• Arrest order vs Mayor Binay upheld


    THE Senate committee on rules on Wednesday upheld the arrest order for contempt issued by the Senate blue ribbon committee against Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. and five others.

    This effectively dismissed the question raised by Senate Minority Leader Vicente Sotto 3rd regarding the required number of senators that a Senate committee must have to constitute a quorum.

    The rules committee, chaired by Senate majority leader Alan Peter Cayetano, upheld the Blue ribbon panel’s decision to cite in contempt Mayor Binay, City Administrator Eleno Mendoza, Eduviges “Ebeng” Baloloy, former City Administrator Marjorie de Veyra, Engineer Line Dela Peña, and Bernadette Portallano.

    They were cited for contempt and ordered arrested for continuously refusing to attend the Blue Ribbon committee hearing on the supposed overpriced Makati City Hall Building II and other anomalies in Makati City.

    Cayetano, however, clarified that the arrest order against the Makati mayor is not a punishment, but “the committee is just implementing the rules.”

    The arrest order was supposed to be issued last Monday but Sotto questioned the process of citing Binay in contempt.

    Sotto also questioned the absence of a quorum, saying that only three of the 20 members of the committee were present when the ruling was made.


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    1. I wish the senators would read peoples answers to these articles then they might start to understand how the people think. Many are now understanding that these corrupt people do nothing for the benefit of the people of this country. People like sotto should be booted out. You should all have seen that when he was caught using someone elses writings as his own, to make himself look intelligent. Then when caught he didnt even have the honour or decency to admit his wrong doing. So if he couldnt admit something as simple as that then just imagine his actions with some much more important as with stealing government money & being held accountable. I would boot him out tomorrow. The binays with him. These people think they are a law unto themselves, they always have done & always will. Its their way iof life, corruption has helped them all through their career & made them very rich & powerful so to expect them to change because we are upset about it is almost the same as king canute telling the tide to turn back, & how wrong was he. They wont change, they have to be imprisoned for their crimes as let them off with them & those crimes will continue as they always have.

    2. Rules are rules approved beforehand. They should be followed to whoever applied to; otherwise it loses its credibility. No need for majority decision again. It should be applied on everyone. No matter who you are.

      If dismissed or ignored, then it totally loses its credibility. How can the people believe and trust you again?

      Senator Sotto — I am ashamed of your motion. It shows that you are not impartial — you decide accordingly — favor whoever is powerful. You were elected to serve our country and people; not the powerful. Don’t you want to know the truth. This is Mayor Binay”s chance to defend himself and if not guilty, he should not hesitate to respond and prove his innocence. Don’t ride in the glory and influence of your Dad.

      Be a man, defend your honor, integrity. Be afraid only if guilty, if so, you deserve the punishment and dishonor. You then have no credibility to serve our country and people.

      To all those working against graft and corruption — Pres. Ninoy, others — please continue your fights. Try to eliminate these dishonest ways; working for their self-interests only and enjoying power they do not deserve.

      Let us elect honest, honorable, qualified, knowledgeable officials who will serve our people and country in their interests, not for themselves to enrich themselves.

      Thank you, Let us not be afraid. There is God looking down on all of us — judgement will come.

      Teresita Alarcon

    3. Ano na ang nangyayari sa Pilipinas? Bata pa kurakot na. Think we need to overhall the entire youth education. Isipin ang pangkalahatang kaunlaran ng Pilipinas. Hindi yung corruption begins the family as in every Filipino family. Iwasan ang corruption. Filipinos should respect and help each other so they can progress as a nation and not as individual through corruption!!! They added 2 yrs.of education, they should add Corruption Prevention ! and Corruption Prevention 2 as required subjects for graduation.

    4. Thank God our esteemed Senators at last performed something that I, as a Filipino, can be proud of… The Binay’s are not yet in power, yet they have the gut’s to act as if they rule the world…

      No to the “MANDARAMBONG” on 2016, be it in National or Local levels…

    5. Let us all see this clearly. Cayetano being one of of the three issues an arrest warrant. It is approved by the two along with the main committee chairman. The Senate president sends it to another committee for a ruling on procedures. Cayetano then says everything is ok and the arrest warrant is valid. So he approved the action he took in the kangaroo court? This is so wrong.

    6. At last something is being done. The binays have to learn they also have to follow the rules & if the rules say they must attend these hearings when compelled to do so then if they dont they have to face the consequences. I will never for the life of me understand why binay ( the elder ) can refuse to attend on 11 or 12 occasions & nothing is done about it. Yes maybe once or twice at most but to do it time after time is telling you im more important than you & i can do as i please & the law has no say in this. It wouldnt happen in my country. But the politicians there mostly have more decency & honour than all these put togther

      • The historical lesson that EDSA I taught us is that we never have to follow any immoral o illegal order. When Manong Johnny felt that what is coming out of Malacañang is already immoral, he dared risk his life to overturn a system. When those orders coming out of the subcommittee of the three stooges are already immoral as they are borne out of caprice and whim, it is incumbent on anyone to snub any hearing of that subcommittee. Anybody should know by now that the supposed “hearing” has degenerated into persecution.

        From a film I once saw, one lesson that bureacrats and any subaltern should learn is to require the one giving an order to put it on paper. If those SAF people were given a directive or a mission order, the least they could have done is to require the one giving the directive to give them a copy of an Order in writing. Then, we will all know who would be responsible for any operation gone wrong.

    7. Parang drama…sana hindi….!!! Issue ARREST. Then, question LATER. Sosunod na kabanata……NO ARREST muna!!! Maghintay muna ng meeting kung mag ko- quorum ang mga Senadores. Baka ang sabi nila..BUZY!

    8. Now, the arrest oder must be implemented immediately. Otherwise, the Senate credibility is in jeopardy.

      • Naku ha, naniniwala ka pa ba na may credibility si Chismis Queen Alan, SAMS Antonio at Cuckold Aki? So naniniwala ka rin pala na meron Santa Claus at may Cinderella. Simula nun nalaman ng bayan na nabibili pala sa pamamagitan ng PDAF/DAP ang mga myembro ng senado sa Pilipinas para lamang mag impeach ng tao, wala na yan “credibility”. Sorry na lang at wala na rin karapatan mga yan na kumandidato pa muli. Tanga na lang ang mga boboto pa sa sinuman sa mga yan.

      • THEN,,,,arrest the senatongs who plays the sonata of corruption. Is there anyone exempted? Asolutely NO. Because this is a colonial desease inherited from the imperialist Portugues, the reason that our friars cannot say anything on these public servants for they are the product of religious learnings. KOMPARE takes the very case. It’s not easy to cripple one’s padreno on wedding ceremonies attended by Kompadres and komadres. Who dares to crack down these practise of camaraderie…Hmnnn nobody I guess. That’s why, we hastle and dastle to embrace our judicial process eventhough it’s immaterial and irrelevant to our present situation black- clothed.