• Arrogance of power: ‘Bahala kayo sa buhay n’yo!’


    It turns out that Mayor Alfred Romualdez wasn’t telling everything when he said in a congressional hearing Monday that Secretary Mar Roxas, President Aquino’s point-man in Tacloban after the super typhoon hit, told him, “You are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino.”

    Romualdez didn’t report the more chilling statement Roxas made: “If we cannot legalize [the turnover of authority to the national government], you’ll be in charge, we’ll help you, and that’s it, pero bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo.”

    That Pilipino sentence has a particular nuance, which can’t be captured by its literal translation, “You’re in charge of your lives.”

    Rather, it means, at best, telling somebody, “I don’t care whatever happens to you from here on.” At worse, it’s a veiled threat from a superior or from somebody with authority. “You can go to hell for all I care,” or “I wouldn’t lift a finger to help you from here on,” would be more accurate translations.

    Coming from Roxas’ mouth and made in a meeting with a stunned mayor of a devastated city and his aides, it was a clear threat that if Romualdez wouldn’t formally turn over authority over the city, he won’t get the help he needs from the national government that Roxas represented.

    YouTube posting of Roxas lecturing Romualdez: With similar video posted by columnist Cito Beltran, that’s 500,000 views, a record for the Philippines. (Video capture of YouTube video).

    YouTube posting of Roxas lecturing Romualdez: With similar video posted by columnist Cito Beltran, that’s 500,000 views, a record for the Philippines. (Video capture of YouTube video).

    Rather than just apologizing and regretting that his words were misinterpreted by the mayor, Roxas instead came out belligerent and quarrelsome. Apparently thinking that Romualdez’ supporters took a video only of that particular part of that meeting, Roxas claimed that the mayor was lying and that the video was “spliced, and its intention malicious.”

    He had threatened to “release to the public” what he claimed was the untampered video “at an appropriate time.” He was unaware though that as he spoke, thousands were already viewing the clearly unedited 40-minute video on YouTube, posted by columnist Cito Beltran and Romualdez’ father-in-law Jose Ma. Gonzales.

    YouTube sensation

    As of this writing, the two posts together had been viewed more than 500,000 times, a record of sorts for Philippine videos posted on YouTube that aren’t entertainment in nature. It’s probably the most viewed YouTube video of a political nature involving our country ever.

    Worse, Roxas claimed that Romualdez was not in his right mind as he was traumatized by Yolanda’s devastation, saying—and laughing madly afterwards—in an interview in GMA’s 24 Oras news program: “Tanong ko sa kanya, nagpa-stress debriefing ka na ba? Kung nag pa stress-briefing siya, baka tumino, luminaw ang pag-iisip niya.” (“My question to him: Has he undergone stress debriefing? If he did, he’d probably be sane and his thinking made clear.”)

    Roxas’ statements in his meeting in Tacloban with Romualdez, his response to the criticisms against him for that episode, even his body language and choice of words reflect this man’s arrogance of power. What’s obviously has been going in Roxas mind: “Who is this mayor to defy what I wanted to be done in Tacloban, and to complain about it? We are in power.”

    But it is not just Roxas’; it’s the deep flaw of his boss President Aquino, an arrogance of power.

    It is the same arrogance of power that explains why President Aquino ignored a Supreme Court order to let former President Gloria Arroyo seek medical help abroad; why he removed Chief Justice Renato Corona and spent billions of pesos to bribe Congress to do so; why he filed trumped up charges against Arroyo and jail her; why he junked appropriations laws and spent the budget in the way he wished and disguised such use by calling it as a “Disbursement Acceleration Plan”; why he spent some of this fund for Congress’ additional pork-barrel to ensure its support; why he has presumed that Congress will pass unconstitutional laws in order to set up a virtually independent Bangsamoro state.

    It is the kind of arrogance of power that led dictatorships and hated administrations fall here and all over the world.

    Dream goes to the sewers

    Roxas’ arrogance of power at Tacloban, though, means “game-over” for his dream to be president in 2016. I just can’t see how he could ever erase in people’s mind that YouTube video of his arrogance in the midst of a the horror in Tacloban, nor his hyena-like laugh when he claimed Romualdez was not in his right mind.

    It is also a game-changer for this administration, as its first choice to be president in 2016, Roxas,  now obviously won’t make it. And it is a very, very slippery slope.

    His supporters, both in big business, politics, and media, would sense the political winds changing and then turn their eyes to look for a new patron. The clear possibility has emerged that the next president won’t be yellow, and won’t protect Aquino and his people— a horrific prospect for them as  they have made the lives of many so miserable, drawn blood,  as some even claim, in the past three years.

    Aquino would be moving into a panic mode now to create a clone or support somebody who can be president—in less than three years. and with no more pork-barrel to use to bribe political leaders. But that would have to be somebody outside his yellow cult. But that would sow division within his ranks, and his lieutenants would quietly slither out of his yellow tent.

    Super Typhoon Yolanda has moved Philippine politics’ tectonic plates.



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    1. As an MPA grad from UP, how could an LGU support a system of relief if it only reinstated 10 days after Yolanda ? I think it was still the group of Sec. Dinky who could best distribute the goods and not the Tacloban municipal employees. I worked before in an LGU for to years, and it is true, some employees would think about themselves first before their constituents in times of disasters. Sa halip na mamintas, spend “laway” na lang on winning support of generous donors to help our kababayans! I expected more from this article.

