumaans would be the proper distinctions. The class wedge shows: classes D and E comprise 65% and 27% respectively of the country.

    Then for some, experience, credibility and clean are said to be the most important traits that voters are looking for. And by adopting these, they exclude the rest, right? Even political scion is not in anyway dynastic. But if you try to drill down data, who is more transactional? Who has milked the system dry?

    In a non-commissioned psychographic survey done by Publicus Asia (called Political Mindscape), among likely voters from 17-45 years old, which comprise of 66.57% of voters, a political candidate’s attitude/behavior is the primary characteristic potential voters look for in a political candidate. A candidate’s beliefs or principles and political experience are tied as second most important consideration of voters. Political experience, education and vision in life fades out.

    What attitudes or behavior do voters look for in a political candidate? Sympathy for people, true kindness, amiability, trustworthiness, piousness are the primary behaviors. There are also several factors that affect voting preference on the day of the election. Endorsement by the incumbent president for presidential and vice presidential candidates stands at 13% nationally, with the lowest in North Luzon at 4% and highest in Mindanano at 23%. In terms of class, the endorsement can only secure 8% in Class E.

    Another favorite framing these days are Daang Matuwid and Daang Baluktot as if governance is just a straight line and all of us will benefit from such sterling record. If such is the case, why is basic service so bad? And if Daang Matuwid is a sterling piece of shimmering splendor, why did the Supreme Court rule out PDAF and declare DAP unconstitutional? If Daang Matuwid is truly the right way, why did we not get from government the humane and caring service in Yolanda or with the MRT, or an accountable leader with Mamasapano?

    Daang Matuwid when at the campaign’s door, we issue or threaten to issue dossiers to all potential candidates to get them off the track: Binay and the 22 Senate hearings, OMB and AMLC; Poe on residency, renouncing citizenship and travels using a foreign passport; Duterte and his women; Marcos and his educational record; among others. Still to be shown is how this administration will deal with Lacson’s double barreled gun: GAA2015 and Yolanda. The same is true with the independent, intelligent and fiery Defensor-Santiago. Those not hit are their colleagues, willing to play along until the race becomes crystal clear and by that time, the most rationale animal in the planet would shift allegiance.

    Ahhh, ‘nuff with the saints. in politics there are none. Most of them leave after a term. In this season of half truths, spins, propaganda, mudslinging, personal attacks, zings and duds, voters need not follow a herd, most especially the yellow kind that dumbs them. One needs to have a critical mind, lung power to be heard, and a patience of a million Jobs to reach the finish line and vote for your leader, not your saint. That is why voting is sacred and not a conditional cash transfer.

    The great communicator Ronald Reagan once said, “politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” Prostitutes are not saints but Mary Magdalene was. C’mon, cast the first stone and you will realize the hardened white collar criminals of our time are not the Juan dela Cruzes. You say, a class war is afoot? Who started it?

    And interestingly, in the same psychographic survey, candidates have some months remaining to convince voters toward their side since most Filipinos do not think about whom they will vote for until a month before the election or less. Only 12% say they start thinking about it one year before the election, 12% about 6 months before, 13% one month before, 25% a week before, and 24% one day before voting day. Another 6% say they only think about it on the day of the election. If they are bobotantes, they would have readily jumped on the imaginary bandwagon candidates love to shout about. That’s just candidate propaganda and when candidates start believing their own propaganda, patay kang bata ka!

    A presidential candidate in the most developed democracy was quoted in saying, “we need a president who understands leadership, who has a proven record of actual accomplishments, who can bring about bipartisan solutions, who can bring people from both sides to the table to get things done… And that leader needs to gather the great minds of our society and bring them into a new administration and give them direction and ask them to help us solve the monumental challenges that face us.” Now, that is not the leadership of Tuwid Na Daan, right? Will it be in Aquino 2.0? Reboot or change OS?


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    1. I recall that in the past, this Paredes, wrote that he has chosen to migrate to Australia in despair over the Philippine state .

      He obviously reappeared when Pnoy was proclaimed President hoping to be appointed
      somehow somewhere.

      As he meddles in Pilipino affairs can we check if like this Llamanzares woman he is in fact no longer Pilipino?

    2. The intellectual like Jim Paredes started a his crusade against VP Binay and he taught he can gather audience in Ayala Avenue. It is was good thing he got some budget for media that it aired in Channel 2. Jim only showed that he belonged to elite and did even dented the popularity of the Binays. The movement of the administration drumbeaters clearly shows that VP Binay is the man to beat next year. Hitting beating VP Binay below the belt will never work and it would be better for them to work double time to improve the elite image of Mar Roxas. The endorsement of Pnoy on Mar can not help because of several failures of his 5 years presidency. It is time for Mar to stand alone if he really want to catch up. To continue the Tuwid na Daan slogan no longer works now.