• Arles rolls 300, advances to World Cup 2nd round


    The Philippines’ Mades Arles rolled a perfect game to easily advance to the second round of the 49th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup international finals at the Krasnoyarsk Center in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

    Arles finished fifth at 5,563 pinfalls in 24 games with the help of her 300 game to make the 24-player women’s division.

    The other Filipino representative, Benshir Layoso, also looked a certainty to hurdle the 24-man cut by sitting on ninth spot after 18 games with 4,268.

    Canada ’s Caroline Lagrange, who also shot a perfect game in the world’s toughest individual kegfest, showed the way in the women’s group with 5956.

    Dominican Republic’s Aumi Guerra checked in second at 5751, followed by USA’s Danielle McEwan (5649), Singapore’s Cherie Tan (5605), Arles, Aruba’s Thasiana Seraus (5463), Romania’s Luminita Farkas Bucin (5388), Finland’s Roosa Lunden (5384), Costa Rica’s Viviana Delgado Cruz (5365) and Sweden’s Sandra Andersson (5363).

    The other Swedish representative—Peter Hellstrom —kept the men’s lead with 4679, followed by Russia’s Alexei Parshukov (4397), Belgium’s Mats Maggi (4359), Germany’s Bodo Konieczny (4333), South Africa’s Guy Caminsky (4329), Norway’s Tore Torgersen (4303), Israel’s Or Aviram (4301), Mexico’s Humberto Vasquez (4300), Layoso and Ireland’s Chris Sloan (4252).

    Hellstrom and the other male bowlers were scheduled to bowl another six games in their bids to make the 24-man cut.



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