• Aren’t PNoy and Mar madder than Grace?


    After all the undisputed arguments have shown that Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares is constitutionally disqualified to sit in Congress or seek the presidency or the vice-presidency, any decent society or political party would have sadly but promptly declared her “political demise.” Thus, a concerned colleague suggests I should stop wasting my energy commenting on “this yesterday’s news.”

    But both President B. S. Aquino 3rd and his presidential anointee Mar Roxas prevent me from dropping the issue. They have such an absurd and perverted view of the Constitution that they seem to believe one who is constitutionally disqualified from seeking the presidency may yet be recycled to seek the vice-presidency. An unschooled farmer or dockhand may entertain this view, but certainly not a sitting president or someone actively seeking the presidency.

    This is culpable and injurious ignorance of the Constitution, which provides that the Vice President “shall have the same qualifications and term of office and be elected with and in the same manner as the President.” But this is all probably feigned ignorance. For all their known limitations, PNoy and Mar cannot be that ignorant of the Constitution and the law. They have an array of highly-paid lawyers, who, to the best of our knowledge, had been researching all the legal angles of this issue.

    They must know whether or not Grace Poe, who was born of unknown parents in Iloilo City on Sept. 3, 1968, has an extant birth certificate, and what’s written on it. They must know whether or not she was indeed legally adopted, as claimed, by her surrogate parents, Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces Poe, who were married three months after her birth, on Dec. 25, 1968. They must know why in order for her to be elected senatorial topnotcher in 2013, the Comelec website had to credit her with 20 million votes at the start of the counting only to reduce it to 16 million votes a few days later, and then restore it to 20 million at the end.

    Indeed, they must know that she was still an American citizen in 2010 when she first attempted to run for the Senate and then quickly withdrew when she realized she was still an alien–she lost her US citizenship only in 2012–and became chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board instead.

    This position also required a Philippine citizenship, but PNoy and his legal advisers must have thought this was not as serious as running for the Senate. They knew the people did not know and no one would probably object.

    By claiming falsely to be the natural-born daughter of the Poe couple, she was able to “reacquire” an invalid Philippine citizenship and eventually run for the Senate. As “senator” with some passed-on celebrity status, it was easy for her promoters, defenders and funders to position her as a presidential possibility, through her adoptive uncle’s propaganda surveys, until citizen Rizalito David arrived. The people being “surveyed” for their preferred presidential candidate, like the fraudsters at work, did not care to find out whether she was constitutionally qualified. They were simply given a short list to choose from, and since she was already a senator it was easy for them to presume she had no constitutional infirmities. David was the little boy in the old story who cried that the Emperor was truly naked.

    It now seems clear that there was/there is a political “project” to make Mrs. Llamanzares president—as there was a project to make Ramon Magsaysay and the Aquino mother-and-son president. Or at least a project to make Grace a presidential candidate. But once her flawed citizenship was raised before the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) and the Commission on Elections (Comelec), PNoy had to officially anoint Roxas, after recognizing Grace’s constitutional disability without saying so, and striking down her presidential project.

    If her promoters, defenders and funders would insist on running her for president, PNoy might be forced to declare that she is constitutionally disqualified. Otherwise, the legal dossier which had been assembled on her citizenship would be quickly sent to the shredder, if she agreed to run for vice president.

    Thus PNoy’s funny statement that Grace is not ready to become president, and that she would do well to earn some experience first by agreeing to run for Vice President. With all due respect, under the presidential system, whoever runs for vice-president must be prepared to assume the duties of the President any day after he assumes office. Thus, if Mrs. Llamanzares does not have the capability to become the president, she should not be considered at all for vice-president.

    But truth to tell, if she did not have this insurmountable citizenship problem, I would have gladly put her above many of the announced presidential wannabes anytime, despite her so-called lack of experience.

    To begin with, what experience is PNoy talking about? What experience did his late mother, Cory Aquino, have when she challenged Marcos and then declared herself a revolutionary president in 1986? What experience did PNoy himself have when he ran for president in 2010 just by standing on his mother’s grave? And what experience can he possibly claim to have gained after six years of failure and incompetence in 2016?

    Yesterday, a group of petitioners asked the Supreme Court to ask the Ombudsman to investigate PNoy, along with other high officials of his government, for his failure (amounting to refusal) to investigate, prosecute or suspend those involved in the abuse and misuse of the P15-billion Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), which the Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional. This was in direct contempt of the Court’s order to proceed against all those involved.

