Army hails perished soldiers in Zamboanga siege


As I am from Mindanao, this is what I can say about the conflict in my home city of Zamboanga. In fairness we should as well convey our condolences to the FAMILIES AND RELATIVES of the fallen MNLF followers under Mr. Misuari’s faction to erase the notion that there remain enmities between our two sides in the conflict. We should learned factual events from our history that in every end of many battles in Mindanao enmities or hostilities and antagonism actually divide our people. The Spaniards, Americans and the Japanese didn’t care at all to show sympathy to the Maranaw, Maguidanaw, and Suluans as they considered them as their enemies; there was no remorse of what happened in the battlefields, but WE DO because they are our brother Filipinos. We should not create enmity between ourselves and them. It is just in our own best interest to honor them as they fought bravely for what they believe that they are neglected while billion of funds intended to uplift their poverty stricken community ended in the bank accounts of our highest officials in the government. Don’t misunderstand me. As I say no foreigners who killed our own kind will have remorse for what they did because WE are not of their own kinds. We should correct those wounds perpetrated by the colonizers of our country; as for now it seems that we are emulating what the colonizers did to us. So it is just fitting and proper that we should condole as well the bereaved FAMILIES and RELATIVES of our adversary out of respect to their fallen ones. Is this true or not true?

Rosauro Feliciano,


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  1. Eduardo T Ibanez on

    Dear Mr President Aquino and Philippine Congress:

    Please pray for the fallen soldiers as well as the civilian in the Zamboanga siege.

    Moreover please provide not only prayer but financial aid,probably new homes, for the fallen soldiers.