Art world horrified by Trump’s push to end funding


NEW YORK CITY: The art world is voicing horror at President Donald Trump’s push to eliminate US cultural funding entirely, saying that poor and rural Americans will be hardest hit. In his first budget outline on Thursday (Friday in Manila), Trump called for the complete end of federal support to public broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts as part of a trimming of government spending. Trump has also pushed for sweeping cuts to environmental protection, social services and foreign aid, although he is also advocating a major hike in military expenditure. “I put myself in the shoes of that steelworker in Ohio, the coal-mining family in West Virginia, the mother of two in Detroit, and I’m saying, okay, I have to go ask these folks for money and I have to tell them where I’m going to spend it,” Trump’s budget chief Mick Mulvaney told reporters. “Can I really go to those folks, look them in the eye and say, look, I want to take money from you and I want to give it to the Corporation [for]Public Broadcasting?” But arts advocates say that those most adversely affected will in fact be rural Americans and not a big-city elite against whom Trump frequently rails.



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