    2. kayo naman , alam naman nating di nanalo si Pinoy sa balwarte ng mga Romualdez kasi Aquino sya …..right? At kahit si gloria pa ang nakaupong presidente ay ganun din naman ang ginawa nya ( biktima ng hagupit ng kalikasan sa lugar na di nila kapartido ang nakaluklok) at karamihan ng pulitiko ay ganyan din kasi marumi nga ang politika sa atin kaya wag tayong impokrito kasi ganyan din ang trato ng romualdez sa aquino kaya di nanalo sa Tacloban.

      Si bert tiglao naman, im not surprise with his statement kasi tao ni gloria aroyo yan ( spokesperson)

    3. Mar Roxas is an idiot. He puts himself in a difficult situation just to justify the insensibility of his abnormal president. It should be Abnoy who is responsible. Poor Mar Roxas, he made a political suicide defending his moron abnormal president.

      • I agree. Mar Roxas is working hard. I could not still accept that he just waived the chance to be President in 2010 to someone whose sister is far better in terms of IQ.

    4. Alam mo ba ang sinasabi mo papa sin ikaw lang ang nag comment ng ganito nano nod KA ba ng tv or are not aware sa mga nangyari paano mag ko komento ang ibang mayor eh Hindi naman sila na meeting ni mar Rosas sige nga masabi KA Kung wala KA rin lang sasabihin don’t posh okey.

    5. Hey, Jane. You ought to know what you’re saying first, you know. How dare you say that Tacloban’s Mayor as well as the rest of the Taclobanons is “papansin” where as the government only focuses its eyes on Tacloban and not the other parts which have been also victimized because of sheer politics that the mayor has to bear in mind that” YOU ARE A ROMUALDEZ and the president is AN AQUINO”? Have you ever experienced being washed away by flood???

    6. Jane, because other mayors did not get a freakin video on what they have spoken about. This is not a complain, what happens right now is that the mayor himself becomes the whistle blower of a foul playing appointed government officials. We are not also stupid to just let this go and ignore what he has spoken. If the video is raw and uncut or you can cut it many many times, the contextual essence of what he has spoken remains the same. He made a mistake, he has spoken first before thinking.

    7. Darewin Ocampo on

      Yung ibang lugar di nasabihang ihuhuli sa listahan ng mga di tutulungan dahil di daw handa. Sabihin na nating kasalanan ng mayor. Bakit mga nasasakupan nya ang magdudusa dahil sa delayed na tulong?

    8. Kapag nanalo yan sa 2016 despite of this scandalous event…alam nyo na kung paano nanalo…mandadaya yan at pagaganahin ang makinarya ng gobyerno para bumili ng boto, bumuhay ng patay at mandagdag sa balota. Tuwid na daan? Pweh!

    9. What saddens me about this whole situation is the fact that the bickering goes on at the expense of the Taclobanons who needed help. Partisanship should be set aside after the elections, these people have to work together to help the Taclobanons.

      • I am a Taclobanon and this is true: We have not recieved any relief goods. Those who did were all given local reliefs. No foreign. And sometimes, the rice they give are all spoiled. This must also have happened because of Bem Noel, the one the Aquinos sponsored, lost the election to Mayor Romualdez. At yung mga foreign aid, nandoon lang sa airport kasi hindi daw nagbabayad ng tax. Relief goods na nga, babayad pa ng tax. And the money that was donated, I am sure it is already in the pockets of corrupted officials like Mar and Noynoy. We have not received even a single cent. They might have also wanted the letter so that they have proof to overthrow Mayor Alfred and maybe put Noel in charge.

    10. Heard from a responder in the Yolanda tragedy that before giving orders or planning their strategy of rescue, the President busied himself with casual chatting about guns with people in the control room. The people under him was even more concerned about the survivors to the point that they got exasperated awaiting orders from those in charge.

      How are you going to support the Presidential ambition of this crab-mentality aspirant when he don’t even know how to react positively – that in the midst of total devastation, and absolute urgency, to demand “conditional Letter” is unnecessary, the least this stupid man Roxas can do is to politicised the whole situation saying: “I have to be very careful not to be graciously friendly to you and the rest of Tacloban people, because you are a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino who is a proven jealous Noid”. Unless you submitted a letter stating that you could no longer perform your duty, then that is the proper time Mar Roxas /PNOY tandem could come in, to be of service and “legalize” the action, otherwise, if not legalize, well okay, you are in charge. “We can’t help you”. Bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo”. A sarcastic statement like this is as cynical and distrustful like the tenant in Malacanang.

      • This is really absurd parehong pareho sila ng asawa nyang si korina walang puso mga plastic tayo rin ang may kasalanan Kung bakit naging presidente si noynoy masyadong am emotional ang mga Pilipino artists ang kapatid sana naman magi sing na tayo sa katothanan, hu wag nating gawing maging kawawa ang bawat pilipinong nangangailangan I halal natin Kung Sino talaga ang dapat na maging presidente natin mahal natin ang mga magulang niya pero magkaiba sila ng adhikain. Kaya pwede ba mga kapatid Kung pililipino
        Gising gising 2016 is coming itatak sa isip natin ang pa gigging arrogant ng mga taong Ito.

