• Artists expose identity, process and reflexivity

    Federico ‘BoyD’ Dominguez’ ‘Take Only What is Needed’

    Federico ‘BoyD’ Dominguez’ ‘Take Only What is Needed’

    vMeme Art Projects staged the exhibit Strings And Pieces at ManilArt 2015 gathering a mix of contemporary and veteran artists including Francisco Verano, Federico “BoyD” Dominguez, Avie Felix, Brave Singh, Vincent Navarro, Jay Harold Hidalgo, Billi Jin Carle and Tara Soriano.

    Presenting self-reflexivity of the artists and their works, the exhibit challenged the viewers to understand each artist’s creative process and core concepts.

    In various forms, materials and styles, these artists questioned and answered their own art practice to narrate their roots and identity. As a result, the artworks spoke and shared not only experiences but also the method and stages of processing experiences.

    Some tackled a source of identity and identification while others paradoxically simplified a quest to uncover roots. Others, meanwhile, reflexively simply asked its maker, the work and their viewer. Finally, a few resisted an engagement for reasons that may even more answer the questions in that manner.

    “Strings And Pieces contours the artists’ selves and practice in works that will hopefully engage the viewers through articulations and/or silences. They answer the questions ‘Why do we make art? Do we make art or is it art that makes us?’” shared artist Avie Felix.

    Vincent Navarro’s ‘Fly on the Wall’

    Vincent Navarro’s ‘Fly on the Wall’

    His art explores the dichotomy of arts versus crafts while reliving the art of embroidery from a long yet unpopular history of embroidery in a suburban area in Metro Manila.

    FM Verano’s pieces, for instance, are the first three works to win him his first awards in sculpture and painting back in 1959. These are works he has kept in his collection because he feels that they represent who he is as an artist.

    Federico Dominguez’ works are the result of a year-long research in Southeast Asia as an awardee of Asian Public Intellectual in 2014. They summarize his analysis of the indigenous culture of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other neighboring countries.

    Vincent Navarro scrutinizes the nature of art and trade in a huge oil painting of a magnified insect on an elaborate background. The other works are executed in the same vein of extracting an identity as a result of a collaboration between art and the artist.

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