• Army improves fire support capability with14 units of M-113


    The Philippine Army (PA) will be putting into service 14 M-113 “Bradley” APCs (armored personnel carriers) armed with 76mm cannons next year to improve its fire support capability.

    Capt. Anthony Bacus, Army spokesperson, said the 76mm turrets of decommissioned Scorpion CVRT (combat vehicle reconnaissance tracked) will be installed on the M-113s, making the APCs speedy fire support vehicles.

    “The turrets of decommissioned Scorpion CVTs will be installed on the M-113 platform and it will be fitted with modern fire control and thermal imaging equipment. Once it is completed, the 76mm cannon armed M-113s will be quite lethal,” he added.

    The M-113 is a fully tracked armored personnel carrier manufactured by BAE Systems.

    The vehicle was first fielded by United States Army’s mechanized infantry units in Vietnam in April 1962.

    The PA is known to operate over 100 units of the M-113s.

    The Scorpion CVRTs is classified as armored fighting vehicle or light tank and the Philippines is set to acquire 65 units.

    Earlier, the Department of National Defense announced that it is acquiring 12 units of towed 155mm howitzers forP438,620,000.

    This includes 240 rounds of 155mm HE (high explosive) and integrated logistics support. PNA


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    1. First, the M-113 is not called the “Bradley”. The one called Bradley is the M2 which is an entirely different armored vehicle?

      Second, are you really certain we are going to get Scorpion CVRT’s? Scorpions are no longer being manufactured so where are we going to get them? From the British armies discarded Scorpions?

      What has been made available is we are going to get M-113’s as EDA from the US so getting Scorpions does not make sense.