    Although the President is deemed immune from criminal prosecution while in office, the lawyers believe he could be investigated by the Ombudsman in order to lay the foundation for a possible impeachment complaint against the President. Will this particular episode form part of his executive experience?

    As for Mar Roxas, what experience does he have which allows him to think he could hack the job?

    It appears that Mrs. Llamanzares is not alone in her apparent madness. PNoy and his Liberal Party crew may be the first ones suffering from it.



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    1. common sense lng nmn eh..pinahihirapan nu mga kokote nu!english pa mga commentongs!NICE EXPLANATION SIR KIT TATAD….more power to u

    2. This is not only about GPoe’s citizenship … this is all about GPoe’s FAMILY citizenship. Her husband and children are Americans, to this day. Will Comelec allow Americans to campaign for a candidate? Assuming GPoe wins the presidency, will our State Protocols allow Americans to live/sleep at Malacanang? Will her family also renounce their Green Cards and 6 years after, reside again in America? I hope GPoe has factored these scenarios with serious thoughts.

    3. if anybody aspires for higher position in the gov’t office then they should first be constitutional.

    4. isidro c. valencia on

      Sino ang tunay na baliw? Akala ko si Sisa (aka Miriam) lang ang baliw.

      Meron din palang psychologically impaired sa Malacañan kasama na yong kanyang sidekick (MAR umi).

      THIS IS A FORM OF “BLACK MAIL IN DISGUISE OF Senate Electoral Tribunal’s HEARING as dictated by PIGNOY!

      Isang pitik lang ni PIGNOY, yong Pavlovian dogs sa SENATE are howling with gusto and crying for BILLIONS OF FUNDS from their master.

      PIGNOY is a third rate trying hard copy cat of MARCOS, the dictator. What is in his mind can be achieved (dysfunctional and psychological disorder). He achieved PALPAK, MANHID, GANID ADMINISTRATION! Hawak ni PIGNOY ang Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, Media, at Research Institutions.

      Pumayag ka na disGrace na running mate ka ni MAR umi. At alam ko balita na pumayag ka na sa halagang P1B? At “moro moro lang ang SET hearing.

    5. Antonio Angustia on

      Since Grace Poe per se is not qualified for running even as senator, why does it take so long for the COMELEC to invalidate her senate seat (and probably handing it over to the next who garnered the 13th place in the senatorial race of 2010)?? Why don’t they just strip her off her position and legally announce her disqualification in running to higher offices like President and VP … to preclude any of her future political plan. What the hell are they waiting for??

      • By law, Comelec ceased to have no jurisdiction over Sen. Poe. The Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) now has jurisdiction over her. A quo Warranto case is now being heard to oust Sen Poe from the Senate.

    6. Rey P. Alcalde on

      Sen. Poe has become popular because of the media reports and opinions about her citizenship and that makes her think she can become President. What if for a while, like two weeks, the media drops Poe, will she reconsider her dream of living in Malacañang?

    7. Too many OPINIONS. Let the Senate Electoral Tribunal decide the issue about the citizenship of Grace Poe. Period!

    8. For the meantime please be the VP of Mar then on the next election your dream may come true…I salute Ms. Poe, you never done anything against other candidates nor criticized them each. The sense of maturity is within her…the deeper sense that cannot be compared! NO one cannot do that in the name of POLITICS…making themselves believe that they are the best leader …the next in line that anyone aspires to be. Just earn experience coz no one cannot accuse you….free from any cases either citizenship or lack of residency, once you fulfill the perfect 10 years, the good governance can wait at your hands too!

      • Just like my forever President Gibo Teodoro who never resorted to mudslinging,. his campaign was all about his platform of governance. He shunned entertainment politics, did not resort to singing and dancing acts, did not have on stage actors actresses singers.performing. and yet he lost. Even if he is more qualified, he never gets a position in government which is just proof that only those who are allies /friends of the winning party are chosen….

    9. I don’t understand why so still many are dumbest person like the Vice President to run the country, why couldn’t think in a very simple to see if what the best for the country, let to tell you something in many province the Island the Hospital, School, Road so badly in many years never found out all the corruption those who run a mayor never such found out the funding for the hospital ,etc…. because even the secretary & treasurer stealing the money too that’s why get rich no wonder how come afford in their salary for everything, so please… if who well be won for the election I asked in favor check the funding in project that money goes to it not their pocket in my mind I saw passing the bus going the road to visit our relatives so very bad smell the road from Calbayog to Samar thy dumped their rubbish to near catbalogan the road so badly patching some area because the mayor in calbayog corrupt trying to scared people those saying about them in wrong doing, same in catbalogan is going back ward much better in the old day so clean the sea & beach no corrupt at that time.

