Army, ASG clash anew; more troops wounded


ZAMBOANGA CITY: Government troops clashed on Monday with Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) bandits in Basilan that resulted in over a dozen casualties on the military side, officials said.

Officials said the fighting was so fierce that more soldiers were needed to reinforce the troops battling the rebels in the town of Sumisip.

Army Captain Jo-ann Petinglay, spokesperson for the Western Mindanao Command, said three pro-government militias were killed and 11 others wounded, including six Special Forces soldiers.

“A heavy armed confrontation ensued between patrolling troops of the Joint Task Force Basilan and members of the Abu Sayyaf Group in Sumisip,” she added.

The engagements resulted in “five members of the Civilian Active Auxiliary sustaining wounds, while three CAA members were killed in action. Six other soldiers were also wounded during the second encounter,” Petinglay said.

She added eight of the injured were brought to Camp Navarro General Hospital in Zamboanga City while the others remain in hospital in Basilan.

There was no immediate report of ASG casualties.

The encounter ensued in areas where security forces earlier liberated several villages from the influence of the Abu Sayyaf.

Last month, Gov. Mujiv Hataman of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao led civilians, local leaders, the military and the police in celebrating the liberation of several villages in Sumisip and launched a “People’s Day” as tribute to democracy and freedom from the Abu Sayyaf.

Hataman said since 2012, the regional government allocated some P877 million worth of projects like roads and bridges to spur development and help the local economy progress.

But despite these efforts, the Abu Sayyaf continues to sow terror in the province just several nautical miles away from the port city of Zamboanga.


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  1. John Chameleon on

    Terrorism is a big business. Extortion alone can rake them millions and millions of pesos. Money is the only reason why the Abu Sayyaf and the NPA are intact and operating. The local support provided by the local politicians and disguised link with some military sharing the profit from extortion and kidnapping make the ASG more audacious.

    Drug lords in municipalities organizing goons to protect their marijuana plantations dupe the people by calling their combatants NPA. What is funny is even the military believe the fallacy.

    The fightings ataged against the ASG and NPA result in tremendous loss for tourism, agriculture, fishery and peace. The President was right to order the military to finish them off.

    Tourism has the biggest potential business profit if only we can maintain peace in the Philippines. Our country has impeccable tourist attractions much brighter than Hawaii or the Carribean.

    But the barbaric decapitation done to foreigners is so notorious abroad until now that they drive tourists away. Add the maligning of the country by the opposition lead by the boneheaded Vice President.

    Now the drug lords have found strong alliance with the catholic church, media hacks and their master oligarchs. subversive dirty politicians desiring to catch money from foreign liberals leering to oust Duterte, a very popular leader in Asia and of the Philippines..

    And this is when our will as a nation of Pilipinos must rise. We can never attain economic, social and political progress if we are to tie our hands against the covert group staging the subterfuge to drive away our President by any means.

    “So beware of false prophets dressed in sheep’s clothing but are really vicious wolves.”

    Protect our nation from harm and protect the future of our children.

  2. For once, can we put this terrorist issue on the same level with the war on drugs. Good people are dying everytime and not even a single mainstream media is highlighting this.