Arrested PSG men ‘clean and bemedalled’


THE Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has said that the two Presidential Security Group (PSG) men apprehended for alleged robbery in Quezon City were members of good standing of the Philippine Army.

Army spokesman Lt. Col. Randolph Cabanbang on Friday disclosed that the two were bemedalled soldiers with clean records even as he stressed that they would not condone any wrongdoing by their men.

“Based on their summary of information, they have not been involved in other cases, they have clean records. They are also bemedalled soldiers, they have combat medals,” he said.

“If ever they have committed a crime, it is up to the PNP to investigate and we will support them,” Cabangbang added.

The duo were identified as Cpl. Bobby Ates and Sgt. Marvin Gaton.

They were arrested on Thursday night by elements of the Quezon City police after they were linked by a security guard as among the five men who robbed an auto detailing shop.
Confiscated from them were handguns, an M-16 rifle and magazines.

Cabangbang said that he has no idea if Ates and Gaton had applied for exemption on their guns.

He pointed out though that even if the soldiers have secured exemption permits from the Commission on Elections, they were still prohibited from carrying guns in crowded places, like beer joints.


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