• Arnis Chi Golf: Improve your game through union of body, mind and spirit


    Master Allan “Shishir” Inocalla wrote an amazing e-book titled Arnis Chi Golf. It is an e-book defined to master and enjoy the game of golf through a body, mind and spirit form of training. It is a study and not just to be read once, twice or thrice. Ultimately, the goal is to keep your mind, body and spirit working together so that this synchronicity produces the best results. The “birdie feelings” was well emphasized.

    Shishir Inocalla’s e-book Arnis Chi Golf offers new ways of improving your game. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    It was meant to “enjoy the processes of training and playing.” The philosophy, concepts and principles definitely go beyond the game.

    “Golf has become too competitive, commercial and result-oriented. It had lost the joy and fun in the game,”Master Shishir said.

    By studying and learning Arnis Chi Golf, the essence of the game of golf is reestablished. It also reintroduces the philosophy of the game, and will make one realize that golf is actually a way of life. This is a game that uses the inner heart, thus, radiating Love, Patience, Forgiveness and Gratitude.

    I have gotten an excerpt from Master Shishir’s e-book and written as follows:

    “My goal is to develop a training program for Golfers, that will strengthen the body, quiet the mind and inspire the heart. I always tell my students “smile and be happy, smile and be happy, stay in the birdie feelings, stay in these feelings, smile, smile more, now do your swing.” If there is anything I want to impart to my students, the most important part, more important than the golf swing, fitness or any wellness training is, to find the ‘birdie feelings’. Staying in the joy positive energy in the heart and being able to relax under pressure. In my experience as a performance coach and a competitor, pressure is the number one enemy of any golfer, other athletes and people in general.”

    So there you go, at least you have a gist of what the book and program is all about. Moreover, David Leadbetter, one of the leading golf coaches in the world, just had to say something.

    “I have personally known and worked with Master Shishir for several years. His presence at my World Headquarters Academy in Championsgate provides a position and motivating force like no other I have experienced before. Master Shishir provides a great example for everyone to follow to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.”

    According to Sandra Gal, LPGA Champion, “BMST training by Master Shishir, is the most versatile, functional, challenging, fun, complete body, mind, spirit fitness experience developed masterfully. For golfers, athletes, kids, executives and ordinary persons, this is a treat for you.”

    Another LPGA Champion, Victoria Kiser, expresses that “BMST Golf Performance System by Master Shishir, is a complete body, mind and spirit training program. Not only does he teach you how to win on the golf course, but also in life. It helps me to be at peace with myself and more energized.”

    If this article has sparked any interest, please let us know at Maharlika Institute of Arnis Chi Golf.You can personally contact his cellular number at 0921227-2305. I would like to thank Master Alan “Shishir” Inocalla for giving me a copy of his e-book. It provided plenty of information for a thorough study and application. Bringing back what really golf is all about.


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