An arrogant and heartless NICA official


A 32-year old mom came to my office to complain about the arrogance and abusive behavior of an official of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) during a traffic accident in Quezon City recently.

Mirasol Del Rosario, a mother to four little children, almost lost her life last August18 after she was hit by a Nissan Sentra, driven by Richielieu Ramandaban, 54, executive assistant at NICA.

Del Rosario claims, she was on her way home aboard her scooter around 7 p.m. that night along V. Luna Road when a Nissan Sentra hit her bike on its right rear end.

Because of the impact, she and her bike were thrown to the other side, the oncoming traffic lane.

Shocked and still hurting, Mirasol could not get up, Ramandaban alighted from his car and angrily told her, “Bakit ka nag-counterflow. Ayan nabangga mo kotse ko tuloy”.

And instead of asking her if she was okay and if she needed medical assistance, the arrogant NICA official allegedly told everyone on the scene to leave them alone and wait for a traffic enforcer.

Witnesses say Ramandaban was at fault but he keeps on insisting it was Del Rosario’s reckless driving that caused the accident. These facts are in the accident report.

Witnesses also say the NICA official allegedly insisted that the poor woman, still on the ground grimacing in pain, pay him for the damage on his Sentra.

I dont know which planet Ramandaban came from that he does not know the standard operating procedure or immediate action to be taken during an accident, especially if there are people who seem to have been injured.

Since Ramandaban was not hurt, he should have gone to the other party and see if she was ok and needed medical help, and not pointing fingers as to who was at fault.

It does not matter whose fault it is during an accident, what’s important is saving lives first and putting everybody out of harms way.

Ramadaban should have at least used his pea brain at that moment and helped out the woman rather than being concerned first with the damage to his car.

Ramandaban exemplifies what an abusive government official is. “Anakng#$@&”!!!!!!


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  1. It’s really incredible, unbelievable, shameful and all that s##t what has happened to a lot of people of country. They become government civil and military officials – elected, appointed, or plainly, made it to a big government agency, and they became VIPs without regard for the public. What devils have they become? Is that because they can always get away with anything? May they all rot in hell.

  2. Anakng#$@&”!!!!!! tlaga mga ha…!!! na yan..ang hirap sa ating mga gov’t official sila pa ang siga instead na sila ang dapat magserbisyo sa atin..katulad ng ating mga pulis instead na sila ang mag protect sa atin sa mga kriminal sila pala ang mga kriminal..

  3. Tulfo,you should go out there and find this guy and do a citizen arrest,then write again how you help Marisol get justice.Mr,toughguy kuno.

  4. Voice from the Wilderness on

    Given the high rank of this SOB NICA executive, it is understood that he was appointed by the inept and equally boorish, insensitive president in malacanang…..