    12. Toni Carbonell on

      Nevermind Mayor Romualdez because they are not Political Allies with Pnoy &Mar Roxas. Just for the sake of argument what about the same message given by Congresswoman Lucy Torres who was interviewd by Ms. Karen Davila…Wasn’t she saying the same thing about politicizing the Relief Goods even from the DSWD? She even mentioned again another mayor & councilor who were not given the much needed relief goods for their constituents as well. We all know that Ms. Torres is a very good friend of the Presidential sister Ms. Kris Aquino & is also close to the Aquinos. When she was asked by Ms. Karen Davila & I quote “Aren’t you afraid that you are telling the whole world through this interview about the much talked about issue of Politization of the Relief Goods knowing that you are very close to the Presidential sister & also the President & the Aquinos?” Ms. Torres answered & again I quote, “I am not mentioning names nor Party. I am just telling it the way I myself saw it.” For me Ms. Torres said enough & I admire her for that. She was truly concerned with the people who became victims of Yolanda. The same thing happened to us in Cebu during the 7.2 magnitude Earthquake. PNoy also showed the same now infamous action by not recognizing our Mayor Michael Rama during his Cebu visit. Enough of you PNoy & Mar Roxas kasama ka na Ms. Korino. Hindi ka na masasalba ng mga tsinelsa mo!

    13. yes! definitely not any of you deserved to run for president in 2016…we need to choose the best this time…no more trapos….old politician must die….we need new faces in 2016…mabuhay ka Filipino.

    14. Mainitin ang ulo, iyan si Mar Roxas, minura nga niya si GMA noon na presidente pa, kaya bale wala sa kanya kung mayor lang ang kanyang pagsabihan o pagyabangan.
      Mabuti na lang at nakunan ng video ang mga pinagsasabi niya kaya wala ng maniniwala sa kanyang mga pagsisinungaling. Mataas ang ere, mayabang, parehas lang sila ng kayang amo, parehong hindi marunong magsorry, lahat ay may alibi para huwag magsorry, hindi na sila dapat pagtagalin sa power, ang hirap lang nandiyan pa ang isang tuta na nagmamanipulate ng PCOS machine dapat isama din itong ibasura para tumino na ang takbo ng election at manalo ang talagang ibinoto ng mga tao.

    15. It seems to me that everyone who commented are but saying roxas is no longer fit to be a candidate for the presidency. With the lenghty explanations . It boils down to politics. I thought we write to make changes to point out what is wrong so that it will not happen again. Do not blame anyone at that time. Emotions are high and patience is short. They may have said things to one another but that does not mean they did not do anything. Givien the magnitude of this typhoon and seeing the aftermath, were you not as shocked as they were and could you at that moment make decisions as fast as you could with all the people that could help but was unable for they were just victims as well. Both of them have their mistakes and if you will see it as a mere layman who can not vote you will see what i mean. Suffice to say eveything is under the bridge. Let the matter rest and go to the rebuilding of lives and structures rather than look for someone to get the blame.

    16. Conrad Mendoza on

      With the worst natural disaster that afflicted the Central Philippines specifically the province of Leyte, the people of Leyte deserve all the help they can get from it local officials and the national government.

      The local government should be supportive and should cooperate with the national government so the later can do their job. I am very sure that Mayor Romualdez is doing everything to insure that his constituent is getting the help they rightfully deserve from the national government.
      With authority from President Aquino, Vice President Mar Roxas is the best person that could help the people of Leyte. Instead of taping the meeting, Mayor Romualdez should demonstrate in good faith that he is willing to sacrifice and work hard to secure all the help he can get from the national government.

      At the end of the day the people of Leyte are the victim. They deserve all the help they can get from the government and not grandstanding and finger pointing that a professional politician does. Let us not forget the common people are the victims. They need help now.

    17. Mar Presidential ambition is dead likewise Binay both are the source of how dirty politics play in these country these 2 people should be voted out on 2016. Both are political animal but worse both are dangerous. Binay a corrupt man , Roxas a manipulator. Vote Poe by 2016. Nothing more nothing less.

    18. Mar Roxas at Noynoy, nakakahiya kayo! You are both reminded that you are public servant kaya dapat maglingkod kayo sa bayan. Shame on you both! Mar Roxas, you should step down. Noynoy, makatao naman ang Mama Cory mo, bakit ka nagkaganito?

      Mar Roxas, you blew your chance on 2016 presidential election, kaya bahala ka na rin sa buhay mo, kasama ang esposa mo.

      Advise sa mga kapwang Pilipino — tandaan ninyo ang mga pulitiko na gaya ni Mar at Noynoy — hindi sila dapat iboto.

    19. The President could have just issued a letter directive to the DILG Secretary that the national government is taking over certain matters of emergency operations, without stripping the mayor of his powers and giving the secretary specific tasks to perform.

      This is a simple management approach, but however marred with shortsighted power oversight and political arrogance.

    20. Spliced, doctored daw ung video. The usual ALIBI and LAME EXCUSE for a Big Fish caught in the Mouth, mouthing arrogance and lies twistng the TRUTH. Kawawa ka naman Mar. Hindi naman ipinanganakl ang kahapon ang mga tao na gusto mong bilugin ang mga paniniwala na isa kang masahol na na- jaundiced na Dilaw na Sinungaling!!!

    21. GOODBYE 2016!!!! Goodbye presidential aspirations, bye-bye First Lady aspirations for Korina….ARROGANCE has no place as one of your personal virtues aspiring for further higher office..

      Mamalengke na lang muna tayo.

    22. James Gutierrez on

      How on earth a government official would say ” bahala na kayo” to a mayor who was also a victim of Yolanda. From the president and all his cabinet are suppose to serve the people regardless what political persuasion or party is the mayor. It only shows there is no leadership in the Aquino presidency and why would you ask the mayor to put in writing to turn over the authority to assist the people, when the local government itself was not operational. Mar Roxas where is your commonsense? In times of the scale of a Yolanda calamity we should set aside processes and procedure.

      Mar Roxas forget about putting your hand up to be the president in 2016. It will never happen, it will happen in your dreams.

    23. To me, “bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo” means in informal English:
      “You are on your own” and I see no problem with it. The tone of the voice when it was said can provide more clue if malice was present.