    10. Mr. Kit, it is very evident that nobody seems to care much more believe your position on Grace’s citizenship. Constitutional experts like chief Justice Tem Panganiban, Atty. K Legarda, Sen Miriam, and even respected lawyer Sen Rene Saguisag, all say that Grace is a natural born citizen. But here you are, forgive the categorization, a constitutional layman like us, continue to write and insist that Sen Poe is not! Who do you think the people will believe, you or the experts. The answer is quite obvious! On this subject, I think you are just wasting your time and precious media space. Sorry. Pls. refrain or stop writing on areas that you are not in the know about. Or at least, preface your postulation by saying … this is just my humble personal opinion…. and people will perhaps understand.Good Luck.

      • Perhaps you haven’t noticed: Mr. Tatad’s column shows under “OPINION” in The Manila Times. So your suggestion to him that “Or at least, preface your postulation by saying … this is just my humble personal opinion…” is uncalled for and reveals your ignorance of what an opinion columnist is all about.
        By the way, I think your dependence on the opinions of “Constitutional experts like chief Justice Tem Panganiban, Atty. K Legarda, Sen Miriam, and even respected lawyer Sen Rene Saguisag”, to decide the issue of Grace Poe’s natural born status is pathetic. Did you ever consider that these so-called experts have their own agenda? Think for yourself, and do your research as Mr. Tatad has done. You don’t have to be a lawyer to konw what is going on. You just have to know English.

      • so true you just trying to make the best of your words in the media but she was a real born in the country and why you’re trying to make it all this thing happened , maybe you are the big fans of Binay to run the country in my reading your personality couldn’t trust you at all it’s because so many like her and can run for good the country, not again for more the thieves of so many others those who was been already then what happened still in usual situation problems, the country need to make good and attractive for the tourism so many beautiful place to show the world and need to clean also protect the tourist as they’re scared kidnapping by ransom , the Philippines it will be the most area target to visit then.I would say people of the Philippines do not put those have bad record to make it worst like of Marcos & Imelda the number one most con woman in the world, even that Davao city who like to run too but he’s a buddy of Bb/Marcos in what I know, Binay are such can’t trust at all his traitor the daughter much like a such ”Bitch” person liar personality so it means a whole family same things, then if I am in front of them not to afraid say how I can feel all of them in what they’re, like in the fast during of Roxas, Macapagal, Ninoy Marcos in the 70th was trying to sabotage in Luneta during the campgn so Marcos won the greatest ” KAWATAN” history by his wife, so we don’t want that happened again mga kabayan, let people if they’re support the bad one let them think what gonna do to help once given a thumb their choice I just laugh to those idiot who like that family the vice president should put him in jail.

      • you’re an idiot, and missing the whole point.

        again, she was a US citizen in 2012. tapos ang kwento! A-M-E-R-I- K-A-N-A sya 3 years ago. ano ba ang requirement sa constitution? hayz….

      • For heaven’s sake, all you lost-in-translation folks should never interpret constitutional gray areas by saying all you have to do is have a skill in reading English. Go to law school and consume the voluminous books in constitutional law so you may have a little clue. The long list of Philippine jurisprudence was already presented by experts about how Grace Poe acquired and re-acquired her Filipino citizenship. The dynamics may be quite complicated but truly make good sense. Unfortunately, people try to think highly of themselves without a single clue about the law. To those above, try to listen to the experts if you have time and try keeping your mouth shut so you may acknowledge how pathetically ignorant you all are.

    11. So who’s qualified jejomar binay the most corrupt person in the philippines… I rather vote poe nor Mar. We need a president who is really dedicated

      • Guys it is not us who can pronounce any presidentiable guilty of corruption because unless found out by a competent court any accused is considered innocent. Sino ba naman sa mga politico ngayon ang di corrupt? sino bang politico ang hindi namimili ng boto? kayo na nagsabing corrupt sila kayo ba ay hindi tumanggap ng bayad para bomuto? judge kayo ng judge sa tao pero dapat tingnan muna natin sarili natin if we are right before God.

