• Artists auction ‘Star Wars’ creations


    A passion for Star Wars united five artists to create unique art pieces from crafted rebel pilot helmets reminiscent of those worn by X-Wing fighter pilots for a charitable cause.

    Led by Darth Maul enthusiast Allen Geneta—an illustrator, digital artist, and game designer with Ubisoft and Naughty Dog—the team of Star Wars hero costume enthusiasts gives back to the community this Christmas by an ongoing auction of their works.

    Top on the list is “Kasaysayan,” a piece by Andrew Villar, creator of “Agents of Ambush” and art director of Batibot, whose imaginations are ignited by Darth Vader and R2-D2 Kenner toys.

    Ruben Nacion, an art teacher, cartoonist, and editorial illustrator for newspaper publications also donated his work to the auction called, “Anting-Anting,” as well as “Pinagmulan,” by JB Casakop; “Jeepney” by Ronald Tan, creator of MidKnight and Muelle de Misterio and creative director of Ritual Design Studios.

    Proceeds of the auction, which is now ongoing via www.facebook.com/pinoyrebellion, will go to Brighthalls Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the care and housing of children four years old and below who have been abandoned, neglected or surrendered.


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