    24. kung yung Leyte hindi nya kayang I manage…panoo pa ang buong pilipinas…malambot si Roxas walang diin,walang pwersa,walang lakas…baka si Lacson ang pambato ni Pinoy sa 2016

    25. The name Roxas makes the citizens of Central Visayas puke. That name at one time is revered in Philippine history. It is all but totally destroyed by Mr.”Bahala na Kayo” Roxas. What an arrogant, pompous, conceited and hypocritical person he is. He is becoming worse than Noy2. His perception and apparent definition of a public servant is one that can insult, boss and railroad you on anything that he thinks is his power and right as a top government official. “Mayor ka lang; at sino ka? Si Mar Roxas eto and remember that. Ako ang DILG, ang makapangyarihan sa lahat nang LGUS. “Romualdez, alalahanin mo, ako ang diyos. Ay naku, pinasukan nang usok ang utak (mayroong siya kaya) ni Roxas; nababaliw na yata.. Sir Roxas , bahala na po pagdating nang 2016.

    26. What is there left to say? The millions who voted Aquino for president are to blame! They fell for his campaign slogan of “matuwid na daan”, plus the fact that he lacks leadership skills. Aquino needs DAP to buy loyalty.
      As for Roxas, I’m glad we got to see his “true color” before 2016! Please save this country from a second disaster.

      • You are wrong to say that those who voted for Noynoy is to blame. They are just victims as you are, of counting on false promises. During that time, he appeared to be the lesser evil. What people forgot though is to look into his competence, and most importantly his heart.

    27. Birds of the same feather flock together.

      This reminds me of the statements of Senator Avelino (some time in the 50’s or 60’s when the Liberal Party was in power during the regime of President Elpidio Quirino) and I quote “What are we in power for” – please correct if I am wrong and/or I did not not remember it correctly – I was only about 8 years old then.

      Mayor Romualdez should be compared to President Ramon Magsaysay, when he was a Secretary of National Defense under the the Quirino Administration. Somewhere in the Visaya’s a certain “Moises Padilla” was murdered (politically motivated). I think Moses Padilla was running for political office (Mayor) and was murdered allegedly by his opponents.

      The late Secretary of Defense went there personally to restore peace and order and he saw the murdered lifeless body of Moises Padilla and carried his body in his arms.

      The Nationalista Party under the the Presidency of Amang Rodriguez annointed or convinced Ramon Magsaysay to run for President under the Nationalista Party against the relectionist President Quirino of the Liberal Party.

      At one time of his campaign, Magsaysay said and I quote, ” When I was carrying the lifeless body of Moises Padilla in my arms – “I am carrying Democracy of the country”.

      Magsaysay won handily, the Presidency – and Senator Raul Manglapus composed the song “Mambo mambo Magsaysay – – – – – and democracy will die kung wala si Magsaysay. Mabuhay, Magsaysay is my guy.

      To me, Mayor Romualdez is the Magsaysay of our time.

    28. In times of extreme crisis, it is the duty of national government to assist, aide or help any devastated area without any conditionalities.

      Also in case the DILG Secretary forgot, that in times of extreme crisis, the government can take over a certain area to maintain order when a state of calamity or a state of emergency exists in a particular area.

      So I don’t see any need or place for legalities, worse even is the issue of the Romualdezes and the Aquinos by the DILG Secretary which has no bearing on the issue of aid to Tacloban.

    29. I am glad that it happened. So Mar Roxas can simply forget any presidential aspirations in 2016. He is not even sure to win if he runs again for the Senate. I saw the August or September 2012 SWS survey for the senatorial aspirants in 2013. I was surprised that Mar was at the tail-end of the top 12. Most likely, he would NOT have won of he run in 2013 even for senator since Grace Poe, Nancy Binay and Bam Aquino came in.

      What is interesting about Mar Roxas is that i have NOT met anyone who has anything nice to say about him. Not even from his province-mates in Capiz where he is disowned and lost in 2010 elections for Vice-President. I read somewhere that he is Hindi tiga-Capiz, but tiga-Cubao!

    30. “I’ll have grounds
      More relative than this: the play’s the thing
      Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.”
      (Hamlet, Act 2 Scene 2)
      How exciting this will play out for Mar. Good riddance!

    31. Hay, heto na po yung “daang matuwid” na sinasabi, at buong wagas na mga katagang “ang mga mamamayang Pilipino po ang bossing ko…” Pastilan…

    32. Those are words are mouthfuls that you do not expect to come out of a true leader. You only hear that from a selfish, indifferent moron. Anyway, Aquino is one so it is not unlikely for a stupid, inept, usless leader to say them without second thoughts. I would appreciate that if after having saying those words, he ended it with “I am resigning”. IIt is not so. That would be a challenge for the bolder ones to make the next move – oust him and spare this country from this curse….

    33. Who would have thought that something good was brought about by Yolanda? It exposed the true characters of our nation’s leaders – incompetent, unempathetic, ignorant, arrogant, power hungry. It is true, the fish is caught by it’s mouth. I hope these recent developments will influence the Filipino people in choosing their leaders in the future. I hope an Oust Aquino movement is in the making. I’ll be first in line to enlist.

    34. Rightly so, mr. Tiglao. Maybe a simple apology would sufficed and this issue will just come to pass. The way he talks is just appalling. The video is just too painful to watch esp for the victims. He is oozing with arrogance of power. But as i have always say, senorito mar doesnt have a tinge of humility in his body. He forgot that he is a public servant. He is there to help and serve the people no matter what or which political party you belong. I feel sad for him though because we come from the same region. Malambing magsalita, mahinahon at palaging nakangiti. Politics bring out the worst in mar. At least we saw it before 2016. It might be a blessing in disguise for us filipinos. I am hoping that a true leader might come out from this mess. And i hope that this blame game would stop please, for the sake of the victims of typhoon yolanda. My heart goes out to them. The latest on Pnoy ” bahala na si Lord sa inyo, im busy.” I wonder if these two suffers from “asperger’s syndrome”.