    12. dio san pedro on

      You’re absolutely correct about Mr Roxas and Pres Aquino not that stupid to know Poe is disqualified from being senator, vice president, and president from the start. Makes people wonder what the reasons were they’re still courting her up to now. It even makes both of them look like they’re begging her effectively making them look weak in the eyes of the public.

      This is because they want to make it look like they are desperate to find a vice presidential candidate for Mr Roxas. In the end and at the very last minute, Pres Aquino will convince the people of the Philippines that he is willing to make a bigger sacrifice for the country and the people will buy it one hundred percent. Drama wins over politics in this part of the world and so Mr Roxas will be the next President of the Philippines and Mr Aquino will be his Vice President.

    13. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Analytical and factual. The administration sooner would lose its cool and even beat El Nino in the process. God bless the Philippines.

    14. There is no precedent for the case of Poe which makes me curious why the writer is adamant about her disqualification. Now that the case has been filed, it is better to let the courts decide before hem and hawing on why she shouldn’t run.

      Furthermore, it is not only Pnoy or Mar who was courting Poe to be their VP. Even Binay kept asserting that he wanted Poe to be his VP.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Out of order. Mr. Tatad is simply repeating what he has already written for so many times because TRUTH matters in this particular case of GRACE because by not telling the truth Grace has disgraced herself. God bless the Philippines.

    15. The constitution is the supreme law of the land. It can be amended. While it is not amended, what is stated in the constitution is the supreme law.
      The judicial branch is the interpreter of the constitution.
      The executive branch implements the constitution.
      The legislative body legislate law in relation to the constitution.
      This I learn in school. Is this still true?

      • A lot of people either do not have a clue or just plainly have a total disregard for the law, in this case, the constitution.

    16. We all don’t understand why Poe is still waiting for the so called right forum to prove her citizenship or ,for that mater, prove that she is indeed qualified to run for any position.

    17. “Yesterday, a group of petitioners asked the Supreme Court to ask the Ombudsman to investigate PNoy, along with other high officials of his government, for his failure (amounting to refusal) to investigate, prosecute or suspend those involved in the abuse and misuse of the P15-billion Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), which the Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional.”

      This is a most welcome news for all of us. It’s really high time that the country move toward the impeachment of this useless decoration in Malacanang, and prepare too for his eventual jailing. Nothing less is satisfactory to the nation.

      We are grateful too that you do not let up on your tirade against Llamanzares for her fraudulent representation. We are eagerly awaiting the action of the SET on this and of course, the Supreme Court. We share the sentiment that we cannot allow a LIAR like Poe to put one over us.

      • But they forgot Conchita Carpio Morales, a yellow stalwart with yellow glasses with a yellow brain. She will not comprehend nor recognize the essence of the complaint unless it has the blessings of Pnoy.

      • hahaha!!! you’re wrong in judgement about POE, reading your cmmented about her you are more likely to support binay the Kawatan wake up or shake your head & think in thousand times idiot do you think you’re perfect? could be you want to be another ”galamay ”of those corrupt to run in the country you’re not in good to choice what the best for the country to make better or you’re just want still many criminal in the head of yours prospect to plan for yourself and the rest who support the bad ones. no wonder why in the parliament of the philippines are so many even so are not in the senate why? should not be allowed them in & out not that I know so many of ”one person then many had galamay it should changed the setting no assistant with them too.

      • It annoys me that most commenters especially the critics of the present government how they are blinded by their beliefs. Have you these critics really know what are they talking about? Who among these critics can tell me that I am wrong when I say that the Supreme Court did not declare the whole Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) as unconstitutional. Instead, it was just A PART OF IT that was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. In our language and of the common logical thinking of a common majority Filipino, “Hindi dahil may parteng bulok ang prutas ay sasabihin na nating bulok ang buong prutas. Dahil sa isang katulad ko, tatanggalin ko ang bahaging bulok at kakainin ang hindi bulok na parte.” Can these critics can’t broaden their thinking and understanding for goodness sake? Can’t you understand or can’t you see that the purpose of the DAP is for the good of the nation, the people? And because nobody and nothing in this land is perfect, flaws are expected? Who you are to judge and say that implementer are thieves just because the Supreme court declared the flaws? Pnoy and Binay, I still believe and put my trust to Pnoy. Why? List down everything that they are accused of and realized yourselves which serves for themselves.