Art with a purpose


    While art instantly pleases the vision, a movement called ‘Art with a Purpose’ digs deeper to create a thriving community of artists and art lovers.

    A street artist by heart, Archie Oclos has already received multiple awards in a national art competitions

    In the Philippines such movement has been adopted by SM Aura premier through “Art in Aura.” The retail and dining destination has tapped young artists Anina Rubio, the Kapwa Group’s Archie Oclos and Mercedes Olondriz to create larger than life murals in the Grand Staircase area beginning April 30.

    Anina Rubio is a freelance visual artist who takes the inspiration from nature and her travels. Her works are a clear reflection of her love for the outdoors as well as her mantras in life. She teaches calligraphy and painting, and does murals. She is also a co-producer and painted artworks for the 2016 independent film, “Sakaling Hindi Makarating.”

    Oclos and his ‘National Treasures’

    Her Art in Aura mural is called “Through the Cracks”, in which the design revolves around concrete plants and basic backyard weeds which are neglected, but shows similar characteristics to Filipinos, such as resiliency and adaptability. Illustrated line art of waves flow through all the walls to give a sense of nature as well.

    Archie Oclos of the Kapwa Group graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts Painting. A street artist by heart, he has already received multiple awards in national art competitions and participated in numerous group exhibits over the last few years.

    Mercedes Olondriz

    Archie’s mural, “National Treasure,” puts emphasis on the Philippine’s rich culture and heritage. His work celebrates two of the country’s National Treasures: Whang Od, the legendary tattoo artist from Kalinga (north) and Lang Dulay, the T’nalak weaving master of the T’boli cloth. For this, he incorporates the elements of the tribal tattoos and the T’boli cloth in his design.

    Finally, Mercedes Olondriz, has been heavily influenced by her upbringing, in Asia and Europe. She aims to evoke some kind of cognitive reflection in the context of human locale, the natural world, the environment, and her surroundings.

    Olondriz’s “Flaura,” is about the Philippine Schefflera plant. Her idea is to bring nature and organic elements back into places within the urban landscape.


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