    35. pag nangandidato uli si MAR…gawa tayo ng karatula at ilagay natin MAR, BAHALA KA SA BUHAY MO!!!!!!

    36. Mayor Romualdez is short of a leader and a manager. If the national government takes over Tacloban operations without legal process, then it will be construed and considered Martial Law again. All what Mar Roxas was asking was a simple legal letter surrendering the city over to national government operations. The national government has plenty of money, resources and manpower to bring Tacloban to its beauty and even better. Mayor Romualdez should put his pride to the people of Tacloban where help is badly needed by the national government. Tacloban has no more tax base to pay for the clean up for the next many years. What are the option, your pride or the help for the people?

      • with roxas’ tone of voice – it’s more than a piece of legal paper he

        wanted… he was angry and uncaring and cajoling … what he and penoy

        wanted was to own the relief show, turn it into an LP propaganda show…

        that explains his arrogant and uncaring tone…

      • Manolo o Manuel Quezon III,wala pa ring excuse si Roxas magsabi ng bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo….under DILG naman ang mga lokal na pamahalaan…di na kailangan ng legal letter…..

      • I am NOT aware of any legal impediment that would stop the national government from helping Local Government Units (LGUs) in dire need of assistance, especially from in times of calamity. I will consult my good lawyer-friends who had held top positions in the Office of the President if there is any basis to what Mar Roxas, a non-lawyer, was asking for.

      • Under our system of government, there’s no need to “legalize” the help from the national government in the event of a catastrophe of the magnitude experienced by Tacloban. Roxas was clearly using the incident for politicking. Shame on him!!!

      • In a crisis of that magnitude, Mar can just stopped discussing how to legalized it, But Go boldly saving lives! But a senseless leader, an arrogant would likely to do that way.

        I don’t think that’s a display of leadership. That’s moronic and heartless leader in the making, just hiding in the facade of the name – Roxas.


      • Manolo pls use a different name next time so that you won’t be accused of being biased and using your position to defend your bosses. And please tell your bosses that they cannot fool everybody! Not even with the help of your spindoctors and media benefactors. Yeah not even the popular Kris Aquino! I dont know why this admin cannot admit a simple lapse or error and say an apology. What?! Do you mean that this admin doesnt or did not ever commit any mistake especially with the handling of post-Yolanda?! Pls think clearly! If your boss presidential wannabe Mara Roxas and Aquino just want a simple document to legalize everything as you say then why does he insist during that time when all is confused devastated and suffering? why cant they help first and legalities shall follow later? why spend precious 45 mins just to cajole the lgu for like you said a simple document? Kamote! Di kami bobo at wag kami gawing bobo! They want more than a simple document. They want full control of Tacloban and grab the spotlight, credit and show for their own benefit! If they are sincere in helping then they shld have set aside those legality sh*t and did what is needed. I cannot for the life of me make sense of this meeting of the delay in assistance of more deaths and suffering for the victims. Their actions speak louder that words! Pls tell them that the Filipino people has a boiling point! We can only take so much. Not once did I hear during Aquino’s term a humble and kind tone or speech. His attitude and those around him reek of arrogance, abuse, ignorance, insincere and always threatening or boastful in nature. God help us as this could be another people power looming to oust this shameful government.

      • What Roxas wants is for Romualdez to say that he is not in control, so that given that simple paper, he and the National Government can put the blame on the LGU for all the chaos, death and damage that was brought about by this catastrophe. Remember that from day 1, they have been blaming the LGUs for the lack of preparedness and for non-delivery of aid. This is their way of insulating the administration from the lapses that they have done.

    37. Aside from using toothpaste when he brushes his teeth, Roksas should also use mouthwash to “deodorize” his language.

    38. I doubt Mar Roxas will just go out without a fight. The Liberal Party will use all their power and machinery to make it happen. They have an Ace in Brilliantes heading the Comelec with the potent “Magic” machine we call PCOS.

      • If that happens, I hope the people will have the courage to oust the PCOS-elected evil men. People power is not a monopoly of the Aquinos. In fact the first people power was not even led by Cory, but by Cardinal Sin.

    39. Bonifacio Bangayan Claudio on

      The arrogant laughter of the history-revisionist & manipulator illustrados wield the power of money… the exploited miserable poor masses wield the power of vote… this begs the question of which would weigh more come 2016 – Money or Vote…there’s much to be desired, but that’s the story a long time ago, and I’m sure you all know, so to speak… Who will laugh last? Yahoooooooo !!!

    40. December 13

      Mr. Tiglao,

      Ang importante dito, ang issue na kung dumating sila mar r. sa tamang oras
      matapos ang unos, Para ba tumulong ang national government kailangan
      pang sumulat o mag pa legalized ayon kay mar r. Di ba’t katungkulan
      ng pamahalaan na tumulong agad-agad saan mang dako ng Pilipinas kung may
      sakunang nangyari. Napaka imposible naman ang hiling nila.
      Sabihin man nating may pagkukulang ang Mayor, mas malaki ang
      kakulangan ng Pambansang Pamahalaan dahil dapat hindi na
      sila mag aantay ng anyaya para gumanap sa katungkulan na na
      naka atang sa kanila. Kung ang pamahalaan ay kagaya ng
      kay mr. aquino at mar r. patay ang pilipinas.

