Arroyo copycats want pork


The gluttonous slobs have such an insatiable craving for the staple congressional pork barrel that they’re already impatiently demanding for second helpings.

Even before the Senate can comply with its constitutional mandate “to propose or concur with amendments” to the 2015 General Appropriations bill now pending before it, the lowly House of greedy representatives is already cooking up a “supplemental national budget.”

Speaker Sonny Belmonte confirmed that the supplemental budget will fund government projects left unfinished by the termination of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

So, the public would be doubly jeopardized in shouldering the costs of whimsical projects unlawfully funded with DAP, like some stem cell program. What the fu@#$!!!!

Also, the Iloilo Convention Center (ICC) for which Senate President Franklin Drilon personally sought DAP funding has to be completed and its contractors paid.

And, Belmonte has the temerity to give the assurance that the 16th Congress will pass the supplementary budget measure in a heartbeat.

It is truly mind-blowing that President Aquino, with the aid of his crony legislature, has committed the same abuses that the hated Arroyo Administration perpetrated in its nine-year reign.

It simply blows me away how masterfully these copycats get away with all of it.

They have continued abusing the national budget much the same way they did on Aquino’s Matuwid na Daan.

The abuses continued until the “pork barrel scam” blew up, and this Arroyo copycat administration masterfully managed to focus the whole thing to three personalities, excepting many, many others under its protective wing.

The priority development assistance funds (PDAF) turned out to be the tip of the iceberg, as we discovered the “Presidential pork barrel scam” codenamed the DAP.

Whereas the PDAF involved hundreds of millions of pesos, the DAP turned out to be a monstrous animal that concealed hundreds of billions of pesos.

Maybe the DAP loot reached a trillion pesos, according to one former Aquino Cabinet member.

These were previously Congress-appropriated funds, mostly “unprogrammed funds,” that were unlawfully realigned and pooled under the DAP.

These were completely unknown to the public until Sen. Jinggoy Estrada mentioned about P50 million bonus pork doled out to senators who voted to convict impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona.

The dough turned out to be “loose change” from the Presidential pork barrel that was the DAP.

It was shamelessly defended by its creator budget Secretary Butch Abad and, of course, PNoy.

Little else came to be known about the DAP, again due to Malacanang’s masterful “damage control” and diversionary tactics.

But, this is where the adage rings true—Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

After deliberations, which were nothing like the televised hearings at the Senate, the Supreme Court declared it fundamentally unconstitutional, like the PDAF.

Yet, these Gloria Arroyo & Co. copycats want supplemental pork barrel.

They also have the cheek to say part of it will be dedicated as “supplemental rehabilitation fund” for Yolanda victims in the Visayas.

No doubt…this administration is the most corrupt in our history.


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  1. No sir I disagree. The Aquino administration has far over the alleged corruption of the Arroyo administration. Why is it so? The corruption you alleged which happened in the Arroyo administration was not quantified until now. You and the rest of the anti Arroyo during her term were only making assumptions and concurring to media onslaught and opposition media. Yes there were so many accusations but until now no evidence and proof came out. Compare this to the Aquino administration where we can see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears what corruption and bribing activities are staged, who is the author and who are the players. Corruption, malversation and abuse of public money have never been exposed as large and huge as the one of the 4 years of the PNoy administration. And until now there are no signs of slowing down.

  2. Understanding Person on

    I fully and sincerely agree that this administration is the supreme corrupt executive branch of government in the entire history of Philippine politics! The kapal muks, ganid, hayok, magnanakaw, at walang talinong admistrasyon para sa ikauunlad ng buong bayan!