• Are you up to be the best in golf?



    In anything we do in life, there is always that aspiration to do well and feel happy. Just like getting hooked into the game of golf, it becomes a real challenge for us to achieve the best possible score we can. So whether we are a die-hard golfer or not, there is that wanting to always strive better. At the back of our head, this wanting will make us certainly happy in playing this game we love most!

    There are numerous golfers whose intentions are to have fun while playing. Some play for the sun and exercise and enjoy the green environment. Others are there to enhance their business and family bonding. While a few others, are there to intensively indulge themselves in a competitive atmosphere.

    I play golf for the reason that I just simply enjoy this game. It allows me to feel heaven whenever I make that real good shot. In fact, I have removed the concept of challenging myself and competing with others. It takes the fun out of the game. I am just aware that each and every shot are always different, but just the same, enjoy each shot whether bad or good. So, after each shot, I study it, practice it, and teach it during my coaching sessions.

    During play, take note that your next shot happens after several minutes of walking or riding the golf cart. Thus, it gives you some time to think, practice, analyze or converse with your flight mates and enjoy the scenery. The intentions or goals can really vary between players.

    The question is, do you think that you need to be the best in golf? It can be your choice. But it can also be an instinct to be one like it.

    Well, to be the best in golf, there are three general components to make it possible. They are the study of golf, practice and teaching.

    The study of golf
    Knowledge about golf is the key component. Learning the fundamentals is vital and necessary to master. The swing biomechanics must also be studied well to maximize power and prevent injuries.

    Golf is the most complex game ever because it is bounded with controlled precision in moving the golf club with your body. The movement of the body and the club must synchronize, at specific angles and in perfect balance. The reason being that the golf ball is static until the ball is struck by the golf club. When the club face is not in an ideal angle, then it will not go to where you intend.

    The study of golf can also be a tedious job. There are various schools of thoughts that you need to consider and identify what you believe works best for you and others. There exist common factors that definitely work best. There are times when it requires some testing to do, so you can justify the concepts you have learned. It is a plus to experience the processes and see what happens.

    The practice of golf
    Practicing what you have learned is an obvious task. It requires a deep sense of understanding, patience, commitment, perseverance and true love for the game.

    During your practices, it is imperative that you know what you are, and should be working on. It is necessary to consider all angles. Practice each distinction diligently and allow time for absorption. It will save you time and money eventually.

    When practicing, spend more of your time and good feeling effort in the development of your psychological and emotional aspects. The physical aspect, swing mechanics, is only about 20 percent of the total composition of the game of golf. Approximately 80 percent is attributed to the mental and emotional aspects, which normally derails us from knowing.

    I recommend that you practice using your imagination, creativity, common sense and logical thinking. Intellect will help but is not necessary. Through the course of frequent practices, experience adds up as the ultimate teacher.

    Teaching the game
    When one starts to coach or teach the game of golf, it enhances the ability of the coach or whoever teaches, to play the game even better. The scope of knowledge and understanding expands without any limitations.

    You will tend to indulge yourself into more research regarding further developments on equipment, technology, the mental and the emotional elements of the game. This eventually widens your outlook on how to effectively improve yourself and others without delay and unnecessary costs.

    So, there you are. To be the best in golf requires some amount of work for many years. You need to accumulate extensive knowledge about golf, many hours of proper practice, and learning how to teach yourself and others. It is your choice.


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