      Dumating ba ang pangkat ni mar. r. sa tamang oras o araw para sumagip
      sa dapat masagip pa? May sapat bang kakayahan ang tropa ni gasmin
      sa dami ng tao at paghahanda ng pangunahing kailagan tulad ng pag-kain
      at tubig, first aid. Na ilikas ba nila ang mga taong kailangang madala agad
      sa ospital. Bakit di ito ang imbistigahan ng senado, mukhang natutulog si
      Porky sa dami ng sebo sa katawan?

    41. Romeo M. Menorca on

      As Yolanda has defined Aquino’s presidency – so has Roxa’s fate to succeed Aquino been sealed. Doomed is the simplest but most accurate term to describe the parallel situation.

    42. malaking posibilidad talagang wala sa sarili si Mayor Romualdez, makita mo constituents mo at buong Leyte devastated at ang sarili mong pamilya halos mamatay and yet..sinikap niyang tumayo at tugunan ang mga nasalanta. Dapat Mr. Mar Roxas ang sinabi mo ganito ” wag ka mabahala tutulungan ka ng gobyerno.Pag-usapan natin saan ang national government makakatulong at saan naman ang scope ng local government.” Hindi ninyo ba naisip na ang local government ang HIGIT na nakakaalam ng mga SULOK ng Leyte at higit silang makakatulong kasi hahabulin din nila ang pamilya nila?! Sa video at interview mo sa GMA 7 ipinakita mo talaga tama lang na tawagin kang “MR. PALENGKE.”

    43. mas claro nga si roxas ang nabuang, sa mga rason nga daan makita nga he is in panic to apply make ups on his sliding popularity because of his abnormal histerical gesture whenever he was caught flatfooted in his actions and word in the media.
      buang gid!

    44. Yes. Mar Roxas should quit from his post now. He had added more vile to PNoy’s administrative actions. This administration, already tarnished by vindictive and unconstitutional actions is a disgrace to the Filipino nation. PNoy’s political supporters, like ABS-CBN, the industrial oligarchs already sense his impending downfall. The Visayan political leaders should rally behind Mayor Romualdez, instead of giving justifications and support to Roxas’ arrogant actions. Gov. Chatto should lead the Boholanos to defend his fellow Visayan leader. Much more, Rep. Mel Senen Sarmiento should support his fellow waray leader instead of supporting Sec. Roxas. Where are the other waray leaders? At this critical time, we Visayans, especially from Leyte and Samar should be united and give unequivocal and sincere moral support to Tacloban and Mayor Romualdez. Yes, PNoy lacks statesmanship and is mirrored to his advisers. Clearly, the Filipino electorate erred in the 2010 presidential election.

      • Very clear that Filipino electorate erred in 2010, Pnoy was not even a candidate because of poor performance as public official. Talo pa nga sya ni Lito Lapid. When Cory died naawa sila kay Pinoy kaya binoto. Hindi na natuto ang Pilipino kaya wala tayo asenso hanggang ngayon.

      • well, it is always said NASA HULI ANG PAGSISISI. Dahil lang ba sa anak siya ni Ninoy at ni Cory kaya na niyang maging president? Now you know!

      • Ito ang masaya nakita na naman silang 2 sa sm north ang simpleng martial yo gang na dapat sa police matter lang Ito bakit nandon sila where are they sa mahigit 20 na namatay sa bus tragedy ano bang klase ng buhay Ito Pilipino ano pa ba ang dapat nating gawin gising pilipinas panahon na para tayo bumangon mag aapat na taon na tayong pinahihirapan ng kasulukuyang makadilaw

    45. Mr Tiglao,
      I notice that almost every day you have nothing but negative criticism on the present Administration especially on Pres..Aquino. Why don’t you run for office and you will definitely have my vote and implement all your wise decision and ideas. Try not to ba a monday quarterback. Also try to write something on those corrupt legislators unless you are their Big Daddy. upenn93

      • sonny cabrales on

        Tiglao calls the them as he sees them. As long as PNoy and his minions keep on making booboos, he won’t run out of stuff to write about.

      • and have you not seen too. PNOY almost everyday blames GLORIA and the oppositions for the things that we Filipinos are suffering from? tit for tat!

    46. One disaster after another and noynoy’s go-to guy seemed to stumble one after another with his foot permanently lodged in his mouth.

    47. Who would have thought that a meek Tacloban mayor, is the one who would bring down the Aquino presidency, wipe out Roxas’ 2nd and LAST chance at the presidency..and perhaps SAVE the Filipino people from the Yellow spell….!

      Despite rising prices, scandals, Meralco increase , etc…it will still be a great Christmas, afterall!

      By the way, why is even Mar Roxas now wearing the stupid yellow ribbon….? Baklita talaga.

      oh ha, all together now… “If we hold on together…”

    48. Primer Pagunuran on

      A balanced commentary worth reading.

      I have always loved to read Tiglao’s close to reality analyses of events.

    49. I would like togive an UNSOLICITED advise to Sec. Mar Roxas to have himself STRESS DEBRIEF as I am sure he was very much affected by the two big events, THE ZAMBOANGA SIEGE AND TYPHOON YOLANDA. After his stress debriefing that he look at the ” I’m Sorry ” of former Pres. Nixon and GMA and face the mirror and tell to himself 100 times “I’m Sorry “, then come out of television and say ” To the Filipino People, I’m Sorry “. Sec. Roxas will come out a better man as ASKING Forgiveness and BEING HUMBLE to admit MISTAKE is the biggest VIRTUE of a man.

