Arroyo won’t get back at Aquino

HAPPY TO BE FREE Former President Gloria Arroyo beams as she prepares to leave the Veterans Memorial Medical Center where she was detained for four years. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

HAPPY TO BE FREE Former President Gloria Arroyo beams as she prepares to leave the Veterans Memorial Medical Center where she was detained for four years. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Lawyer says camp of former president not considering retribution

THE camp of former President Gloria Arroyo does not plan to file charges against former president Benigno Aquino 3rd or other officials who worked for her indictment for plunder, the former president’s lawyer Laurence Arroyo said Saturday.

The lawyer, who is not related to the former leader, said he has not heard any word about retribution since Mrs. Arroyo was released from detention at the Veteran Memorial Medical Center Thursday.

He said the family of the former president and their supporters are thankful for her release.

“I did not hear anything like that. The mood at the Arroyo camp is one of thanksgiving,” he told reporters.

Another lawyer of Arroyo, former Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera, had said that her client will not sue Aquino and his officials who filed the plunder complaint.

“She’s not that kind of person,” Devanadera said in a television interview.

Former Solicitor General Estelito Mendoza, another counsel of Mrs. Arroyo, said that he will not recommend the filing of counter-charges.

”I am just a lawyer, I do not encourage anything. Now that she has been released, she will be occupied for a while for a health check up and she will start getting adjusted to a normal life,” Mendoza said.

“Remember, normal life can catch up quickly for her after being elected as member of the House of Representatives and indeed that is one of the injustices, not only to her, but the people of the second district of Pampanga. They elected her but she was unable to attend sessions in Congress because of this charge. Maybe she will be filing a bill to change the law which requires automatic and immediate suspension. A person who is detained is not detained as a punishment because it has no conviction. Her detention is what is known as preventive detention,” he explained.

Mrs. Arroyo spent her first night out of detention at the St. Luke’s Medical Center for a
thorough medical checkup.

She plans to visit her hometown today.

Arroyo said the Aquino government filed a plunder complaint against his client because it is the only criminal offense against public officials that is non-bailable.

He maintained that allegations that Mrs. Arroyo pocketed P50 million from the intelligence fund of the Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office.

“She was accused, along with several others, of amassing P50 million but the Supreme Court said there was no evidence that the accused public officers have amassed and acquired the ill-gotten wealth,” the lawyer added.

On plans to reconcile with the Aquino camp, Arroyo said it is possible, but he stressed that this will be a decision of the two parties.

He also said that the former president is doing better since she was released.

The High Court had dismissed the plunder complaint against Mrs. Arroyo for lack of evidence.

The former president had said that she will focus on her work as a lawmaker now that she is no longer under detention.

She will be at the House of Representatives on Monday for the first State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo Duterte. It will be the first SONA that she will witness as a lawmaker since she was detained in 2012.

Devanadera confirmed on Saturday that Mrs. Arroyo will attend the SONA. The former Justice chief said the former leader will be spending the weekend with her family in their La Vista, Quezon City residence.

Meanwhile, presumptive Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez welcomed Arroyo’s acquittal.

“It’s a good thing that she was released so that former President Gloria Arroyo can start serving her constituents in her district at least in her last term because she already had two terms and she was not able to fully serve her district while in detention,” he told reporters.


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  1. Aquino is the undisputed King of Vengeance. It should be tit for tat, he should get a dose of his own medicine!

  2. Oscar Seguban on

    until the people boycott the elitist the same greedy politician will plunder the country. Duerte will need all the help he can get to move the country to the same level as Korea, Singapore and Japan. At least lets take the first step and vote for those who are willing to sacrifice for the good of the country not the pocket of the people.

  3. Allen Llamar on

    I agree Mr. Guerrero, include also that hontiveros, belo of Akbayan , Gen Lim the coup plotter , trillanes , Leah navarro ,Jim paredes and et al.

  4. Ignacio Balbutin on

    There is no need for GMA to make a revenge, President Duterte already ordered for the illegal disbursement of PDAP and I’m sure abnoy will be convicted in using the public funds to bribe the congressmen to oust Renato Corona and the imprisonment and illegal detention of GMA

  5. Pnoy should be charged for grave abuse of authority, wrongful accusation and illegal detention to say the least!

  6. We should blame the auditing system for the corruption. Monies coming from the PCSO transferred to intelligence funds which everybody knows are confidential and cannot be check. That is what happen, and the biggest question is who finally gets the money ? It is obvious that president Arroyo approved billions transfer. Is she to be blame. The law says that the person must directly receive the the money. There is no proof, so Arroyo is innocent. As simple as that . No question.

  7. File charges against Noynoy, not because of retribution, but because of his involvement with PDAF which was declared against the law by the Supreme Court.

  8. We are quite pessimistic a reconciliation between the Cojuangco-Aquino family and the Gloria Arroyo family will not happen. Mrs. Arroyo is too educated, smart, humble matured for PNoy. PNoy has a mind of a child and cannot understand what is the true meaning of reconciliation. PNoy if so full of himself that his mind-set is he is a super human being.

  9. Roldan Guerrero on

    The Ex- President should file counter charges against her vindictive assailants namely Aquino, De Lima and Morales. The case will be docketed People of the Phils vs. STUPID Aquino et al meaning it is against the Filipino people the crime was vindictively done. The verdict which will surely convict the 3 acused will serve as reminders for Public Officials who abuses their offices to perform their futile intentions against innocent citizens they want to do harm to.