• Art Fair PH transforms Makati CBD into art gallery


    Started five years ago, the people behind Art Fair believe appreciation for art has changed positively, with not just the upper-class expressing enjoyment of the spectacle

    Makati’s Central Business District (CBD) becomes a stage for the arts in February as it transforms into a living, breathing and more relatable art gallery.

    enowned writer and art sociologist Sarah Thornton will share her insights into the globalized art world at the festival’s free series

    In a country whose attention is held captive by recurring problems and whose eyes are focused on finding ways to put food on the table and get through the day, appreciation for art has long been pushed onto the sidelines of daily life. It is with this notion that

    Art Fair Philippines—a group dedicated to expanding art appreciation—has taken the initiative to bring arts into a larger gallery—the streets—saying that art should be relatable and accessible regardless of social class one falls into.

    “When we started this fair a big part of our mission is to really expand the audience for contemporary art to make it accessible to everyone,” one of the women behind the group, Trickie Lopa, told The Manila Times at the sidelines of the launch of Art Fair Philippines 2017 on Tuesday.

    ‘Mind Guerilla’ by Winner Jumalon from exhibitor Yavuz Gallery

    In partnership with AyalaLand Inc., the idea of this art fair which happens right at Ayala Center—strategic point where people from different walks of life converge—is to bring art closer to a diversified audience.

    “Different kinds of people live here, work here, go to school here and this completes what ‘Make It Makati’ is all about,” another core group member, Michelle Hernandez Suarez, interjected.

    Suarez said AyalaLand has always been dedicated to championing local art— either through the underpasses or city-wide events like Art Fair Philiipines 2017.

    Lopa said the organizers of exhibit want to see students lining up to see art, and employees spending their lunch hour to see the spectacle.

    ‘A Door to Somewhere,’ acrylic on canvas, by Dante Lerma

    “We met someone recently who said he goes to the art fair not as a buyer but as a spectator. He is in his 20s and that encapsulates what we really wanted to do,” Lopa related, adding that this less formal art fair extends even to people who have no art appreciation background.

    Started five years ago, appreciation for art has obviously changed positively, with not just the upper-class expressing enjoyment of the spectacle.

    “The audience for art is becoming wider and wider. We see different people from different walks of life now,” Lopa said.

    The team carefully curates the annual Art Fair to ensure that each year is distinct from the previous ones, taking about 10 months to select artists being featured.

    Art Fair Philippines 2017 is slated for February 16 to 19 at The Link Carpark at Ayala Center. Participating galleries include 1335 Mabini, Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea, Archivo 1984, Art Cube Gallery, Artinformal among many others. There will also be tours and talks during the affair.

    The A-Z Plant Guide to Developing Psychic Powers,’ acrylic and pastel on canvas by Catalina Africa from Finale Art File


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