      • he can’t say sorry..like his wife Korina…both are out of their minds!!!!! Goodbye presidency, goodbye first lady aspirations!!!

    50. Roxas is disgusting. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but he’s just all PR creation, like Abnoy. Nothing between his ears but ego and evil. Again, just like BS Aquino. How shameful can someone be? With these guys, no limit!

      • ung karma ay unti unting dinaranas ang mga aquino, alam nyo ba naman na pina bilanggo nila ang walang kinalaman sa pag patay kay ninoy noong panahon ni cory, ngayon alam na nila na pinsan nya pala ang utak sa pagpatay sa asawa nya kaya hindi na nila gustong ituloy ang kaso dahil mapapahiya lang sila sa resulta..dahil sa ego ng mga aquino at para may masisi sa kakulangan, katangahan, at kahinaan sa gobyerno nila ang coping mechanism nila yong isisi sa iba ang katangahan nila.. sya si “mr sisi”.d mo naman masisi kc ipinanganak mga tong may poot sa puso at isipan,kaya hanggang buhay sila andian yong paghihigante sa kanila, dahil naniniwala sia sasariling kasinungalingan

    51. Mar is definitely in his flesh and blood. Full of the spirits of this world.. but sorely lacking the gifts of the spirit of God. Its in his blood.. doing this… Hope when he is alone, he can reflect what he has done…..and seek God’s forgiveness..Seems that instead of apologizing, he arrogantly claimed to be righteous.. Time for Filipinos to wake up and make a change for the better….. Don’t vote this kind of person…be concerned for the next generation..

    52. Kung ako kay Mar Roxas ay huwag siyang magalit kay Mayor Romualdez. Sinasagot lamang niya ang mga tanong ng mga senator na siyang nagpatawag ng imbistigasyon. Inimbita din siya pero hindi siya dumalo at ang ginawa niya ngumawa ng ngumawa sa tv guesting at press conferences na pinatawag niya. Ang tunay na lalaki ay lumalaban ng harapan. Lalong nalalantad na hindi siya karapat dapat na maging presidente kahit nga baranggay chairman.

    53. Mar Roxas – On Zamboanga and Tacloban -Veni,Vidi, Vici and I left the people miserable ha ha ha ha! Bahala kayo sa buhay ninyo!

    54. Pity poor Juan de la Cruz! He is fast running out of sincerely pro- poor, graft-free stain attached to his persona, and capable presidentiable less than three years before the 2016 presidential election. With Mar Roxas out of the running thereby obliterating Korina Sanchez’ dream of becoming the country’s First Lady, who are we left with? VP Binay? NO! A chameleon who has now completely shed his pro-poor sympathies and has revealed his true identity as a trapo, Binay, from the time he was mayor of Makati until now as Vice President has failed to erase the stigma of being corrupt and corruptible. The election of Nancy Binay to the Senate – not known for any significant past work or academic achievement before her election nor any nationally enriching legislation since then – merely sealed the moral bankruptcy of VP Binay. Senate President Drilon? Of course not! A shameless political butterfly not known to stand, much less fight for any principle or moral conviction, Drilon will do the nation and himself great honor by retiring from public service. Senators Enrile or Santiago, Speaker Belmonte . . . ? Come on .

    55. Ciony Kournikova on

      How sad to know that Mar is equally empathy challenged as his boss. Bless their hearts. You’re on your own mayor, alright!

    56. Gloria M. Kuizon on

      Roxas’ hysterical, mad laughter about his characterization of the Tacloban mayor as a man who has been made crazy by what Yolanda did to his city and people will haunt Roxas forever. I hope not just in Philppine politics but also in his sleep!

      Gloria M. Kuizon
      Novaliches, QV

    57. Train Torcuato on

      Ok na po sana comments ninyo, dinagdagan pa ng pagsabi ng mga walang katuturan na bagay, tulad ng trump up charges kay GMA, di dapat pinigilan umalis si GMA, etc. Ano ba naman buhay ito, isang paglilinaw na ginawang malabo. Ganito ba ang pinag-pipilian nating mga lider ng bayan? Mula sa tagapagtanggol ng animong sinasabing nagnakaw na dating opisyal hanggang sa naka-upong opisyal na lasing sa kapangyarihan. Bakit kaya pare-pareho ang masamang ugali ng mga marurunong sa atin bayan? Saan na kaya pupulutin ang bayan sa mga katulad ng clumnist na ito at isang gustong maging Presidente balang araw?

      • tama ka Train Torcuatro….ok na sana yung column ni TIGLAO kaso lang talagang pinipilit nyang ipasok sa eksena ang amo niyang si GMA…kung nag comment lang sya tungkol sa pagka arogante ni Roxas na sya namang topic na orihinal talaga sa column opinion nya eh, hanga na sana ako sa kanya…di na dapat dinagdagan ng kung anu ano pa….kaso mi motibo siyang iba…ginamit lang ang topic na Roxas para maisingit ang kapakanan ng amo nyang si GMA.

    58. The first 2 years of Pnoy’s presidency camouflaged everything that’s coming to the
      forefront now. The actual color of their skin finally showed up. Pnoy and his cohorts,
      Mar Roxas on his side reflect a culture of entitlement. Both were born from affluent
      clan and did not learn the hard way. They both chose the wide path – the easy path.
      Their personalities were built on shallow ground, they didn’t work hard enough to get
      to their present status. Their foundation is weak to say the least. The answer to this
      intriguing question: who is the best alternative in 2016?

      • Best alternative for president come 2016: Bong-bong Marcos na! Tama ba kaya? Kasi young blood.

        I say “Amen” too to all comments on Tiglao’s sensational column today.

