• Arrivederci, Ambassador Massimo


    Becky Garcia

    The Philippines will surely miss Italian Ambassador Massimo Roscigno, one of the most amiable and well loved diplomat in the country.

    In his speech at the National Day of Italy held recently at Sofitel, the ambassador said Philippines is well on the move, is growing fast, has an enormous potential, is gifted with extraordinary energies and has enviable talents. Therefore, he said he is convinced Philippines has a great future ahead. He additionally noted that Philippines has many friends and he is proud to say that Italy is one of them.

    Ambassador Massimo, Ursula Roscigno and Madam Agnes Roscigno

    Ambassador Massimo Rosigno, knowing the Philippines very well, pointed these magic of the strong ties of Italy to the Philippines while celebrating not only the Italian national day, but also 70 years of diplomatic relations and 30 years of Italian Cooperation in the Philippines.

    In 1988, when he first arrived in the Philippines, Rosigno immediately made a lot of friends and I was one of those he first met. We became close friends and he also met my circle of friends. He has done a lot in promoting Philippine-Italian relationship.

    He sees the foundation for the long friendship in the “deep affinities of values and principle of lifestyle, that both Filipinos and Italians cherish and share,” enabling the countries to grow together.

    Italy has the biggest European community in the Philippines, showing how strong the bind between the two countries have grown.

    He committed to further improve and intensify the trades, services, cultural and industrial relations in his touching speech.

    Of course, he did not miss to honor the important work of Nedy Tantoco, who, according to Ambassador Roscigno has become also a close friend. She was even a recipient of the highest award of the Italian republic.

    By the end of the night, he wowed the audience with the an important announcement—they will be bringing the special edition of the World famous Biennale Venice Film Festival in Manila. We shall all look forward to it.

    Grazie Ambassador Massimo. Arrivederci and see you in Manila soon, which is very sure given that you married a gorgeous Filipina, Agnes Ventura. Thank you for making me your Godmother. Ciao!!!


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