Artists share tips on various arts and crafts


As arts and crafts continue to become more popular among Filipinos, venues to experience it also become more accessible.

Take for example the Stationery Art Fest, which was held not inside a classroom setting but in a shopping mall, particularly the SM Megamall Fashion Hall, over summer. Giving an exciting and fresh spin to calligraphy, painting, doodling and comic book illustration, the event invited young and talented artists to give tips and demonstrations.

First up was comic book illustrator Harvey Tolibao, who has done work for Marvel. He taught kids how to illustrate their favorite Marvel Characters and the important use of basic shapes in illustrating human figures.

“Use basic shapes when you draw- like circles, triangles and squares; these will be helpful on drawing human figures like your favorite characters in the comics,” he told his audience.

Meanwhile, celebrity blogger and fashion design student Dani Barretto shared some tips on fashion design like the importance of knowing your client and what he or she wants.

“Make sure that the garment is flattering for the client’s body type,” Barretto added.

It is said that legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs had a background in calligraphy, which influenced him in creating his groundbreaking products. But one need not to be Jobs to love this art. The ABCs of Hand Lettering author Abbey Sy explained that anyone’s handwriting can create wonderful lettering by practicing.

“Keep on practicing your hand writing with the right pens that work for you and a pad with at least 200 GSM as you practice,” the author tipped.

Also present in the event is Ink Scribbler Alexis Ventura who showed her styles and techniques on calligraphy by using the right nibs, inks and brush pens.

“To make thick lines put a pressure by pressing down the nibs and create continuous stroke,” the calligraphist shared.

Art enthusiasts had fun coloring with art coach and blogger Celeste Lecaroz Aceron and learned the coloring technique of chiaroscuro.

“In chiaroscuro you have to determine the highlights and use strong contrasts between light and dark colors,” Aceron explained.

Doodling was made easy with artist Lei Melendres, who encouraged the audience to doodle whatever elements they have in mind and create a story out of it.

Melendres noted, “Doodling is fun and you can get inspiration on the elements in your surroundings. Like a simple trash can—you can put arms and feet and create a story out of it.”

Finally, painter Aaron Manaloto and artist Vin Quilop both demonstrated the styles and techniques in basic sketching, watercolor painting and oil pastel painting.

“You need to get your color reference and choose analogous colors for highlighting and blending,” Manaloto lastly enthused during their demonstration.


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