• Arroyo misused P1 trillion—Aquino


    Why then Mr. President you didn’t prosecute Gloria Arroyo now that you’re the President? Are you saying that you have not done it because you are doing the same evil act?
    Dakila, gecog@sympatico.ca


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    1. can i you imagine if they found oil in Mindanao or any part of the country.
      that oil money which is a lot more in the billions of dollars could or would be stolen too. hahaha, we need to get rid of our worst part of our culture and that is graft and corruption, no matter what we Pilipinos touch turns into corruption. if we want a better life and environment for our younger or next generation then we need to change our inner self first then go from there and fight corruption. Lets be more
      disciplined and stop offering bribes to our authorities. and report it. if the authorities will not pay attention then report it to the social media!, social media now is the world’s justice. lol.

    2. Pls do it para mawala ang corruption sa Pinas. Para malaman ng taong bayan kung sino pinaka hindi kontento sa milliones. From Barangay up to the office of the President…

    3. Yes Mr. President, what are you waiting for to prosecute the ex President? if you have all the evidences.