      • pano mo ipapasok si Bongbong e pare pareho ng background yang sila PNoy, Mar at Bongbong. Nakakalungkot isipin ang katotohanan na ang mga tunay na magagaling, matitino at maaasahang lingkod bayan ay halos imposibleng manalo sa election. Ito ay dahil sa ang mga katangian na yan ay kadalasang hindi nasasamahan ng kagalingan sa pananalita o pambobola. Mahirap mangyari na nasa isang tao ang lahat ng magagandang katangian. Malas lang ni Mar Roxas at ng sambayanang Pilipino dahil sa palagay ko, si Mar ay mahusay na lingkod bayan at higit sa lahat, matapat. Subalit, wala sa kanya ang galing ng panananalita ng mga politiko. Hindi sya tunay na politician at lalong hindi sya trapo kung kayat mahihirapan syang manalo sa 2016. Ang gusto ng taong bayan ay yung magaling mambola, gwapo at kung maari, bibilhin ang boto nila.

    59. We all know the interests that Manuel Roxas served during his lifetime and his stint in RPG. This Mar is not different given his uncontested display of his subservience and servitude to the arrogance of power.

    60. I’m not holier than anybody else, but I believe in “Karma”. While the government officials have their official functions, there’s also that human aspect of what they do. The DILG Sec.-Mayor meeting revealed a lot of the human aspect, or the absence thereof. I will never be surprised at all if this “karma” has the effect on the future of Mr. Roxas as a politician or otherwise. In the first place, he should know that politics is “addition”; not the other way around. What a chance he had, but he blew it!

    61. We hear it loud and clear Sir! “Arrogance of Power”… Tama si Pres Erap weather weather lang yan…there days are numbered! Whether you like it or yes the end is near! Check mate!

    62. Dr. Fernando Cheong on

      A man who does too little, too late… that is how I would characterize Mr. Mar Roxas. He went to Zamboanga during the siege and Tacloban during the Yolanda calamity and left so much to be desired… His lack of respect for others and his tactless approach to national concerns both in action and words makes him so unbecoming of an official and gentleman. Out of delicadeza, a man of honor would offer his resignation and bow out of national and political affairs as he is a detriment to all parties concerned.

    63. To think that the Commission on Appointments (composed mostly of LP and its allies) confirmed MAR ROXAS appointment without the latter working a sweat BUT the LATE JESSE ROBREDO never got the nod of approval of the commission in spite of his sterling and dedicated performance to the public!

      Shame. Shame. Shame.


      “Buhay ka pa naman di ba?” – BS Aquino

      “Searching for survivors beneath the ruble is not the priority of government right now.” – Mar Roxas

      “You must remember that you are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino.” – Mar Roxas

      • totally agree! BAHALA KAYO GANG/ TANDEM of Aquino-Roxas! Please let us all wake up and do something to oust this government! 3taon pa natin ito titiisin and tiniis!

    65. MAR ROXAS can kiss his presidential ambitions in 2016 goodbye!

      Would the late former DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo have done the same thing? Bullying a still shell-shocked and helpless underling in dire need of help from the DILG Secretary not for his own interest but for his dead and dying constituents?



      Better yet, he can do this nation a good deed by tendering his RESIGNATION!

      • DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo is the exact opposite of Roxas. If he is still alive HE WILL be visible and personally help the victims. He ALWAYS DO THAT. Nobody can ever replace the good Jesse Robredo.

    66. Roxas? No way. These liars and crocodiles better pack their things out. How can
      they be believe with their silly and stupid justifications. My fellow Filipinos just
      remember these stupid quotes from abnoy and roxas. “But you are still alive, aren’t
      you” “you are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino” “Bahala na kayo sa
      buhay n’yo”. Just remember these quotes. These will guide of all of us what kind
      of leaders abnoy and roxas are. Also, remember the result of the psychological
      evaluation conducted on abnoy by Fr. Jaime Bulatao. It is also interesting to
      remember the case between Korina Sanchez and her maid. People in the likes
      of paul aquino, frederick jimenez, bernardita inocencio are also worth remembering

      • Ito ang bagong slogan ng bawat Pilipino ROmualdez KA lang ang PANGULO ay AQUINO….BAHALA NA kAYO SA BUHAY NYO…..ang galing di ba pls pass BAHALA na kayong mag pasa sa lahat

    67. Mar R’s comment of ‘my way or no way’ shows his vindictiveness & aggressive behaviour towards political oppositions. It’s cold-blooded to add..’bahala kayo’. If he’s aspiring to be president, is this the best way to portray yourself? Pres Aquino forgot to remind him not to be extremely hostile in demanding his mandate. As they say.’.you have to crack some eggs, to make an omelette.’ You have to scramble it first.

    68. Si mrs. Mar Roxas Sanchez ay may naitagong totoong video kasi unspliced? Ohhh! Bakit hindi niya ilabas kaagad? Ahhhh! Gagamutin, dudokturin! Now is the proper time for him to show it to the media – the yellow media para kakampi nila. Sinungaling at arogante talaga ang mga inutil na ito! Mga hayok at hayop! Akala nila naloloko nila lahat ng tao, tanging mga taga yellow lang ang mga naloloko ninyo!
      Ang emblem ninyo yellow yellow yellow…ni wala kaming nakitang Philippine flag sa mga shirts ninyo! Ganon nyo ba kamahal ang yellow ribbon ninyo, paano ang Pinas Flag?
      Makakapal ang mukha ninyo, ma-politika kayo!

      • Sana magising na tayong mga Filipino, sympathy vote brings our country down the drain. Sana nga lang di tayo bumaon ng husto sa ating mga leaders ngayon.