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DONE with his canned guesting on Luchi Cruz-Valdes’ Reaksyon on TV5, Arnelli Ignacio—the newly appointed AVP for Community Relations and Services Department—made a side trip to Cristy Fermin’s radio program.

Accompanied by his handbag-toting elderly bodyguard, Arnel—in a long-sleeved plaid polo shirt and black tapered pants—breezed through the media center with an aura of respectability.

When finally settled inside the radio booth, a cue on our monitor read: “AVP, Community Relations and Services Department, PAGCOR.”

Arnel Ignacio, a Duterte Administration appointee to PACGOR, carries himself with an aura of respectability these days

Arnel Ignacio, a Duterte Administration appointee to PACGOR, carries himself with an aura of respectability these days

“So how do we address you, Sir Arnel?” to which he simply grinned. “Seriously, my being an official is not yet official pending my appointment papers,” he clarified.

For the benefit of the listening public, Arnel pointed out that the thrust of his department is self-explanatory: “We go to the communities and establish relations with them as far as their needs are concerned.

As his initial task, he had already visited the 70-year old National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City. “The operating tables are as old as the hospital.” But the scope can be limitless as Arnel has begun identifying far-flung areas in the country which need immediate attention.

“There are plenty of money in my department but of course, what Digong really wants is the elimination of too many processes.“

Cristy Fermin then raised a valid question if Arnel’s office—located on UN Avenue in Manila—could be tapped by any socio-civic entity with reference to her regular listener named Mayette Bonilla who set up and maintains Bahay Aruga, a halfway house for pediatric cancer patients for free from out of generous donations.

“Why not?” Arnel retorted. “Let me just heat up on my seat, but I’m sure we’ll gladly be of help to the kids afflicted with cancer.”

Meanwhile, his first and foremost internal concern is to get a new logo design for his department, “I can’t imaging that my office’s logo is displayed in schools and hospitals that we are helping. Of couse, when you say PAGCOR, you automatically think of casino.”

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Maine Mendoza in ‘Imagine You & Me’

Maine Mendoza in ‘Imagine You & Me’

WAS THE box office take of the latest AlDub movie below expectations?

As far as our celebrity-informant is concerned, the answer is a resounding yes.

Here’s her piece debunking the producer’s claim that the film Imagine You and Me broke all existing box office records: “Can you repeat that?!” our tipster exclaimed in disbelief. “From what I heard, the first two screening hours on its opening day only earned P12M. At the end of the day, they only got P15M.”

Based on the figures, the movie’s first day run sales were unlikely for a phenomenal showbiz tandem at that which, in fact, marked its first anniversary on July 16 over Eat Bulaga.

“But in fairness, the figures went up on the movie’s weekend run,” our source clarified.

Prior to the commercial run, our source attended the film’s premiere night, “I didn’t finish it. I stood and went to the restroom and never went back to my seat. I was only disappointed.”

Asked why, her mindset before going in the theatre was to see herself shrieking in utter “kilig” as much as the diehard AlDub fans would, “But they don’t have chemistry on the big screen. I was expecting the John Lloyd Cruz at Bea Alonzo-like romantic excitement, that even though the plot is nothing new, I would still be hooked. But I must say that Alden Richards and the impressive cinematography were the saving graces. ”

Of late, Alden’s partner Maine Mendoza has been getting her (fair?) share of bad publicity mostly dwelling on her misdemeanor.

Could their movie’s ill fate have backfired on her? Or is the so-called AlDub nation slowly being erased from the map?

If so, what’s Eat Bulaga’s contingency measure most especially now that It’s Showtime’s “Tawag ng Tanghalan” segment has been gaining leverage?


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