Arnaiz did not shoot policemen


    The taxi driver allegedly robbed by 19-year-old Carl Angelo Arnaiz denied the claim of the police that the teenager engaged policemen in a shootout forcing them to shoot him.

    In a news conference, Tomas Bagcal said that he was indeed robbed by Arnaiz and that the latter was beaten up by a mob.

    Bagcal narrated that he asked the help of bystanders who mauled the teenager.

    “As far as I know, he was mauled and I was the one who stopped the bystanders from beating him up. I told [the bystanders]that I will just bring the robber to the police precinct and my purpose for that is to charge him,” he told reporters.

    “This person who robbed me, I captured him with the help of bystanders. Then, I brought him to the [police]station alive, and then later on, I found out that the one who robbed me has died,” Bagcal explained in Filipino.

    EYEWITNESS Tomas Bagcal narrates the turn of events on the night Carl Angelo Arnaiz was killed. PHOTO BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

    He said he took Arnaiz to a police station in 9th Avenue, Caloocan City.

    However, the policemen took Arnaiz outside the precinct and told Bagcal to follow them.

    “While I was walking, I heard gunshots. Then I hid behind an electric post, then a few seconds later, I saw that the [person in]black had fallen,” Bagcal said.

    Asked if it’s possible that the person was shot again after he fell, the taxi driver added: “It’s possible because the gunshots were continuous.”

    Bagcal said he will provide more details of what he witnessed “at the proper time and venue.”

    “The killing was scripted,” he told reporters.

    The Northern Police District’s Crime Laboratory chief Police Supt. Arnel Marquez had said the former University of the Philippines student was shot five times.

    The taxi driver sought the protection of the group Rise Up for Life and for Rights. Members of the group were with him during the news briefing.

    The police officers behind Arnaiz’s killing had been relieved.

    Arnaiz was last seen in the company of Reynaldo de Guzman, 14, who also disappeared. The boy’s remains were found in Gapan, Nueva Ecija last week. His body was riddled with stab wounds and his head was wrapped in packaging tape.

    No affidavit
    Bagcal also denied executing an affidavit before policemen on the same day that he was robbed.

    He said police officers merely asked his name, age, birthday and some information about his vehicle.

    “Aside from that, there were no other questions,” he said.

    The taxi driver said he sought the help of Rise Up because he feared for his life.

    “My apartment was already ransacked. When I arrived in my apartment, I saw that it was open while I always close it before I leave. There are some persons who are looking for me,” he said.


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